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Domestic sanitary ware market "deep water" deeply dash

    Ware is a necessity of life of ordinary people. Businesses in order to win the general consumers, expand market share, moves forward.booster cables People who frequently visit the building materials market is not difficult to find nowadays sanitary ware products, the functionality, style to the creativity and variety.
    Consumers can freely choose according to their own preferences, battery clip and can enjoy the service.

    Consumers buy will also note the brand, style, different functions far from the price of the product.tow rope What kind of sanitary ware to buy the highest price as consumers are most concerned about the decoration.

    Ware market "deep water."

    Recently,ratchet tie dowm this reporter visited a few of the building materials market found that some of sanitary ware products on the market price is very high, introducing the product sales discounts given to Jiuzhe ranging from tickets, but not any specific discount marked space.

    In addition, a well-known reporter saw a large building materials store, a brand of original 990 yuan to split off water closet after the price of just 599 yuan, a certain brand of toilet bowls and bathroom cabinet packages Siamese original 3,846 yuan, at current prices for only 1999 yuan . After the discount price of only about half the original price. Are these brands at a loss to deal with? Or businesses reduce by half the price than the normal case, but also to maintain profits?

    These phenomena can not feel the price is, lost in sanitary ware market "water" in the end how deep.

    According to Ringbom Wu Ming, Deputy General Manager said sanitary equipment, sanitary ware factory produced products are generally set by the market price, but mainly in the sales process to determine the final price by the market. Consumers generally shop around when in the purchase, if the price is too high or does not match the price and consumer psychology, product sales is difficult to open. Therefore, businesses will face fierce competition to develop a realistic price, the brand positioning.

    Style, function as a result of the price difference.

    It is understood that the different sanitary ware in the texture, not very different basic functions, etc., color, ease of molding, the style of the old and new, and so there is the main reason leading to price differences. Ware also belongs to crafts, design styles change rapidly, as the market, like any ordinary consumer goods, popular price of natural high, and manufacturers through a sale of goods Chenhuo approach is also common sense. In addition, some supermarkets, a series of special products as the highlight of DM is mainly to promote popular, but the small number of this product, and soon to be sold, many consumers can not really buy these ultra-low-priced products.

    Insiders revealed that consumers do not understand the market there is business market, "flicker" of the situation. Some businesses, especially small and medium businesses for the consumer branded products like the bargain of the psychological, often false price and then sell at a discount to the method, "Fudge" consumers. It appears that consumers see more ask the time of purchase, shop around is a must. Wu Ming that consumers look for when purchasing brand sanitary ware is also very important, a number of brand-name products appear no different from ordinary products, but in the key parts, installation, warranty and so there are very different. World-class sanitary ware products, workmanship, and most have their own hardware or the texture of supporting a good glass, plastic and other accessories. These very elegant and luxurious sanitary fittings texture, in addition to chrome or nickel plated copper, gold and other surface treatment imitation, there are 18K or 24K gold with the gold-plated metal parts processing, very delicate.

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