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IBM data center energy efficiency challenge to start the green innovation projects

    IBM announced the launch of the company to spend $ 1,000,000,000 a year business plans to significantly enhance the company's IT energy efficiency.
    The "Green Innovation"booster cables program include: Through the introduction of new products and services to help IBM and its clients to sharply reduce data center energy consumption, battery clip transforming the world of business and public technology infrastructure and make it " green "data centers.

    According to a survey conducted by IDC, for every dollar of computer hardware costs, about 50 cents is spent on electricity use, this figure is expected in the next 4 years will be an increase of tow rope 54%. IBM "Green Innovation" brought considerable savings are on an area of 25,000 square foot data center, customers can achieve 42% energy saving. ratchet tie dowm According to the U.S. energy mix now, this saving is equivalent to an annual reduction of 7,439 tons of carbon emissions. "Green Innovation" is the IBM enterprise data center for energy demand and energy costs increased sharply launched, the program will be a cross-IBM business units, and by the more than 850 energy efficiency experts, global "green team" to implement and implementation.

    "Data center power consumption crisis in the customer's business growth inhibition." IBM Global Technology Services Mike Daniels, senior vice president, said, "Many data centers have reached saturation, the enterprise's ability to grow has been limited thus, forcing them to new capital investment. We want to share with our customers IBM's global resources and action plan to help them make full use of their data center energy, improve energy efficiency and achieve green innovation. "

    IBM currently runs the world's largest commercial technology infrastructure in the world, more than 800 million square feet of data centers. By using the energy efficiency action plan, expected in the next three years, without increasing power consumption or the case of carbon dioxide emissions, IBM of its data centers to double the computing capacity. Meanwhile, prompted by expanding the area of data center data center doubling of computing power compared to, IBM is expected to "Project Big Green," the implementation of the year will help IBM to save more than 50 billion kilowatt hours of energy.

    Five steps to green innovation.

    IBM to use its technical expertise and enhance energy efficiency in technological innovation, customer summed up by the five steps, and can greatly improve the energy efficiency of the method:

    DIAGNOSE: Evaluate existing facilities - energy assessment, virtual-D power management and thermal analysis.

    BUILD: Plan, build or update an energy efficient data centers.

    Virtualization: on the IT infrastructure and exploit special purpose processors for virtualization.

    Management: The control of power management software energy consumption.

    Cooling: inside and outside the data center liquid cooling solutions.

    "Just as IBM helped organizations around the Internet and Linux to seize the opportunities of innovation, we will again assist clients in the energy efficiency aspect of the new era of computing." IBM Senior Vice President and General Manager of Systems and Technology Division, said Bill Zeitler, "through incremental improvements can not do this, we need more bold ideas and action plans to address energy efficiency challenges."

    1. Diagnosis: The energy assessment, virtual-D power management and thermal analysis, evaluation of existing facilities.

    Difficult to obtain customer data center energy efficiency on the accurate and detailed information, and make significant improvements. There is significant data center hot spots, areas of high power density, which is a mistake on the server rack layout, the engine room design is unreasonable and unnecessary hot air and cold air mixing with each other caused.

    "IBM Data Center Energy Efficiency Assessment" (IBM Data Center Energy Efficiency Assessment) - IBM will use a new scale on the customer's data center energy efficiency assessment for clients develop an energy efficiency program, so that the customer's energy costs reduce up to 40%;

    "Mobile Measurement Technology" (Mobile Measurement Technology) - This is the one from the IBM research division of the new technology, can measure three-dimensional data center temperature distribution. The new mobile measurement machine includes a position tracking system and an up to 100 large-scale network of sensors, capable of unprecedented speed and accuracy of the collected thermal data. Mobile measurement technology has been used in Pacific Gas & Electric Company is located in three data centers in California, and in a few days time, to find an area of about 4 million square feet of data centers exist in the hot spots, air leakage and other areas of energy efficiency. If the use of manual measurement, then take a few weeks time;

    "IBM Thermal Analysis of high density computing" (IBM Thermal Analysis for High Density Computing) - The service products can identify and resolve existing and potential, it may cause the existing data center power and heat-related issues, as well as saving energy and provide options for future expansion;

    IBM will use virtual worlds to explore virtual three-dimensional data center power management, more efficient use of energy and reduce energy consumption.

    2. BUILD: Plan, build or update an energy efficient data centers.

    IBM to customers worldwide based on building 30 million square feet of data center experience, IBM "data center energy efficiency assessment" service with today's other new products complement the energy efficiency services, including:

    "Energy Efficiency Self Assessment" (The Energy Efficiency Self Assessment) - can provide customers with data center energy efficiency on their free online assessment;

    "IBM layout optimization flow assessment" (IBM Optimized Airflow Assessment for Cabling) - can help customers improve data center raised floor under the air flow, reduced wiring costs;

    Green building design and construction of IBM's "special facilities" (Specialized Facilities) capabilities - to help clients integrate all building subsystems to a safe, efficient and helpful way to run the ecological environment, so as to achieve significant energy saving purpose;

    In addition, customers can also enjoy a number of partners from the IBM-related services provided by these partners, all from the world's leading provider of energy and cooling technologies, including Anixter Corporation, APC-MGE Company, Eaton Corporation, Emerson Network energy company, General Electric Consumer and Industrial, and Schneider Electric companies.

