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Laser drilling technology and laser micropore brief

    Laser drilling is mainly used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic instruments, chemical and other industries.booster cables The rapid development of laser drilling, mainly in drilling YAG laser with average output power increased from 5 years ago to the 800w to 400w 1000w.
    The relatively mature domestic application of laser drilling in the artificial diamond and natural diamond drawing die production of precious stones, watches and clocks and instrument bearings,battery clip plane blades, multi-layer printed circuit board industries such as production.

    Mostly currently used YAG laser laser, CO2 laser-based, there are some excimer lasers, diode-pumped lasers and laser isotope.

    Laser drilling machine generally solid-state laser, electrical systems,tow rope optical systems, and coordinate mobile workstations and other four major components.

    1) solid state laser works.

    When the working substance YAG laser under optical pumping (excitation pulse xenon lamp) and excitation, ratchet tie dowm with a specific wavelength of light absorbed in the work under certain conditions can lead to metastable material particles in the low energy level greater than the number of particles, which phenomenon is known as inversion. Once a small amount of excited particles produced by the stimulated emission transition, will result in optical amplification, and through the resonant cavity mirrors reflecting mirror and part of the feedback oscillation, and finally by the end of the output of the laser cavity. The formation of high-energy laser beam through a lens focusing light on the surface of the workpiece can be processed.

    2) The electrical system includes the laser power supply and control the laser energy output (pulse or continuous, etc.) of the control system. In the latter, sometimes including the processing requirements-driven workbench for automatic control device.

    3) The function of the optical system is precisely focused laser beam to the workpiece on the processing site. To this end, it is at least focusing device with laser aiming devices and observation of two parts.

    4) The projection system to display the piece on the back of the situation relatively well in the drilling machine is equipped with a laser beam.

    5) The table used by the manual control or numerical control device, in the coordinate direction, easy and accurate adjustment of the workpiece position. Processing zones, the table tops made of glass, because they do not detect light metal table will cause inconvenience, but the table will be destroyed after the piece was punctured. Focus on the top table with suction under the lens, inflatable devices to keep the work surface and focusing lens clean.

    Brief laser porous.
    Open a small hole on the component is a very common thing. However, if you require a hard material, such as playing a large number of carbide 0.1 mm diameter holes to a few microns, with a general fear of machining tool is not easy to do, even if they can do, the processing cost would also be high. Existing machining technology micro-holes to play in the material is transferred by tens of thousands per minute, or hundreds of thousands of high-speed rotary switch to a small bit processing, and use this approach only process generally greater than 0.25 mm diameter holes. In today's industrial production, processing requirements are often smaller in diameter than the hole. For example, in the electronics industry production, multi-layer printed circuit board production, will require drilling thousands of the board is about 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm diameter holes. Clearly, the use of the drill bit just said to process, difficulties encountered relatively large, not easy to guarantee the processing quality, processing costs are not low. Back in the 60s of this century, scientists in the lab to the steel blade with a laser shot in the tiny hole, after nearly 30 years of improvement and development, now playing with a laser in the material is no longer small diameter of the holes difficult, and good processing quality. Neat hole in the wall holes played, there is no glitch. Punching speed and fast, about a thousandth of a second time to play one hole.
   Laser drilled holes in the material reason is simple (laser drilling), the practice is not complicated. Good coherence of the laser, optical system, it can be focused into a very small spot diameter (less than 1 micron), which is equivalent to drilling of the "mini-drill." Second, the laser intensity is high, the focus of the focused laser energy density (the average area per square centimeter of energy) will be high, a laser output of ordinary laser energy to produce up to 109 J / cm 2 enough to allow melting and vaporization of material occurs, leave a small hole in the material, and used a drill to drill out a sample.

    How to make good use of the laser "drill", the laser scientists have done a lot of research. They found that, with the launch as many pulses per second (often called the high repetition rate laser pulses) to do "drill", playing out of the hole quality than a single light pulse, or the second time a few dozen out of light pulses hole good. Reason is probably this: in a light pulse per second or a few pulses punched for each pulse of laser energy requirements are relatively high, so that material can be heated to melt holes to play. However, the melting of the material is no way to fully vaporize, yet the material around it to make them heat and vaporize a result, was beaten out of shape and size of the holes in the not so regular. If you are using a high repetition rate laser output light pulse, then the average energy per pulse is not high, but because of the narrow pulse width, power level is not low. So each laser pulse in the material body formed on melting small, mainly occurred vaporization. As the heated material near the hole melting are few and, therefore, does not appear when using a single pulse drilling thing. Shape and size of the holes play to much more structured.

    To play a hole of high quality, also need to pay attention to the choice of the laser focus position. Choose the principle focus position is roughly this: for relatively thick materials, laser beam focus position should be located within the workpiece, if the material is thin, the laser beam focus to be on the top surface. This arrangement will play out basically the same size of the hole from top to bottom, not a "barrel" of the hole.

    Materials by laser drilling, drilled holes is not only very good quality, especially in the fight when a lot of the same hole, but also to ensure more uniform pore size shape, and the drilling speed, high efficiency . Therefore, in addition to production in the electronics industry using laser drilling, the other productive sectors in many industrial uses, such as standard cigarette filter mouth holes, holes on the spray valve, also using laser processing.

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