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Equipment industry, the backbone of the industrial backbone of society

    2008 earthquake touched the hearts of the hearts of all Chinese people, 1.3 billion people with love to encourage and support the people of disaster areas. As the backbone of China's equipment manufacturing industry, in this "very" did not hesitate in picking up during a "very" Mission: contributions,booster cables donations, sent, with their enthusiasm and really touched by the support of the people of disaster areas.
    Since earthquake is a sudden, disaster site situation is more complex,battery clip requiring numerous mechanical devices, summed up the major mechanical equipment mining machinery, lifting appliances and small hydraulic equipment. tow rope Production of these devices are equipment manufacturing companies. In this earthquake disaster, the role of the equipment manufacturing industry is particularly important.ratchet tie dowm Most of the equipment manufacturing industry profit margin is only about 5%, however, when the relief was generous donations, have generously organized a surprise there are many companies involved in the relief operations group.
    The first time lend a helping hand.
    Earthquake occurred, the equipment manufacturing industry and business organizations in the first person involved in the rescue. Many companies also set up a special temporary group, actively deployed in earthquake relief work: organizational contributions, purchase of medical supplies and food, collect disaster information, with technical support and so on.
    May 12, 2008 earthquake in the afternoon by the news that China National Nuclear Corporation for 1 hour after the emergency contingency plans for natural disasters start to require timely reporting of disaster-related members of the unit, start the appropriate contingency plans. Early morning of May 13 the company had shipped relief supplies into the disaster areas.
    Such as the Nuclear Corporation, in the first relief supplies ready for the enterprise there are many, but the earthquake caused the collapse of the mountain roads were destroyed, making the rescue personnel and vehicles can not enter the affected area.
    May 13, many enterprises of relief supplies and equipment already delivered to the disaster area after another, the rescue work is in full swing. Day, the total value of more than 20 million yuan and equipment of 28 sets of construction machinery and equipment from Alliance Science and Technology Park of launching teams, day and night towards Wenchuan go through. Sany Heavy Industry and Sunward Intelligent Enterprise value of the contributions of two of more than 2,000 yuan in cash, materials and equipment, and sent rescue teams to the disaster area to help disaster relief and reconstruction work. Building workers in the May 12 meeting that night held an emergency rescue, in the vicinity of 13 in Sichuan Province organized a 3 excavators, 10 loaders and other rescue equipment worth 500 million. In Beichuan, Ping Wu, nine Ling, County and other areas, equipment companies are very active figure.
    Actively making a donation.
    May 15, the National Development and Reform Commission of major technical equipment Office issued written proposal, an urgent appeal to the equipment manufacturers race against time to break the routine, transfer or production of mining construction equipment and tools to support the earthquake disaster relief activities. In addition, major office also issued a much-needed relief construction machinery and mining tools list. Initiative to issue, from all over the equipment of industrial enterprises responded positively. As relief more urgently needed equipment for construction machinery, the disaster relief process, the Chinese construction machinery enterprises played a pivotal role.
    Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, the total value for the donated 20 million yuan more than 2,000 cranes and other construction machinery, the May 19, also donated money through the Ministry of Civil Affairs and then 13.72 million yuan, of which 10 million yuan of corporate donations, individual employee contributions 3.72 million.
    Liugong the day after the earthquake to donate 200 million investment in disaster relief work loader and excavator, construction machinery industry is also the first machine to reach the scene of disaster. Subsequently, Liugong Sichuan local dealers and organized more than 30 machines, actively involved in relief in the first line.
    As of May 20, 2008, has been hit hundreds of companies for the donations, dozens of companies providing equipment for the rescue work. Equipment manufacturing industry in the earthquake, excluding gains and losses, a difficult one P Plus support, let the Chinese people and the world see the quality of Chinese equipment manufacturers and spirit.
    Rizhao Steel Holding Group May 15 at the Company's activities in large donations and blood donation, only contributions up to an hour more than 100 million. The name of the company Youyi Group donated funds to disaster areas in Sichuan billion.
    Shougang Corporation announced that donations to Sichuan earthquake disaster area of more than 1200 million yuan for emergency relief and reconstruction, including Shougang sixty-nine thousand workers to the stricken people love donations of more than 200 million.
    Baosteel the staff enthusiastically donated money for disaster areas. May 19th, 2008 activities of national mourning after the Baosteel employees once again organized a personal donation to the disaster area. Individual donations has been raised to a total of 12.73 million yuan.
    Nuclear Group members in support of the relevant units of 13.5 million yuan after the disaster, the ED also hit 10 million yuan donation, the value of relief supplies arrived in the disaster area has more than 300 million. As of May 20, more than 40 million yuan donations.
    May 13, in the early contributions of electrical power generating equipment, 1.28 million substances, including transformers and solar power generation system for assistance to earthquake affected areas and reconstruction of electricity supply, electrical power in the party and trade union organizations, the staff night emergency donations. May 15 afternoon, and Power Electric Group Party, trade unions organized in Zhenjiang, Nanjing, and Shanghai together held a "relief" the donation ceremony, the ceremony by the party secretary Xue strong wave chaired leadership of the Group, the unit employees have generously A total of 25.2890 million yuan fund-raising.
    As the largest wire and cable business, the Far East Holding Group hesitate to put into this battle to the earthquake relief and response in the first call of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission, an additional 300 million donated much-needed repair work steel core aluminum twisted grid lines and other materials, as May 22, the Far East Holding Group donated money and materials accumulated nearly 500 million.

