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Lighting companies take a ride out the Olympic marketing

    When IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch ringing to say "Beijing" moment, the Olympic marketing already started.
    Today, dedicated to the Olympic marketing and non-Olympic marketing companies have started the final sprint before the Olympics,booster cables some of them full use of the Olympic Games made a good head of resources, and some creative marketing in the absence of their buried sound, some use of innovative strategies to obtain a certain amount of attention, battery clip and some is bound to a sparring.

    Olympic brand marketing strategy:

    Throughout the Olympic partners and sponsors, tow rope every enterprise has a unique strategy will be based on the characteristics of their products and services for targeted marketing initiatives. ratchet tie dowm Such as Scientific Games on China Mobile launched the "My mobile marketing," Coca-Cola system in the entertainment edge to shape the Olympic Games, GE is a breakthrough in the overall solution, Adidas ads on in the breakout from the spirit of enhancing brand value can be described as different.

    Here, I mainly talk about Lenovo's Olympic marketing strategy. Rise of Nations must be accompanied by the rise of the enterprise. With the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the big stage, many of the ambitious Chinese companies, will not easily give up the opportunity to become a world brand.

    As a natural association to promote local brands of international fame and influence as the world of its sponsorship of the Olympic brand as a goal, but also looking forward to the Olympics this opportunity to enhance brand value, strengthening the reputation of products, and through this activity to achieve a more precise marketing.

    Lenovo's strategy for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is very clear, summed up in two strategies, dozens of plans. Starting from the Olympics, locking technology and the humanities, the implementation is a calm and collected more than a marketing point of contact.

    Product Innovation: products of the Olympic Games:

    Lenovo Olympic Torch design team to create "Tin Yat" notebook, symbolizes the Millennium impression of China's "paint red" color and "Lucky Cloud" pattern each other, with exactly the same as the Olympic torch. Because this product into the Olympic spirit and culture, its values are naturally huge improvement.

    1. Union, a strong media, exclusive promotional resources. Lenovo is the only CCTV for the Olympics or for the spread of IT business partner. Exclusive cooperation with CCTV, is clearly another global partner Samsung Olympic Torch in China can not get the marketing resources.

    2. With effective customer marketing. Lenovo selection of torch escorts lock all the country's education market is teachers and students, equivalent to an activity carried out through more precise marketing. Because the activity was ushered immediately after the new school promotions, and college teachers and students more than other people desire to purchase personal computers. This part is accurate opinion leaders who, through their participation will form a better education market effects of radiation. Can bring a direct channel of in-depth floor around the campus market.

    3. Dig channel resources. Lenovo ten years of intensive channel resources to carry out the activities of the Olympic marketing has played a good supporting role. Tremendous amount of growth in the future computers are those that have not been touched and start emerging markets, so think of the propaganda use of CCTV to carry out "thousands of county Lenovo Olympic" activities, gradually warming up demand from emerging markets, while retaining the standard-bearer with torch and to follow penetrate into new markets with the Olympic Games.

    The innovative integration of Olympic marketing strategy:

    Near the line alone, single-Dry is not long, the enterprise's own strength is limited, but the power obtained through the integration is infinite, as long as the enterprises to win as a starting point, you can tap the many innovative strategies, this Coca-Cola torch online Relay brings us a new revelation.

    1. Union to create online torch relay. Because everyone can not become a hand torch relay, but through the Internet, anyone can achieve the dream of doing Relay hand, you can also see their own records of the torch relay. This is the Coca-Cola League Tencent and Sohu implementation of this activity in mind.

    QQ is a powerful instant messaging tool viscous, and its 600 million registered users, active users up to 2.3 million, and mainly use the population under the age of 35, which is the main consumer groups Coca-Cola, the coincidence of the target consumer group add more effective integration of the two, allowing the torch relay into a precise online marketing activities.

    A blog is a very good message display platform of cooperation with Sohu, which is equivalent to Coca-Cola Coca-Cola into a torch hand experience sharing activities that help its further transfer activities and brand value.

    2. Topic of marketing, and viral transmission. A hand torch relay has been a very glorious thing, which is no line relay in hand, to be the bearer line to the user can also pride, to stimulate their interest in this topic using the torch to guide consumers to participate in interactive brand marketing activities, a relay in the hands of users each have become a propaganda node, QQ continues to spread through sexual transmission, because the QQ instant messaging that has a very strong SNS (social networking) features, each person has a lot of friends, the identity of experience is passed to more people. Activities during which a lot of friends ask for the torch around the seed, showing that this has become a viral marketing.

    3. The game of fun process. Torch process very interesting, like playing the same game, won the younger age groups welcome. Ambassador of the users just become the torch, the QQ friends panel will appear at a personal picture of the icon is not lit, badge style, May 4th changed after the torch style. A user can only get an icon. As the torch ambassadors, to light up the icon, you need to succeed in the limited time to invite other users to participate in activities, such offer will trigger mechanism is actually a large-scale propagation effects.

