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« Create a base of steel scrap substitute in the ore July sales in the U.S. Fasteners Distributors $ 208,200,000 »

Steel market continues to steel stocks with good off-season defensive

    August 13, Laiwu Steel said the prices of hot rolled down 250 yuan / ton. booster cables Since early June from the domestic steel market into the off-season period of adjustment, domestic steel prices to a certain extent the callback, but callback rate has increased recently.

    In contrast with the steel prices are falling steel exports hit record high in July. According to customs data released, battery clip July steel exports 7.21 million tons in China, increasing 1.99 million tons more than in June.

    "July 38% sequential increase in exports and set a record in good reason." Industry analyst at United Securities, tow rope said Huang Jing, ratchet tie dowm "Olympics" of factors leading to July the main reason for the sudden increase in exports. In response to the various control measures during the Olympic Games on the export potential adverse impact, steel mills and traders only deal in advance, choose the assault in July focused on exports.

    For the future trend of steel prices, steel researcher YANG Bao Orient Securities, said: "Domestic demand is off-season to be delayed until mid-September, the domestic steel prices will remain weak during the fall, while crude steel output will continue to be suppressed in order to meet the requirements for and the decline in . " He further said that the short term, subject to the weak steel prices, steel stocks have significantly positive performance is difficult, but close to the net assets of the stock already has a good defense, we recommend attention to the Olympic Games resumed after the end of the potential demand for steel prices rebound opportunities.

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