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Large-scale standardized information industry will face a watershed in the cabinet


    In 2008 China's domestic industry is concerned not calm, but the cabinet industry as an important member of domestic industry is facing new challenges.booster cables "Scale, standardization, information technology enterprises in the three-pronged approach will be the cabinet to win a new round of competition in key markets,battery clip which will become a watershed in the cabinet industry."
    April 15, President of the National Federation of Professional Committee of Cabinet,tow rope the EU sent a cabinet chairman Yaoliang Song "industry" status of the current cabinet industry made a wonderful comment. In his view, the brand cabinet business through a series of scale, standardization, ratchet tie dowm information and other coping strategies will enable operators to a new historical stage, but is bound to accelerate the industry reshuffle.

    Scale to avoid cost pressures.

    In 2007, food, steel, oil, prices of construction materials showed different degrees of increase, a sudden "price" as consumers and businesses are most concerned about the topic. Although this year's government work report has pointed out will take appropriate measures to prevent the overall price level from rising rapidly, but the short term China's cabinet companies still face rising raw materials, production costs are too high pressure.

    "Large-scale customization, large-scale production of a certain product to avoid a single production cost pressures brought about by the low cost market price is low, and ultimately consumers will choose your product." Yaoliang Song said the board than last year in the cabinet nearly 20% of the grim situation, many cabinet companies is to scale operation to digest cost pressure. So, now in Macalline, actually home, Lan Jing Li family and other liquid markets, consumer price increases is difficult to find cabinet notices.

    Large-scale production, improve productivity of manufacturing plants still need a large area or a production base, this end, some companies began to focus on the brand production base cabinet to start the article. Recently, the EU sent a new cabinet factory in Guangzhou has been officially put into operation, the cabinet is expected to lead Europe to send output of 15 million units from the previous cabinet rose to 30 million units, the annual output of China's largest cabinet manufacturers. Spending huge sums to build cabinets and large honest, the new production base in Tianjin also recently completed and put into use. With the gradually increasing demand for the cabinet market, companies will provide quality and timely products to the market.

    Standardization to promote the industry reshuffle.

    With the increase in the number of urban housing and living standards improve, the cabinet industry, the huge market potential has attracted the influx of many competing companies and the capital, several hundred million dollars from the investment with the most advanced "digital factory" to the big brands Only a dozen people in the small hands of the workshop-type businesses are everything. However, hiding in the "busy" behind is: uneven quality of products, services, and other issues needs to be improved. In 2006, the "whole kitchen residential standards" ushered in the introduction to the cabinet industry, "rectification" wave, and cabinet industry in China in 2007 the trend of production can not be ignored. "This year, the standards will continue to regulate development of the industry, and will promote the industry reshuffle." Yaoliang Song said.

    Cabinet Space in Beijing, has a pivotal position in the European furniture Yun, chairman of Norwich is recognized Yaoliang Song Zhou Youheng statement. He said in an interview that the new standard in place, the board of physical and chemical properties and mechanical properties, enclosure size, shape and position tolerances of the enclosure panels and installation requirements, etc. are clearly defined, but also on the cabinet hardware accessories acid properties were strictly standardized. "This means the cabinet industry barriers to entry can be improved, and can not adapt to the new enterprise will face delisting criteria."

    It is reported that the cabinet industry as well-known brands, the EU sent in addition to the kitchen to comply with new standards set a good example, but also made known the "new peak" of the development plan, that is, as a reference coordinate international brands, building a modern enterprise group operating mode, to absorb, integrate optimize the allocation of resources to comprehensive, phased, high levels of brand building to promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

    Information technology to enhance management level.

    "At present, the response to competition in the industry in addition to the scale, standardization and so make an effort, the high level of information management is also the first to become a focus of competition in business development." Yaoliang Song told reporters that the EU will be sent back in a few years ago the development of enterprise information put on the agenda of corporate strategy and invested heavily in 2007 introduced the "EPR" the most advanced information management system, to send the production to Europe, human resources, finance and other issues involving a wide range of business management.

    "ERP is not only to enhance the EU to send business information management level, but also to minimize the company's operating costs, while making the process of internationalization of enterprises and a major step forward." Secretary of Beijing Municipal Federation of Industry and trade associations Kitchen Mu Yong, long considered Europe to send the information management should learn from industry peers. He said the information into the management of the real work, is the information age, enterprises are facing competition cabinet to improve their resilience and effective way.

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