    3. Virtualization: The IT infrastructure and exploit special purpose processors for virtualization.

    Clients need to move virtualized infrastructure, and with the advantage of emerging hybrid systems that utilize special purpose processors to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption.

    IBM in providing the industry's most comprehensive virtualization technology has been a leading position in these technologies, including mainframe, UNIX, x86, and storage systems, which allow clients to consolidate work onto fewer computers to improve efficiency; They can also significantly reduce electricity and maintenance costs, simplify infrastructure. Manner through the use of virtualization to improve utilization of computing systems, customers can significantly reduce energy consumption. Today, many computer systems use 5% of their capacity to 10%, while the world's most sophisticated virtualization technologies, IBM mainframe customers have been able to make nearly 100% server utilization;

    IBM's blade server can not only provide physical integration of infrastructure and the design of its switching technology can also help reduce power consumption. According to IBM internal studies, one with embedded Ethernet and Fibre Channel switches, blade servers, in a typical rack optimized server after each of its interfaces to help customers save up to 50% of energy consumption ;

    Proved, WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances in the implementation of XML and Web services security processing tasks, than those who rely only on the server system 72 times better. This means that deploying XML applications and Web services want to ensure the safety of its customers, can improve performance, reduce application of the delay time of the system in order to reduce size and lower power consumption when you do not need to do the same job to add hardware resources ;

    On the analysis and digital media, IBM Cell BE processors compared with conventional processors can provide excellent performance. For example, IBM's client Mayo Clinic is using Cell blade computing system, compared with the traditional processors, and now the clinic for use by radiologists can three-dimensional medical image processing speed by 50 times.

    4. Management: Energy Management Software Provisioning Software control can not be used on the server be placed in standby mode when leaving the server's power consumption reduced by 80%. If this software all the data centers in the United States to be used, could save 5.4 billion per year of electricity.

    IBM Tivoli management software is being used to its Cool Blue (Cool Blue) expanded portfolio of energy-saving technology solutions. The software can monitor power consumption, allowing customers to develop power policies, track power usage in data centers and departments to return the overcharged electricity bills accurately. As a result, every department has a clear responsibility to respect and learn how to conserve electricity - by monitoring the current energy use to find opportunities for savings, and allow users to change the server running (working or standby) mode to reduce electricity consumption to conserve electricity. In California, IBM will provide customers on the auto-configuration (provisioning) free information technology, this technology can reduce power consumption to help companies cope with a serious energy crisis in California;

    Power Executive software is the IBM Systems Director portfolio as part of the configuration from now to all IBM systems and storage devices. The free energy management technology was originally developed for IBM BladeCenter and System x servers designed from the beginning in November 2007, IBM will be in System i, System p, System z and storage system in a comprehensive adoption of the technology. It is the only way to help clients monitor the actual consumption, and in the system, chassis or rack level of data center power consumption and heat dissipation to effectively allocate, match and cap power management software tools. By using this enabling power capping, clients can integrate the server (cruise control) the effective operation of their systems.

    5. Cooling: in the data center liquid cooling solutions inside and outside.

    According to IDC estimates IT spending in 2006, and refrigeration system operation cost of 290 million.

    IBM will announce a patented "stored cooling" (stored cooling) solutions to significantly improve the data center cooling system end to end the largest single electricity energy efficiency projects. IBM's service offerings - "data center storage and refrigeration solutions," is located in Quebec, IBM data center trial, 45% efficiency savings, has been American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers standards (ASHRAE) identified as "the most good new energy product ";

    IBM's patented "back-door heat exchanger" (Rear Door Heat eXchanger) "cooling doors" (cooling doors) is now applied to most IBM systems. Although?? The data center reduce server heat output of up to 60%, the method is the use of chilled water to dissipate heat generated by the computer system. IBM also plans to launch later this year developed by the IBM Institute for a new water cooling technology.

    IBM will soon introduce incentives for energy efficiency an open, Web-enabled "data exchange center" - "Energy Efficiency Incentive Plan Finder" (Energy Efficiency Incentive Finder), which is a local anywhere in the world for Power companies, governments and other institutions involved in the system provided incentives for energy efficiency and energy efficiency incentive plan details the center of the site.

    In addition, IBM Global Financing (IGF), IBM focused on the financing business as a department in the "Green Innovation" has a very unique position. It will by providing simple and clear financial solutions to help eligible customers reduce capital constraints brought, to help them obtain or purchase the appropriate hardware, software and services to build an energy efficient data centers, and can be predicted They front-load the benefits. Meanwhile, convenient leasing and loan terms will also help promote the planning and track project costs.

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