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To increase the technological breakthrough into the Northwest bearing capacity bottlenecks

    Northwest Bearing Co., Ltd. for the transformation of the financial year more than doubled last year. The company official said that with the gradual implementation of technology projects,booster cables the company's equipment levels will be significantly improved overall processing capacity will further enhance product quality has improved steadily,battery clip ultimately will greatly contribute to the enterprise market development and industrial upgrading .

    Break production bottlenecks.

    The past two years, with the bearing market continues to heat up,tow rope the West axis backward production capacity can not meet market demand more and more prominent the contradiction, a bottleneck of a production enterprise development.

    The company's technology and equipment owned company since 1997,ratchet tie dowm roller factory to help it overcome the problem of insufficient production capacity, temporary processing system for a number of car roller, up to the time axis with the company accounted for its processing tasks and even capacity about half. Because the system is not a professional roller car lathe is not only inefficient, large size dispersion, and the labor intensity of workers. To reverse this situation, the West axis will buy 6 sets this year of professional CNC lathes, specialized system for processing car roller. This will expand the plant capacity roller, but also peace of mind that the main business technology and equipment manufacturing company, good support services.

    In addition, earlier this year, the company installed two large factory-made CNC vertical grinder, put into use two devices, but also to petroleum, metallurgy, heavy vehicles and other leading products companies significantly increase the processing capacity.

    Improve product quality.

    West axis leading companies growing awareness that advanced production equipment directly related to the quality of bearings. Previously, by funding problems, the West axis technological transformation is considered more efficient production release, so most end of the process technology projects processing equipment. After many years of accumulated experience, the company recognized machining process before a direct bearing on the quality of the final product. This year the company will introduce more than one CNC vertical lathe, large rings to further improve the accuracy of vehicle processing, but also the largest branch of the sewing process diameter from 500mm to expand to 1 meter. In recent years, the company's large plant, medium plant equipment obsolete more and more prominent decline in processing accuracy. To this end, the company decided this year for these two plants equipped with high-precision CNC grinding machines, equipment to improve the level of the two plants. Branch is the axis of roller production bottlenecks and quality of the West are more of a bottleneck branch, and therefore the technological transformation of key units this year. The company will purchase 13 sets of advanced equipment, full roller key process plant processing capacity. Another branch of the first two years of roller 10 M1080 grinder success of the transformation on the basis of NC, this year will also be some transformation of NC grinding machine. Transformation of the production from the grinding effects of view, a significant reduction in equipment failure rate, product quality improved markedly. The plant is currently being conducted on a CNC grinding machine M1080 Imputation trimmers The reconstruction is successful, you can efficiently complete large curvature high quality spherical roller processing.

    Focus on long-term development.

    West axis in arranging this year's technological transformation projects, also taking into account the innovation capacity-building and development potential. The company is a unit of measurement at the national level, but this years due to insufficient investment, there are also aging equipment, measuring instruments behind the problem. Long-term development considerations from the enterprise, the company will purchase a portable spectrometer, the United Kingdom profiler, coordinate measuring instrument and other advanced measuring instruments. Companies in the technology and equipment will also create vertical CNC machining centers, fully guarantee the quality of processing of complex mold. West wind shaft bearings are the focus of investment projects, such bearings trial preparations in full swing, most of the major processing equipment has been in place for the early show trial sample tests sent to factory installed. In addition, the West axis has also increased environmental investment, such as copper process plant cage dust recycling facilities has been completed, will effectively reduce exhaust emissions.

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