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« July sales in the U.S. Fasteners Distributors $ 208,200,000 European companies significantly reduce direct investment in China »

Department of Commerce: steel prices fell slightly short

    According to the Ministry of Commerce monitoring shows into July, the overall rise in steel prices meet resistance, showing a high level consolidation pattern. Analysts pointed out that,booster cables due to weak demand, the domestic steel market is expected to August and September there is a big improvement in consumption is difficult, steel prices have come down probably late.

   battery clip According to surveillance, July average price of domestic steel 6,277 yuan / ton, was up 0.2% last month, which rose 1.0% in sheet, tube and profile rose 0.9%, wire fell 0.5%.

    Different species were mixed. Building materials into the consumer market,tow rope the summer season, which φ6.5mm ordinary high-speed wire rod, φ25mm steel prices last month decreased by 0.6% and 0.3%. But the plate market remains strong, 1mm galvanized sheet, 1mm cold-rolled sheets of ordinary,ratchet tie dowm 3mm ordinary hot-rolled sheet prices rose 1.5%, 0.9%, 0.9%.

    Analysts pointed out that some time, costs rose sharply as the main reason for the domestic steel prices. But recently, rising steel prices, weak, showing a high adjusted trend, mainly because demand for the summer season into the steel market, while higher prices lead to lower procurement costs of steel enterprises, to some extent inhibited the downstream demand.

    In addition, international steel prices fell slightly. At a time when summer break abroad, the international steel market is lagging, 7 end of CRU steel price index was 287.7 international, representing a slight decrease of 0.5% in early. While steel giant ArcelorMittal South Africa announced that steel prices remain unchanged in September, will play a stabilizing role in the market. The industry believes that the downstream demand and weakness in the international steel market, the domestic steel market in January 8,9 difficult to have a big improvement in consumption, steel prices have come down may be expected later.

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