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Application of the notice requirements

Application of the notice requirements
Battery clamps should not constitute a closed magnetic circuit iron pieces, this is because when the cable core through the current time, in its surrounding magnetic field lines generated, the magnetic field lines and through the line core of the current size is proportional to, the use of iron and other magnetic materials, according to Dian magnetic flux known, will be produced in the iron eddy current heating of the cable, or even burned cables. So we can not use the iron for the fixed single-core communication cable clamps.
Dynamic applications, such as to obtain a superior cable performance, battery clip to stress the battery is essential to choose the folder. Limited space, high tension, continuous vibration, extreme temperatures, oil and frozen agent factors to stress that any system must face the challenges. Common to stress cable clamp in the performance of these circumstances are not ideal. It is for this reason, the German company igus has developed "Chainfix" saddle-shaped battery clip to meet the towline in cable installation and fixed. Experimental tests show that their tension strength of more than 3 times the standard components (from 1000 to 3500 cattle raising cattle). This narrow width, low height, full use of the towline connector components to install the limited space (or outside the assembly in the joint separate C-slot). Saddle-shaped cable clamp screw plastic to ensure the effective fixed the cable, but also to ensure to stress. Pull even in very large role, the cable can be clamped to maintain without prolapse.
The new optimized components can effectively improve the installation folder to stress the battery provides a wide range of installation speed and form. In the "Chainfix" saddle-shaped battery clip for the top and sides marked with product code and the correct installation direction. This makes both the installation or dismantling the state, are easy to identify the types of accessories to be ordered.
In addition, two saddle-shaped clip positioning combined with a new installation of componentsJiande Weida Electrical Appliance Tools Co.Ltd and optimized make more safe and convenient to install, saving installation time. This saddle-shaped battery clip is optimized "igumid G" is made of engineering plastics. Wear characteristics make them easy to install is a good use of the field in a wide range of materials (PVC, PUR, TPE, etc.). This single, double and three saddle-shaped clip for black painted steel and stainless steel.
Battery cable bracket or bridge within the sandwich on the cable, the information has been introduced in many of the cable entity-mode helium-burning experiments confirmed that when the cable insulation - can burn body weight of more than 15 kg / m, its fire combustion heat can generate heat accumulation caused by cable along the strike extension of fuel. As the cable specifications and models are different, are not the same thickness of cable diameter, according to statistics, every meter of each cable insulation combustible quality in 0.5 kg / m ~ 0.7 kg / m between. Test showed that 30 cable (combustible body is 20.5kg / m) in the case, such as the ignition cable accident occurred at 4 minutes, to form 500 ℃ heat accumulation caused by cable to be extended along the fuel. Therefore, the cable tray on the bracket or cable, such as the adjacent two-root number more than 30 cable, then use the cable layer fire barrier (ie fire or fire tray cover) for Fire separated. If you think this cost is too high, they can use the installation of fire partitions every two cables (ie, fire prevention or fire tray cover). In addition, the dissection of the cable in the horizontal direction on both ends of each line segment has been the installation of a 2 m long fire trough box (tank fire at both ends of the box tightly with a flexible sealing block). As a fire zone, fire prevention measures that a more comprehensive account of the cable along the horizontal direction of the problem and the cable fire retardant layer vertically separated Fire issue. Must indicate a problem: Some people, especially those who fire that started his cable, cable layer set fire partitions (ie, fire prevention or fire tray cover) no use, once the cable fire, the exposed cable or along the horizontal to delay ignition, this view is wrong, they ignore the level of the cable to extend along the fuel lines must be on condition that the combustible body than a certain number (eg 15 kg / m), the only possible extension cables burning phenomenon. With fire barrier (fire prevention or fire tray cover) separated the cable, its purpose is to separate cable combustible body weight, so that separate space in the fuel weight capacity of the cable along the horizontal cable to extend less than the weight of fuel, thus preventing retardant cable along the horizontal direction. At the same time, also achieved the cable layers separated by vertical fire retardant, is achieved through things.
When conditions permit, you can also set the fixed battery sandwich hanging gas fire extinguishing system or automatic fire extinguishing system or automatic fire detection and alarm devices. However, the reliability of these devices the problem, worried about setting a long time, in the event of fire, these devices refused to move. Therefore, only those fire fighting equipment fire as the battery back-up measures laminated cables.

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