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Integrated power market Zouwang kitchen trends fashion show personality

    In 2008, the home appliance market is the most festive of the year, but due to natural disasters, economic adjustment factors,booster cable the first half of the electricity market was flat throughout the kitchen, so many businesses of pressure.
    But industry experts point out that, for the kitchen electric industry, glue gun housing renovation season with the arrival of the Olympic Games and other wedding peak stimulation, the market has begun to Zouwang.

    First of all, 2008 is an auspicious year, many young people choose to get married this year,battery clip although the entire line the city's real estate market emotionally drained, but the secondary and tertiary markets fairly stable, and the choice is basically to get married this year, two years before purchase this year, hot glue gun as submitted, the family must be an essential piece of kitchen smoke, as long as manufacturers engaged in a number of benefits in the season a little promotional activities, will be resonating with consumers. Second, the kitchen electric industry in 2008 gives too much hope, but the overall performance of the first half of the pressure they feel, in the second half, the enterprise will make every effort to competing, but also ushered in the consumer response.

    Expression in the market, the integration of electric kitchen is undoubtedly the direction of development. June 1 this year, the cabinet industry, the formal implementation of the new standards, the whole kitchen, kitchen cabinet concept of integration of more and more popular. On the one hand, Haier, side too, SHUAIKANG, Vantage, Macro, Aucma other local brands have force, into the cabinet industry; the other hand, consumers are more inclined to the overall kitchen, the whole decoration. Kitchen cabinet power enterprises and joint sales companies have shown growing trend cabinet electrical integration. First of all retained from the market in terms of overall kitchen, the current home ownership rate in the city accounted for only 6.8%, the expected purchase of the next 5 years was 29%, development potential is very large; Secondly, companies also need kitchen electrical integration, any kitchen electrical products shall have their own style, if forcibly integrate these and cabinets, cabinet embedded state is very rough, and the route through the kitchen cabinets electronic manufacturers, sales channels not only solve the problem, also solved the electric kitchen the integration of products and cabinets; Third, the concept of change in consumption as people, for the growing interest in the whole kitchen, the urgent needs of consumers one-stop service.

    Small home appliances, consumers demand for personalized products increases, and the market economy, practicality, luxury and other different types of product does just to meet this demand, environmental protection, energy saving, beautiful, personalized, gentrification of the kitchen very active electrical product sales performance, has become the mainstream of high-end consumer. With the continuous improvement of living standards, consumers in the decoration and home, the kitchen will be more emphasis on quality. As a modern kitchen necessities and electrical products, the most close to people's daily lives, the most about health, fashion, individuality.

    First half of 2008 sales statistics also show that: in the first half, sales of European-style range hood of the market rose by about 8%, while sales in the Chinese style range hood fell by nearly 5 percentage points, more than 1,500 yuan price of stove than last year with sales up 8%. With the arrival of the second half of season decoration, fashion, personalized high-end products will continue to expand market share.

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