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Analysis of Experts on the pattern of the market status of door and window industry

    Doors and windows for the current market structure of China,booster cables China Construction Metal Structure Association, aluminum curtain wall windows Huang Qi Committee recently presented the China Construction Metal Structure Association Du Zonghan statistics.
    According to the authoritative data, windows and doors in our building products market, the aluminum door and window products accounted for the largest proportion, 55%; followed by the plastic doors and windows, battery clip the proportion was 35%; steel door and window products 6% share; other materials,tow rope products accounted for the remaining 4%. Production side, Mr. Huang revealed only the number of products, aluminum doors and windows, about 1.5 million square meters.

    Huang Qi standing on the point of view that special committees: the market share of aluminum windows and doors Zhisuo Yi occupy the largest proportion,ratchet tie dowm because the majority of towns in China, aluminum products, doors and windows wide range of long development time.

    Although the quality of aluminum products in a certain time period or in some areas people had been questioned, but due to limited domestic living standards by economic conditions, a considerable part of the consumers, aluminum doors and windows is still their preferred products.

    While it is still the most common aluminum aluminum doors and windows to install single-glazed, like a bridge function with a hollow glass windows aluminum windows and doors market, the proportion of the total is still less than 20%, aluminum doors and windows or doors and windows products accounted for market Banbiheshan.

    6% for the ingredients of steel doors and windows of the problem, Huang Qi explained: some fire doors, factory gates, including the security door also color plate production, are attributed to steel door products. In addition, as some rural areas there is also the phenomenon of using the steel window, so in the past to see the solid web steel window steel window or fasting is still produced in some areas, but the number is not a lot.

    Plastic door and window products in the development of national industrial policy support, building up new doors and windows products. After 20 years of development, a variety of products have entered every household. However, because raw material prices and some of the operators of the irregularities, the current plastic door and window industry is facing a severe test.

    In recent years, real estate developers and consumers face a number of architectural design sector, issued on aluminum, plastic door and window products, the topic of who is superior and who know what to do. Is not it? Aluminum windows and doors earlier just came out, compared to earlier periods of fasting of solid web steel windows and steel windows, beautiful decorative light does attract a lot of consumers aspire to. But as time goes on, wind, frost, snow and rain seasons the test, the original aluminum alloy doors and windows exposed shortcomings, particularly high thermal conductivity, heat the shortcomings of poor people have complaints.

    Later, plastic doors and windows appeared, but also a consumption boom, plastic doors and windows once a high-end residential renovation essential products. But not Sunday, Every day is a new product had very good, even bullied into two difficulties. Products, raw material prices are still Lajia, or consumers to stay away from away. When combined with aluminum doors and windows are back, with a thermal bridge, and color appearance technology matched with insulating glass, a lot of performance to solve the drawbacks, has become synonymous with high-end windows and doors.

    So what exactly is aluminum, plastic doors and windows who is superior and who was it? The face of this question, Huang Qi's view is simple: "Both products have advantages and disadvantages, not favoritism, just do a good job can become a good product." He saw and heard with study abroad, for example: "the world affected by economic conditions and living habits of the people, building products, doors and windows are different. Like Italy, Spain and other countries, very little plastic doors and windows, but Germany has a lot, especially After the two German merger. In general, plastic window and more used in residential homes, windows and more used in public buildings. "

    Speaking of the current quality of the products of aluminum doors and windows, Huang Qi simple statement that: "First is the need to improve the quality of hardware accessories, followed by the overall manufacturing process, from design to installation, from the world's advanced level there is a large gap." "But we believe that with the strengthening of national economic strength, improved living standards, people have money, naturally there is a demand for a good door and window products. Good products is the absence of consumer objects, a few thousand dollars a square positive things and several hundred dollars a square things different. "

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