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« Analysis of Experts on the pattern of the market status of door and window industry Domestic steel prices fell slightly in the ongoing state: a short-term correction channel is difficult »

Sino-Russian border the largest exhibition center mechanical and electrical products will be put into use

    After a one-year construction of the building, the development of Sino-Russian business cooperation in the border areas between China and Russia's largest mechanical and electrical products exhibition center will be completed in October 2008 and put into use for the two countries to build a standardized mechanical and electrical products trading platform,booster cables create the radiation and the Russian Far East sales base of electromechanical products,battery clip transit base.

    Russian machinery and electronic products in the industrial layout and structure of complementary products, a strong push in recent years in government, business contacts increased,tow rope the increasing exchange of information under the combined effect of three factors, the rapid growth of Sino-Russian trade in machinery and electronic products.

    Investment of 150 million yuan building the Heilongjiang province,ratchet tie dowm "Russian Electrical Dongning Port Industrial Park" covers an area of 61,000 square meters, with nearly 3 million square meters of indoor and outdoor exhibition hall, and after-sale service parts center ranged overseas customer service center, assembly assembly area, the customs warehouse and other functional areas.

    Project is expected to attract dozens of domestic and production of engineering machinery, transportation machinery, agricultural machinery, machine tools and related mechanical and electrical spare parts enterprises to enter the well-known park, directly facing Russia and other countries from nearly 300 international buyers and achieve negotiations between enterprises, sales and storage integration, reduce customer acquisition costs. In addition to facilitating the sales phase of the "one-stop" services, the park also provide spare parts for domestic and foreign supply, use training, technical guidance, product maintenance and sales information consultation service, etc., to create standardized mechanical and electrical products sales platform.

    Major investment projects Fang Dongning Watson Group Leader Lv Weiguo said, "Russian Electrical Dongning Port Industrial Park," with the two companies jointly carried out at border crossings direct trading model, changing the foreign customer supply contract means distributed to promote domestic enterprises to open up the Russian market in the process of standardized operation, which is to maintain quality and cheap Chinese brand electronic products, machinery and electronic products to promote trade between the two countries long-term development of great significance.

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