    If you do not complete the task, we must give others the opportunity to make other people want to participate in the competition. We can see in the active site of existing activities eligible for competition for 6785 words, and have limited time, increase a sense of urgency, to give you a desire to fight immediately.
    Enhanced multi-function experience.

    Torch Relay Ambassador can also upload personal photos network platform, the style show, specific information listed above, such as the 7585 route - the first 5926 bars. Each participant can write a personal Olympic mood, but also to the Q Bar in passing the torch online discussions, to achieve a full range of audience involvement. At the same time on the site, you can view the relay route list.

    1. Strengthen the experience and communication with the blog. Users can platform through the corresponding link to a Coca-Cola and participate in joint Sohu's "flame to my house" activities, which is the joint operation of Coca-Cola and Sohu to greet Olympic torch's interactive platform for the public. Users can be three-dimensional map of the city across the country published articles and paste pictures, show the customs of their home, anecdotes different things, make more friends from around the country, and shared with their Olympic passion. Meanwhile, there are opportunities to participate in activities to obtain awards. This is actually the line in the torch relay and reality combine truly interactive online and offline, virtual and real integration.

    This encourages the active participation and sharing of activities, spread through contact points, games (global brand network)-like process, to create a pleasant user experience, forming a wonderful interaction, pass the Coca-Cola's Olympics, but also enhanced the SNS QQ effectiveness, enhance communication and exchanges, deepen the internal structure of relations, promoting the viscosity and people use QQ and browse Sohu blog passion, to form a win-win situation.

    2. Non-Olympic marketing grazing strategy. Since Ueberroth changed the history of the Olympics to make money, each Olympic Games are businessmen scramble arena. We mentioned some of the Olympic marketing strategies regular army, let's talk about walking a fine line of non-formal Army policy.

    Olympic limited resources, relatively high barriers to entry, some companies because of previous Olympic Games have not paid the high and missed the Olympic Games sponsorship, but they use their wisdom, the barriers around the Olympic intellectual property rights, so that their own well to catch the Olympic Games Express.

    Yellow jacket with the Olympic enterprise need to live, not the Olympics companies resources have to live. Previous Olympic Games have a classic touch ball strategy. Such as the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles sponsored by Kodak ABC television network, has successfully passed the brand identity, attack the sponsor Fuji; 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics Kimchi, from the Olympic Village to the various restaurants, hotels designed for more contact points supply offer taste, and in support of the Government to vigorously promote, all of a sudden world fame; 1992 Albertville Winter Games Federal Express, through high density multi-media focus on the successful intercept of the bombing of the U.S. postal service company sponsors; 1996 Nike Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, through the experience center, off-athlete endorsements to successfully intercept and confused cognition, ambushed Reebok.

    2008 Beijing Olympic Games also have such a business, there are several types:

    Content from the Olympic spirit to find similarities, a breakthrough in advertising:

    Olympic partners such as snow for the concept, directly facing the viewer launched the "beer drinkers" partners.

    Sand waves for "stronger, higher, faster," the Olympic spirit, according to the characteristics can present their products do, "more comprehensive, better, more comfortable";

    Amway signed by Liu Xiang, the background of the nest by borrowing spread of multimedia advertising to confuse the audience's attention, although there were complaints of violations, face a fine, but it is still a lot of advertising pre-played a certain role.

    3. Breakout from the major activities. Mengniu Joint State Sport General Administration and the CCTV sports channel launched in 80 cities, "Mengniu cities" large fitness, the demands of the milk brand and corporate social responsibility and the spirit of the Olympic background and effectively together.

    Flying refrigerator to fashion a new draft, a star with the participation of civilians Olympics, to support the Olympic Games together, engage in a "cheers for China for the Olympics refueling," the honey trap --- hold the "new flying mission in 2008 to cheer the" national trials.

    Bound to make a fuss in the media:

    Li Ning, the Olympic Games to seek a breakthrough in communication carriers, sponsors the central five sets of the most photographed sports channel presenters and journalists. Implanted in them brand identity. This can be more during the Olympics, "his face" opportunities.

    1. Lock the Olympic supply chain, access to related status. Simon Electric supply chain from the interception of Olympic construction projects, and by virtue of a competitive market strategy. Through the Olympic "Bird's Nest" and "Water Cube" switch suppliers, paving the way for subsequent operations.

    2. From the emotional to cut into the spirit. Many criminals use the Olympics because of special vigorously engaged in political events, which ignited the Chinese people's strong patriotism. For a time the rise of the red head on the network. Red head all QQ, MSN Messenger on a red head in the wide dissemination, making instant messaging as the carrier of patriotic fervor inspired, naturally love to get more users, and further narrowed the association with the Olympic Games.

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