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Danyang saw exports gratifying trend

    Danyang City in the first half of this year's foreign trade import and export value reached 7.5 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 43%. Exports totaled $ 640,000,000, an increase of 46%, accounting for Zhenjiang City 31% of total exports, an increase highbooster cables er than the overall increase in Zhenjiang City, 17 percent export.

    From the trade, the general trade exports 560 million U.S. dollars,battery clip an increase of 48%, accounting for 88% of total exports, accounting for exports of general trade Zhenjiang City 39%, an increase higher than the overall increase in exports of general trade Zhenjiang, 13 percentage points . Processing trade exports 080 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 35%, accounting for exports of processing trade in Zhenjiang City for 13%.

    From the enterprise type, foreign-funded enterprises continued to maintain strong momentum in exports, exports of 360 million U.S. tow rope dollars in the first half, up 41%, accounting for 56% of total exports. Private exports $ 200,000,000, an increase of 65%. Collective enterprises exported 060 million U.S. dollars, ratchet tie dowm an increase of 41%. State-owned enterprises exported 4.09 million U.S. dollars, down 48%.

    From exports, the export of goods rely mainly metal tools (drill, saw blade), optical glasses, lenses, textiles and other traditional exports, while vehicles and spare parts, electrical equipment, electrical goods and other technology-intensive exports have gratifying trend. In the first half, exports of $ 91,410,000 of metal tools, ranking first in exports, an increase of 6.5%. Vehicles and spare parts exports $ 73,880,000, an increase of 26%, ranking second in exports. Steel exports $ 70,670,000, an increase of 2.3 times, ranking third in exports. Glasses and optical lenses exports $ 50,650,000, an increase of 39%, ranking fourth in exports. Motor electrical equipment exports $ 47,760,000, an increase of 79%. Wood and wood products exports $ 35,530,000, an increase of 75%.

    From the export enterprises, the current actual Danyang export business import and export more than 300 enterprises. In the first half, Jiangsu Heavenly Tools Co., Ltd. ranked top export, export $ 66,950,000; Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Feida ranked second, exporting $ 30,040,000; Jiangsu Light Alloy Co., Ltd. Great Yawo was ranked third, exports $ 27,140,000.

    From the export market, the export business has been involved in Danyang City, more than 100 countries and regions around the world. The first half of the first trade partner of the United States exports $ 140,000,000, an increase of 35%. Japan, South Korea, German exports were $ 76,780,000, $ 44,880,000 and $ 34,860,000, maintained a 58%, 20% and 37% increased significantly.

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