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The construction of wind power and solar thermal has made significant achievements

    Is here at the national wind energy, solar and other renewable resource utilization study class, said Xu Xiaofeng, deputy director of China Meteorological Administration, after years of efforts,booster cables China in wind power and solar thermal building has made remarkable achievements in solar energy needs of rural energy demand has played an important role.

    He said that according to the Global Wind Energy Council released a global wind power installed capacity in 2007 statistics, battery clip China added 3.45 million kilowatts, in the global market share accounted for additional 17.2%, ranking third in the world; total installed capacity 6.05 million kilowatts, ranking fifth in the world.tow rope Solar cell / module production output reached 10% share of the world, solar water heater production capacity of 2,000 million square meters, total consumption reached 9500 million square meters, to increase energy supplies, ratchet tie dowm protect environment and promote economic and social development made a significant contribution.

    In addition, significantly strengthening our renewable energy development and utilization. Renewable Energy Law was promulgated after he unveiled a long-term renewable energy development plan. Moreover, wind energy resource assessment and feasibility study investigating the technical requirements to further improve wind power development, construction and management of the technical specifications have been more perfect.

    Xu Xiaofeng said that China has abundant wind, solar and other renewable resources, land-based wind energy resource potential of about 3 million kilowatts, a greater potential for offshore wind energy resources.

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