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Bosch Power Tools China market strategy to accelerate innovation

    In 1928, the world's first hand-held controller with an electric motor sales of power tools available.

    Maintaining an annual increase of 100 new products in the pace of breakthrough innovations, booster cables continued to lead the global power tool industry.

    With innovative technology, to speed up China's market strategy.

    Hangzhou News Bosch Power Tools last year the largest training center for the Asia Pacific region opened in Hangzhou this year, battery clip the world's largest manufacturer of power tools and accessories Bosch Power Tools greeted the 80th anniversary celebration. Early spring in April, tow rope Bosch Power Tools peterribinski executive vice president's visit to China by the occasion to share with the Chinese media, Bosch continued to lead the successful global experience in power tools industry,ratchet tie dowm and with innovative technology, to continue in-depth development of China in the China market strategy .

    Bosch Looking back eight years.

    In 1928, Bosch introduced the handle with the electric motor "forfex", shear, thereby laying the foundation of its power tool design and manufacturing philosophy. Adhering to innovation and science and technology, Bosch Power Tools as by professional users and DIY owners favor the world's leading manufacturer of power tools and accessories. As of the end of 2007, over 16,000 worldwide every year, Bosch is committed to the development, production and sales of 3,200 million units of Bosch Power Tools. It is no exaggeration to say that on average every second, there is a consumer retail channel or through professional hardware store to buy a Bosch, Century, or dremel brand of professional power tools.

    "Each year, Bosch Power Tools will be introduced to the market about 100 new products, at present, listed in less than 24 months created a new product sales accounted for Bosch 36% of total turnover. Bosch Power Tools in the field of hand-held power tools always first in the world, and lithium battery technology is the industry leader. "peterribinski said. "By the end of 2007 acquired robotoolz Limited - The professional manufacture of innovative laser level leader in products, Bosch Power Tools division of the business will leap forward to further expand its market in a dynamic global business activity measurement tools."

    With the deepening of China's innovation strategy.

    Since 1995, entered the Chinese market, Bosch Power Tools has been committed to its leading edge and innovative products and technology into the Chinese market, to strengthen its team in Hangzhou local engineers to develop new products for the Chinese market, and constantly promote the China Power Tools development of the industry. Currently, Bosch Power Tools (China) Co., Ltd. has 150 development engineers, product development for the global market. By 2008, Bosch Power Tools (China) Limited's annual output will reach 6 million power tool sets, the annual output will reach 200 million annex, the employee will reach 4,200 people.

    Also, Bosch Power Tools from the largest training center in the Asia-Pacific March 15, 2007 Since opening in Hangzhou, has been from China and other countries in the Asia-Pacific 1,500 dealers, users, and Bosch trained staff.

    In 2007, Bosch power tools to strengthen the traditional channels of distribution, Bosch efforts to promote "Bosch System Specialist" stores, the traditional dealers to help Bosch Bosch power tools and accessories to become an expert. Since the March 2007 date, 51 systems specialist Bosch opened shop in China. January 1, 2008, Bosch Melchers from the agents took over in Hong Kong and Macao business of power tools, and sales of Hong Kong established its own marketing team.

    Bosch also continue to introduce new products in China, launched in 2007, a full range of 10.8-volt lithium cordless power tool, in early 2008, it launched an innovative rechargeable 36v lithium hammer and the world's best selling power tool section ixo second-generation products. In addition, Bosch has also introduced a gsh16 professional demolition hammer and the requirements of the Chinese market desktop products: gco2000 profile cutting machine.

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