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« July steel exports rebound in some of the products or the "plus tax" To increase the technological breakthrough into the Northwest bearing capacity bottlenecks »

Tianma Bearing: General Bearing income growth in line with expectations

    General Bearing revenue growth in line with expectations. In the first half, Pegasus shares general bearing sales income 500 million yuan, booster cables an increase of 79%, gross profit margin reached 43%.
    Because of its semi-annual change in statistical coverage, battery clip will be classified as general bearing bearing wind, we estimate the wind power bearing is 1 billion yuan sales revenue, gross margin above 55%; general bearing sales of 4 billion yuan, gross 36% interest rate.tow rope As raw material prices, we expect full year gross margin in the general bearing of about 36%, slightly down.

    Market share of wind power bearing the first. The company's hand-held wind power in 2009 has reached 10 billion yuan bearing orders, large orders on the company we think is significant, ratchet tie dowm marking the first bearing the company has a production capacity of 1.5MW wind, and with customer acceptance; two domestic wind power bearing faster than expected, in our previous report, the localization rate of 70% has been forecast in accordance with the domestic demand for wind power bearing about 8 billion and the current market demand of 30 million or so years; three days use of capital market financing horse shares , so that the production capability to rapidly increase market share in 2009 will reach industry first.

    Net profit margin increase machine tool business in line with expectations. Qiqihar Heavy CNC first half of 2008 operating income of 866 million yuan (including internal sales amounted to around 266 million), net profit of 80.97 million yuan, net profit rate increased significantly to 9.35%, 24% and gross margin in our previous report forecasts. First half of the VAT refund 28 million yuan CNC machine tools, we predict that incentives will continue.

    Pegasus shares the greatest competitive advantage to two points: First, full use of capital markets, and second, the market responded quickly in the shortest possible time to maximize market share.

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