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« Steel market continues to steel stocks with good off-season defensiveDepartment of Commerce: steel prices fell slightly short »

July sales in the U.S. Fasteners Distributors $ 208,200,000

    According to report, America's largest fastener distributor Fastenal sales for July, $ 208,200,000,booster cables an increase of 20.2%; last year sales of $ 173,100,000.

    July 8 Fastenal new supermarket chains,battery clip the current total of 2,280 supermarkets, employing over 13,000 people.

    The company was "Industrydistribution" magazine as the world's top 50 distributors ranked ninth.tow rope 2008 sales are expected to reach 21 billion U.S. dollars.

    Fastenal was founded in 1967, 1987, listed on NASDAQ in the United States.ratchet tie dowm In the United States, Canada, Mexico, Singapore and other regions with industrial chain supermarkets in Shanghai have also set up a wholly owned subsidiary quickdraw (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd..

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