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July steel exports rebound in some of the products or the "plus tax"

    June steel exports fell just eased the introduction of steel export control policies to continue the pressure, the latest customs data also show that in July steel exports amounted to 7.21 million tons, booster cables the highest single month record again. Steel billet exports rebounded sharply once again raised concerns on tariff policy, analysts believe that the late part of the steel products are "plus tax" more likely.

    According to latest customs statistics,battery clip China's steel exports in July than in June increased 1.99 million tons, an increase of 38% compared to last year also increased 1.27 million tons, up by 21.38%. In this regard, Zhang Ping, an analyst at the Joint Analysis of metal mesh,tow rope first, because from the beginning in June, the Department has increased the steel (especially steel) the intensity of emission inspection, causing extended periods some steel exports,ratchet tie dowm the goods remain serious port , and this part of the resources has been largely transferred to the July exports, thereby artificially magnified the July exports. Second, the market there was a rumor after August 1 may be adjusted export tax on steel, out of concern for policy changes, export markets there is some looting in the July phenomenon related exports.

    More importantly, domestic and foreign steel products spread into June and continue to widen, in July compared to June spread remained stable growth trend, steel export profits are still huge, but also further stimulate the enthusiasm of domestic exports. Zhang Ping pointed out that in July's export data, a strong rebound in exports of semi-finished steel billets, this high-growth situation inconsistent with the intent of macro-control. "'Two-high' exports in the current macroeconomic situation is a sensitive time drastic rebound contrary to policy intentions for further regulation will be stricken, while the domestic PPI in July up 10% since 1996 the highest increase, while iron and steel products in the PPI weights in the high growth rate for the control of PPI to CPI and PPI transmission considerations, must find ways to inhibit the rapid rise in steel prices. So to raise export tariffs in the form of a large number of steel exports will be limited a matter of course. "

    My source of Iron and Steel Research analyst Liu had predicted, from the state of the steel adhere to the "moderate export" policy perspective, steel export tariff policy adjustments during the year is quite possible.

    Ping is also predicted that if the late introduction of the export control policy on steel, alloy steel, regulation and control must become a key target species should be targeted alloy wire rod. In addition to seamless regulation, cancel the current 5% tax rebate to enjoy the play a certain effect, but due to frequent trade friction steel pipe exports at present, do not rule out the possibility of further tax of 10%.

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