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« To increase the technological breakthrough into the Northwest bearing capacity bottlenecksChina's power shortage would hurt manufacturing exports affected »

The development of high-grade diamond tools

    West Science and Technology Department issued a development of laser welding ultra-thin diamond drill bits, diamond wire saws, glass processing,booster cables research tasks with the diamond wheel.

    Key technology and innovation are:

    1,battery clip the establishment of "equivalent cutting edge" and "eat into the depth" of two mathematical models.

    2,tow rope the establishment of diamond impregnated tools for identification and evaluation system for performance prediction.

    3, ratchet tie dowm the development of multi-layer assembly technology, a number floating wire saw manufacturing technology. To fill the domestic production of diamond wire saw Φ8 sintered blank.

    4, development pressure and other positive displacement drilling despise bit thin laser welding technology. Multi-position, single tooth, teeth and other location consecutive tooling design in the country with originality.

    5, the development of high-grade diamond grinding wheel manufacturing technology of glass.

    6, the successful use of high-strength synthetic diamond made in the preparation of high-grade grain cutting tools.

    The project developed by rope saw, thin drill bits, grinding wheels, glass products, technical and economic indicators rank the leading domestic level, wire saw in which the production technology and products integrated indicators have reached the international advanced level, laser welded thin-walled diamond bits Drilling teeth and the welding strength between the steel body than the German standard (DEA). Products have been widely used in domestic and international markets, with obvious economic and social benefits.

    Implementation of the project to solve the domestic strength of diamond manufacturers in the high-end pieces of diamond tools for major technical problems, the formation of a proprietary high-grade diamond products, is now a wire saw, grinding wheels, laser welding tools three industrial production lines. Total output value of more than 5,000 yuan, profits of more than 1050 million yuan, foreign exchange earnings of more than 50 million U.S. dollars. European and American countries broke international professional diamond tools for high-end market monopoly, will promote China's diamond production by the major Powers, power forward.

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