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Such as water and electricity around the speed of reform may have to increase prices
    Water and electricity should be up then? booster cables Probably!

    Hearings should be open during the year,battery clip such as water and electricity price reform of resource speed.

    Shi Xiaolei.

    Prices under increasing pressure recently, on the "ladder of electricity will be introduced in the second quarter," rumors have been public concerns, but the Provincial Price Bureau yesterday,tow rope the responsible person shall be denied an interview. However, the official admitted that this year the state to increase resources such as water and electricity pricing reform, the year our province will step on the civilian electricity,ratchet tie dowm residential natural gas price adjustment programs hearings, and on the "Eleventh Five-Year" price reform program will be established gradually in the recent adjustment is completed by.


    Estimated in the second half to adjust.

    "Get out the second quarter," the responsible person Provincial Price Bureau, told reporters when talking about the reform of civil Lianyong price ladder a few "not set": First Division of the National Unity by piece "ladder" or to the provinces to set their own "ladder," I'm not sure; how to divide the number of steps have yet to be; the current implementation of TOU price of our province, for several years, stepped out whether the two parallel price, also I'm not sure.

    "To implement the State Development and Reform Commission stepped price but also the unity under the Supervision and Examination for the Supervision and Examination, in addition to price according to regulations but also hearing, to complete these procedures, Price introduced the second quarter of price adjustment proposal is certainly too late. But we estimate that the national Development and Reform Commission may soon start to take the program deployment, and finally introduced the program and about to be launched in the second half. "relevant person in charge told reporters.
Interview, Provincial Price Bureau, said the policy came out in countries such as the price of our province upcoming hearing. For example, many residents want to retain benefits of TOU price of the night, then these recommendations can be raised at the hearing.

    Gas prices.

    Civil natural gas price adjustment faster.

    Relative to the price reform, the provincial price bureau official view that the reform of civil pipeline natural gas prices will be "quicker." China's current domestic gas prices and other energy price ratio between the apparent unreasonable. Now countries are speeding up resource prices and the pace of international integration, the era of cheap and clean energy will be gone forever.

    This reporter has learned, Jiangsu current natural gas sales prices, especially residential natural gas prices have been "at a loss", according to the current 2.2 yuan of unit prices per cubic meter gas company sales would loss 2 cents. From natural gas started in 2004 after civil, countries have three times to adjust the non-domestic gas prices, but the province did not follow the adjustment of domestic gas price has been on the waiting state "joint mechanism" introduced to adjust and then, after hearing . The so-called "joint mechanism", is to make the downstream gas prices follow changes in the upstream gas prices, popular talk a little bit of bottled liquefied petroleum gas as it is now Nanjing linkage mechanism, the supply of high cost, and price will follow the purchase price adjustment.
Natural gas at the national reunification of the linkage mechanism reform, the province will step by step "ladder-type gas prices", with a unit price of gas less expensive, more gas is priced on the expensive. Nanjing Price Bureau has carried out this research program for the future to prepare for the hearing.


    Nanjing, the price of water will be transferred to 3.1 yuan.

    Municipal tap water price reform in our province since last year launched. According to Provincial Price Bureau, at present the provincial cities in terms of not only the program Huaian the provincial approval, the other 12 cities have put programs in place in some places has been adjusted.

    Provincial Price Bureau has devoted two days to Nanjing, Wuxi, Changzhou, Suzhou, Zhenjiang City and subordinate five counties (cities) issued a notification urging the provincial government to complete the required sewage treatment charges to adjust the mission objectives. "Since the past few years to improve sewage treatment requirements, a single sewage treatment plant to upgrade their technology costs increased by 2 to more than Mao." It is reported that in April this year, Suzhou, Changzhou and so adjusted the standard residential water treatment costs. Adjustment, the municipalities are required to reach the provincial government -1.60 1.30 yuan RMB / cubic meter standard.

    As most cities had taken a "step by step points to a hearing," the program, so many cities in the province during the year will once again adjusted the price of water, such as Nanjing, but also the "Eleventh Five-Year" program of reform has not yet Tiaowan of 3 cents adjustment in place, then the price of water will reach 3.1 yuan Nanjing / m, the program may soon be launched. Such as Zhenjiang, Taizhou, Xuzhou, Yancheng and other cities are still 2-4 years of civil water angle up space, Suzhou City, no adjustment is only a dime in place.
    ■ focus.

    Pressure on prices so much.

    Or not to hike it?

    It is noteworthy that the central bank issued 10 first quarter of 2010 monetary policy report that the current upward trend of the domestic labor costs, resources, increasing costs of environmental protection may also affect the price level. Overall, upward pressure on prices is relatively greater potential threat to price stability have increased.

    Previously, in order to recover the excess market liquidity, the central bank adopted a series of monetary policy tools, such as in the May 2 announced the third time this year raised the deposit reserve ratio, large financial institutions make the statutory deposit reserve ratio to 17%; 5 6, 3-year central bank issued 110 billion yuan tickets, increased 20 billion yuan over the previous period, the interest rate fell 2 basis points bid.

    Experts believe that, despite the April-than-expected price rise, increasing inflationary pressures, interest rates depends on whether the growth rate of China's macroeconomy, as well as the mainstream economy of international monetary policy. Currently the United States, Europe and the capital market turmoil, the world economy can not completely rule out the "second bottom" of risk.

    In addition, our real estate loan this year, local financing platform for control, to some extent has achieved a "differential interest rates." Experts said the cancellation of the first set of housing loan interest rate discount 7, two sets of downward adjustment of mortgage rates to go up from 10% to allow these to the buyers of the "interest rate effect" is much higher than normal interest rate level of a 25 basis points .

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