    Solar Group Solar rain in Sichuan after the earthquake, the first time to contribute 1.1 million yuan to disaster areas. And merchants had worldwide fundraising campaign, proceeds of the lottery also donated to the disaster area. The same time, to buy 1,000 tents, 1,000 quilts, rushed to the disaster areas.
    Connaught Group, Sichuan, Shandong donated 1.1 million yuan in cash after he was sent to disaster areas urgently needed supplies such as solar flashlight, worth 900,000 yuan.
    Show the international spirit of the joint venture.
    People around the world one mind, in addition to China's equipment manufacturing enterprises to actively participate in disaster relief, many joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises also donated money and materials, to hit people give their piece of mind. Many companies also sent to the scene for disaster relief operations.
    Doosan Group, Yantai, Shandong Province Civil Affairs Bureau, through the donation of six million yuan to the earthquake area, employees donated 177,800 yuan and 4 million yuan equipment. Now Doosan excavator with 27 units in use in the affected areas, and other equipment are prepared and on standby.
    Caterpillar Company in Chengdu, a collection of 22 sets of various types of engineering machinery, generator sets and rescue special tools. These devices are equipped with skilled operators and related maintenance support personnel, with a total value of approximately 20 million yuan. Currently, there are 6 sets of Caterpillar excavator and two units, three service vehicles, 8 technicians and 30 volunteers rushed to Dujiangyan.
    Volvo Group total 9 million donated money and materials, the Group's first batch of equipment, including more than 20 temporary workers loaders, 10 Volvo excavators have been working around the rescue line.
    South Korea joint venture of modern (Jiangsu) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in the first emergency operation worth 13 million yuan donation of 19 excavators, and investment in the local recruitment of pilots to participate in 19 excavators earthquake relief work.
    Employees offer love competition.
    Disaster relief donations in this process, the equipment companies a huge amount donated by the attention. However, in the equipment manufacturing industry, there are many unsung heroes for their relief contributions to a force.
    Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel Tunnel shares site, has just won the "young commandos benchmark Shanghai," the honorary title of possession of the Ministry of Youth commando generously donate all the prize. Some migrant workers are family houses have been varying degrees of damage, cracking walls, roof tiles in the storm have gone under attack. But in donations, they rushed to the front. They not only put the site of possession of the Department of condolence payments to their full show, but also increased the part.
    A migrant who said: "We migrant workers in Sichuan to better feel the need to help the affected time, although our family has been affected, but other than the hard-hit Wenchuan, where the fellow is more than we need the money! "
    These migrant workers who donated money although the drop in the ocean, there are tremendous weight. All they could to practical action to make their own compatriots in the disaster efforts.
    Zeroing in, the equipment manufacturing enterprises and their employees in the earthquake relief contribution fully reflects their sense of social responsibility.

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