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West Switch Electrical: Quality equipment to create the world's power switch

    Xi'an West Switch Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Western Cape Electric") overall strengthening of quality management, performance excellence model step by step, booster cables continuously improve product quality, management quality increased dramatically. 2006,2007 years "XD card," gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (GIS) and high pressure sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers (GCB) has been awarded "battery clip China Top Brand" title; 2008,2009 company has won the annual National Quality Award "to encourage Awards "and" Award Nominations. "

    Western Cape is the Western Electric Electric Electric Co., Ltd. holding company, its predecessor is a 50-year history of the Xi'an High Voltage Switchgear Factory, tow rope is China's first Five-Year Plan period one of the 156 key state, national ultra high voltage, high pressure and high-voltage switch equipment development and production base. Widely used in the Three Gorges,ratchet tie dowm Qinshan nuclear power, electric power, and Northwest China 750kV power grid and other key projects, and exported to Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries and regions.

    Western Electric is always open to product quality first, to actively implement the ISO9000 family of standards, and gradually improve the quality management system, enterprises have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, GB/T14001 environmental management system certification, GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification, QES integration certification. In the overall strengthening of quality management based on progressive, Western Cape excellent electrical performance management model to enhance the quality of enterprise management. First in an all round quality management. Quality management system through training, "Quality Month", the quality of speech, mass quality improvement, QC team, "one-off things done" and other activities, and gradually improve staff quality consciousness, strive to cultivate and train a group of serious work, dare to be responsible for , heavy responsibilities of the quality management team. Second, promote the quality of full continuous improvement culture. Vigorously carry out quality improvement activities to address the rapid development of enterprise and market constraints the quality of the image of the last two years to improve the quality of internal mass and more than 2000 items. Third, strengthen the quality of audits. By the quality of internal and external audits and product sampling to find Qi Ye problem management system for enterprise continuous improvement Ji Hui,  management system to ensure efficient operation of prison-made products through Shishichongdian, improve product quality. Fourth, the increase in the quality assessment efforts. Use of various quality management tools and management methods to increase the quality of various departments and suppliers of quality assessment claims, uphold the "five evils" inspections and rewards and punishments, and "three guarantees" loss of quality assessment into the sector, through the examination duties. Fifth, the "zero defects" concept of project management. Prepared and issued "" zero defect "project plans to implement measures" to establish the five overall goals, sub-goals, 17 points, 20 points, more than 100 measures in full wide attention and cooperation of various departments, The project design quality, assembly quality, parts quality, appearance has a significantly improved quality. 6 is a positive learning advanced management concepts and methods, and gradually into superior performance management. The development and deployment of enterprise Fazhan strategy, integration, optimization, allocation of resources; meet customer and market demand,  good customer relations; Guanzhuguocheng Guan Li, build Shi Ying and external environment, Yin Su Quickly React System Change;  scientific data, information management systems and analysis systems, continuous improvement; build high-speed fast, reciprocal and win-win supply chain, so that enterprises continue to move from good to excellent.

    In recent years, the Western open electrical industrial output value, sales income, exports and other key business indicators continue to maintain a growth rate of more than 30% in 2009, company sales income of 4.39 billion yuan, total investment of nearly 12 billion transformation project will also fully completed within this year.

    Looking ahead, the Western Cape Electric will continue to strengthen quality control, to create switches fine, efforts to build a world-class manufacturing base for high-voltage switchgear, high voltage switch in the industry and establish China's world famous for the revitalization of China's equipment manufacturing industry, revitalize national industry to do its due contribution!

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