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European companies significantly reduce direct investment in China

    With labor costs and rising transportation costs, European companies to dramatically reduce its investment in China; At the same time, booster cables they are expanding aggressively in Eastern Europe and Russia.

    In 2007, the European Union on China's foreign direct investment is 18 million euros (2.7 billion), far below the 2006 level of 6 billion euros. battery clip But in Russia, the investment from the EU rose from 10.6 billion euros to 171 million euros.

    CPA network - RSM International (RSMInternational) foreign direct investment expert and consultant David. Bartlett (DavidBartlett) tow rope said that many European companies are hedging their positions in China's manufacturing industry is increasingly the sight In Central and Eastern Europe, ratchet tie dowm outsourcing of production, this is the ideal choice to replace the Chinese, particularly transportation costs and other factors for consideration.

    Many European countries, companies, such as office equipment maker Samas France and Germany, Sennheiser headset manufacturer, has moved out of manufacturing operations in China, the reasons are numerous: from intellectual property issues, to the rising labor and transportation costs .

    Association of German Engineers (VDI) estimates that up to 1 / 5 of member companies plan to leave China. Ada Diskin said, is reducing the scale of business in China.

    Experts warned not to interpret too much of a year in foreign direct investment data, however, they also expressed a growing trend that European companies investing in China is less than the other "BRIC" (Brazil, Russia and India). In 2007, their investment in India from 2.5 billion euros in 2006 soared to 109 million euros.

    KPMG's head of emerging markets, Ian. Gomez expressed the hope that companies investing in China has basically been done so, and they've just met a fact: countries such as India and the like, where people thought only suitable for investment services, but now that you invest in manufacturing in these countries is also quite mean,

    Chinese Ministry of Commerce said on its Web site, the EU investment in China from 2.2 billion euros to 5 billion euros.

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