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International competitiveness of Dalian will be built into the equipment manufacturing base

    August 15, Dalian Mayor Xia Deren of Dalian City, part of the research equipment manufacturers, stressed that Dalian complete industry categories,booster cables with more advanced technology and talent, to revitalize the northeast old industrial base to assume the important task of revitalizing China's equipment manufacturing industry .
    battery clip In the new situation, the city equipment manufacturers to thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, optimizing industrial structure, aiming at the forefront of world technological development, tow rope strengthen independent innovation capability, and strive to master core technologies and key technologies to improve the sets of major equipment, ratchet tie dowm domestic level, the city into an internationally competitive equipment manufacturing base. Qu Xiaofei, vice mayor, assistant mayor Jiang Zhou, Liu Yan participate in research.

    Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the domestic industry. In recent years, large-scale enterprise development, precision, efficiency, automation, energy saving, environmentally friendly products as the focus, has successfully developed the steel rolling machine, rolling machine precision semi-steel radial tire more than 40 new products, and mass production. In assembling a workshop, Xia Deren introduced to the responsible persons are assembled cord calendering unit, said that independent research and development of this device has more advanced international level, have been exported to USA, Japan, Germany and other 39 countries. Second, in the assembly shop, a large-scale ethylene plant with a large supporting extrusion granulation unit has been taking shape. Xia Deren said that this is China's first large-scale proprietary extrusion granulation unit, embodies the "big rubber" workers of effort, has attracted great attention the relevant state ministries, I hope you scientific control the production, well installation , on time delivery. Xia Deren said, "big rubber" modified to take advantage of business opportunities for the relocation, to enhance the technological innovation, management innovation capacity, improve the quality of the workforce, the enterprise into the international market competitive R & D and production of rubber and plastics machinery enterprises.

    China's first large marine crankshaft support in January this year, Crane Group in Dalian Heavy Industries, a successful trial and the international classification society certification. This indicates that DHI DCW Group mastered the large marine crankshaft manufacturing process, breaking the monopoly of a few countries the situation of large marine crankshaft. Currently, this type of marine crankshaft 50 has been installed in the 50500-ton oil tankers for export supporting the Italian marine diesel engine. During the inspection, the crankshaft situation, Xia Deren said that in 50, 70 type marine crankshaft smoothly off the assembly line after the lifting of Dalian Heavy Industry Group 90 will also be marine crank off the assembly line in November, which is the city the equipment manufacturing industry Another major achievement and development. DHI DCW Group to build world-class Heavy Industries to target enterprises, focusing on the revitalization of northeast old industrial base of the opportunity, further emancipate the mind, constantly improve the ability of independent R & D, for the city "two areas along the" gathering equipment manufacturing area and make new contributions. He urged enterprises in research and development should aim at the most advanced international standards in the production of strict rules to improve the level of technology.

    China First Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. Dalian hydrogenation reactor official told Xia Deren, Dalian, China, in a reset output value of the enterprise group has occupied the "half", which benefited from the Dalian municipal government's concern and support. Xia Deren said that as a port city, Dalian has the responsibility to the hinterland of large enterprises to use international and domestic "markets", international and domestic "two resources" to provide quality services. Government departments will be "a heavy" in even the enterprises to fully utilize foreign capital and technology to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and create a better environment.

    Xia Deren, etc. also came to the joint venture Linde Engineering (Dalian) Co., Ltd. and the German Müller Weingarten Forming Machinery Co., Ltd., Dalian, inspected the production situation.

    Said Xia Deren, Dalian, revitalization and development of equipment manufacturing industry, the key lies in reform, opening up and innovation. Through further deepen the reform, to stimulate the vitality of enterprises; by expanding the outside world, to develop equipment manufacturing industry in the international market, increase with the world advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises cooperation, improve the efficiency and use of international capital standards; through institutional innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, and enhance the city equipment manufacturing enterprises in the international market competitiveness.

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