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Automation technology for the mining safety escort

        - Combination of 3.28 mine, a few of the causes of coal mine safety and prevention

    Editor's Words: coal as one of our natural resources, growing to over-exploitation of a great deal of pressure on production safety.booster cables The past two years, although the national production safety more seriously mines on coal production enterprises of rectification, to a certain extent, curb the occurrence of mine. China repeatedly made the mine more than what the root cause? battery clip Technical questions or problems? By combining the State Administration of Work Safety spokesman Huang Yi talked about a number of reasons and the (industrial automation) industry, elaborated on several mine operations,tow rope safety and other issues.

    The spring of 2010, the Shanhua Wangjialing slope of the blooming of a sudden and mine - Rural County, Linfen City of Shanxi Wangjialing inside mine flooding accident occurred, so that the flowers of the bloom of life came to an end,ratchet tie dowm sound Call of tearing people sound, people gripping.

    Mine! Mine! Is mine! A "persistent" problem once again in front of us, present, coal mine safety is worthy of survival advantages. After each mine, whenever a life gone, the total raised was how to prevent them, but also analyze the reasons for the incident, but it is still frequently repeat the same mistakes.

    For 3.28 of the mine, was to ask, repeatedly made the mine more than what the root cause? Technical questions or problems? Mining safety has again been put on the desktop. National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau Deputy Director, State Administration of Work Safety spokesman Huang Yi, a recent coal mine flooding accident Wangjialing about that more in China coal mine accidents now because of many factors. I combined with its talking about a number of reasons and the (industrial automation) industry, elaboration of several coal mine operations, safety and other issues.

    Decompression inherent energy, development of non-fossil energy sources - automated business responsibility.

    First, the backward mode of economic development caused by the continuing tension in the energy, to bring great pressure on coal mine safe production.

    As one of China's natural resources, coal, increasingly over-exploitation to secure a great deal of pressure on production. The past two years, although the national production safety more seriously mines on coal production enterprises of rectification, to a certain extent, curb the occurrence of mine. However, compared and abroad, there is still a wide gap between our country. It is understood that at present, Canada, Germany, Britain, Norway and other countries, has achieved a "zero-death Coal Mining." Gross domestic production of energy in the coal 1 / 3 of the United States, coal mine work safety level is already higher than in fisheries, agriculture, construction and retail trade even higher. This had lead to China's food for thought. Security for the mine, we first need to understand security enterprise mine environment, to truly understand the needs of mine safety, and then  R & D, production targeted for the security of the She Bei coal mine Ru, for the Wo Guo Xiong Di miners were Dazao safe production, truly realize the "zero-death Coal Mining."

    In addition, we should promote more development of renewable energy and use less non-renewable energy sources. The rapid increase in human energy consumption, fossil fuel depletion and the lack to the deterioration of ecological environment, forcing people to have to think of human society's energy problems. Sustainable development of the national economy, rely on sustainable energy supply, which must be research and development of new energy and renewable energy. Wind, solar, hydro and other renewable energy on increasingly concerned about the development of new energy sources to reduce the pressure on exploitation of coal resources and also reduce pressure on coal mine safety.

    The past two years, along with the deterioration of the environment, the reduction of conventional resources, solar, wind and other new energy sources have been gradually re-expressed by people, electrical them for future automation industry will be an important part of enterprise development, we are familiar with Dianqi giant GE, Siemens have to enter the new energy markets.
    As early as 2009, Siemens Wind Power Project first phase of the total investment of around 100 million euros, the land area of 180,000 square meters of "Siemens Wind Power and New Energy and Industrial Projects," held in the port industry area foundation-stone laying ceremony. Wind turbine blades which project has been incorporated in the port of Siemens wind turbine blades (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; April 23, 2010, according to energy experts predicted that solar power will be the sustainable development of the next few years. GE researchers are working with Arizona's largest power companies - Arizona Public Service Company (APS) carried out to study how greater capacity and better solar grid. Recently, GE join Yangzhou "Smart Valley" Smart Grid cum Exhibition Center; ABB Group actively involved in development and utilization of solar energy in China, so far, ABB has also engaged in a number of large domestic solar power projects, including Asia's largest solar photovoltaic power station - - Stone Forest in Kunming 166 megawatt grid-connected PV power plant, 10 MW of Dunhuang and other grid PV power station.
    Thus, the development of new energy, not only for our natural energy vacuum, to raise the national renewable energy proportion of total electricity consumption, improve energy structure to make positive contributions. But also promote the wind power equipment industry's rapid development, and the prospects are very bright.

    Improve our technology, equipment management and maintenance is essential.

    Second, the coal mine safety foundation is weak, low-tech, anti-risk ability, a lack of security.

    Coal is China's important energy resources, China's coal mining industry long-term stay in the artificial level, low productivity, safety hazards and more, such as gas explosions, underground seepage and other accidents often occur. Security remains the weak link in petroleum and petrochemical companies, "accidents, death Renshu more" of the situation Reng has not been fundamentally changed, Gebie corporate governance in Huanbaoyishi and Wuran there is still a work. Typical safety incidents still occur.

    Coal mine operations, safety first. Mine operations and their leaders must focus on security issues, mining enterprises should be responsible for the lives of employees. At the same time, improve coal mine work equipment is the first work to improve coal mine work safety index of responsibility. Most coal mines in China and it belonged to underground mining, production includes mining, excavation, transport, ventilation, air pressure, drainage, upgrading, power, washing, loading and other constraints to link multiple related, is a very complex system project. On the other hand, due to complex underground coal seam conditions. By the mine water, fire, dust, gas, burst threat of natural disasters such as the development of China's coal industry and the requirements of the security situation, the use of information technology to transform traditional coal industry, coal companies have been leaders at all levels of the high degree of attention, many coal companies are in the implementation of information technology, automation transformation, or the number of mines in the building, and very rapid development momentum. High Efficiency Coal production process monitoring, environmental monitoring all mine production safety, manufacturing process information such as network utilization of automation and potassium can be put forward higher requirements of. Rely on advanced management concepts, using a variety of modern information and automation technology, the establishment of mine-wide monitoring, control, management integration, network-based large-scale open distributed control system, replacing traditional coal production run, resulting in a full early, well The chain of production process control automation, integrated scheduling of production and business operation of the network of command to  Mine Safety Zhuangkuang and the whole production process  real-time monitoring, surveillance, control, and transfer Guan Li, Shi mine safety Gaoxiaojizhong production, Da Dao Shao employer , low-cost wood, high-efficiency goals, to improve the overall safety level of mine.

    Equipment and maintenance is also essential, to cite two examples, a company, due to poor management downhole valve is reproduced Eastern 200kw motor burned because of the ill-considered in the selection, chose a special device, then do not buy it to the right motor, eventually leading to shutdown three days and nights of an Eastern non-personal injury or death to the mine caused major economic losses of several million dollars. Company B, due to poor management damaged the main belt frequency adjustment cabinet, led all three days and nights of a mine shutdown of non-personal injury or death to the mine caused major economic losses of several million dollars. We can easily see from these two cases, equipment management in the coal mine production safety is vital. After a high-tech equipment, will need to understand high-tech equipment to safeguard personnel, maintenance personnel with the idea to change Chuan Tong, it is used not only with the maintenance of qualified than the working class, would be staffed with a number of the qualified maintenance engineer higher Xue Li the only way to ensure the normal operation of equipment in order to meet the needs of mine safety.

    Urgent need to improve the quality of the training process safety are essential.

    Third, the ranks of coal mine workers, migrant workers accounted for 60%, almost 100% of small coal mines, safety training of workers is not in place, security, quality needs to be improved.

    Standards of workers, the correct operation is very important. Mining in a variety of system products, are inseparable from the operation and use of personnel, so even if the vendor's control system, safety instrumented Deng another reliable hardware and software products, also must not overlook the importance of operating personnel. WANG Feng Yanshan Petrochemical senior engineer pointed out that the process operators constitute an important part of security systems, safety instrumented system, if the maintenance, operation or modification of such operations when handled properly, can lead to serious consequences, resulting in shutdown or huge economic losses. So how to deal with process control personnel safety factor?

    On these questions, Honeywell's Automation Business Manager Li said that the operators of this link, Honeywell Experion full advantage of the integrated functions of UniSim simulation tools, on-line before the system operator to simulation training. In this way, the operator can pre-operation process and familiar with the process and hence reduce the errors during the actual operation to enhance reliability. Experion comprehensive simulation capabilities through simulation testing control strategies, such as display and process steps to significantly improve engineering efficiency. In this regard, Experion provides another important feature is unique alarm suspend function, which gives operators better management of the alarm and priority process that may lead to confusion down the abnormal increase operator efficiency.

    Electrical giant ABB, has been manager said that as a system supplier, ABB in addition to providing first-class hardware and software products and system of the functional safety management system can also be a variety of ways to help users improve the operator factors. For example, by human engineering, to improve the operation and running of the environment, the user interface designed to be more reasonable, more people operating habits;, or on alarm management optimization and perfect; ABB can also be based on customer specific features designed to help customers tailor a set of standard operating procedures, to enhance operational efficiency of operations and reduce staff due to factors result in security vulnerabilities.

    Mining safety management, the details can not be ignored.

    Fourth, security management, there are still many loopholes, some of mine systems, and measures are not implemented, management is not strict attention to detail.

    3.28 mine, should have been taken seriously as an important detail was overlooked, no withdrawal in accordance with regulations in a timely manner and take effective countermeasures, which resulted in tragedy. Small mining enterprises, whether private or state-owned mining enterprises, should not the "safety first" slogan put his mouth only, but should be recorded in the heart. The industry needs this special alert. Compliance coal production operations, to achieve safe production.

    In industrial safety management, the enterprise should be embedded sensors and equipment to mining equipment, oil and gas pipelines, mine equipment, you can sense a dangerous environment for staff, equipment, machinery, surrounding environment, the security state information, the existing decentralized , independent, single network monitoring platform to upgrade the system, open, integrated network monitoring platform for diverse, real-time perception, accurate identification, quick response, effective control.

    Coal mine safety production management, key application sensors, radio frequency identification, mobile communications technology to water, fire, roof, coal gas, etc. Major Hazard identification and monitoring, construction, and improve network security monitoring to improve coal mine safety production process the level of monitoring and emergency response.

    In addition, to increase the safety of mine operations, mine will not only boost surveillance market growth. An explosion-proof products, sensors, data acquisition and monitoring system, real-time history database market. Also implies great potential.

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