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Analysis: Development of programmable automation controller

    The rapid development of automation technology. Are in a era of rapid change.
    From semiconductors to consumer electronics, to automotive and aviation manufacturing and light industry and logistics industry, booster cables such as a variety of industries are facing increasingly intense global competitive pressures, they need to further reduce costs, shorten production cycle, battery clip and can speedy completion of the upgrading of products. The use of the latest automation technology to solve this series is an effective means of problem.

    A, tow rope PAC Kontron technique and its advantages.

    The PC or PLC solution is not very comprehensive,ratchet tie dowm for complex applications. Engineers often in close collaboration and control to develop new products. According to various needs of users PLC. And the information needs of manufacturers, they have developed a new type of controller, PLC and PC features the best together. PLC's main functions include the ability to control and expansion, and the PC control of a given object BASE, open data formats and network capabilities and other functions. A notable feature is the multi-control tasks and control the argument stack concentration; inherit the advantages of the traditional than P (industrial grade, stability, high reliability); combines the generation of machine flexibility and processing power. Industry analysts say the device is programmable automation controller, or PAC.

    PAC is defined as follows.

    (1) PAC has more specialized functionality can be implemented in a platform concept, including logic and sequence of side control, motion control, drive control and process control functions; (2) PAC with a unified control to meet the requirements of multi-disciplinary development platform, using the shared variable labels and unified database; (3) PAc of the software provides process by process or design tools; (4) cited PAC has an open, modular structure of the break, for from the factory automation to the operation of industrial units; (5) using the de facto network interface, programming language education, security and other industrial standards. so shaped and heterogeneous systems can achieve data exchange. Compared with traditional control techniques to help C technology has the following advantages.

    1, adopt a single controller.

    PAC has a single controller can be used to process digital and analog UO, with sports vision function and modular instruments. So when you need the visual and other functions do not have to buy another controller.

    2, advanced control.

    Advanced control such as fuzzy logic and neural network control technology not only need strong floating-point processor, but also take up a lot of memory on the PAC platform can meet these conditions C.

    3, real-time analysis.

    PAC can be collected in real time from UO channel analog or digital data, and real-time on the analysis of these data, which can effectively detect the fault condition. If the order of eye tracking and vibration analysis to detect the operational status of the machine.

    4, security.

    PLC through the Ethernet data packets sent non-encrypted so that it does not fit well to prevent hacking into the jun. The PAC sends the data packet is encrypted. Although this is not the most factors to be considered, but safety will live the future will become an important aspect.

    5, the speed the certainty of a variety of applications.

    PLC than only at a fixed speed. So it can not be independently at different rates to different tasks. The operating system running on the PAC to have such features, it can be processed in parallel.

    6, flexible memory function.

    PAC has a module, the memory can be upgraded, allowing users to perform applications systems to meet current requirements and can be extended in the future certain. The PIJ second only fixed memory capacity.
    7, machine vision.

    Data transfer rate due to physical limitations. PLC can not provide this platform of visual function. PAC side of machine vision to check out the use of traditional methods is difficult to out side the amount of product defects and errors.

    8, the grant of high productivity.

    Light control of a common lead climbing and comprehensive project development platform allows rapid development, implementation and migration project; and, because of its openness and flexibility to ensure that the control points and bath as well as a seamless enterprise business systems connection. optimizes plant processes and improve productivity.

    9, lower operating costs.

    The use of a common standard architecture and networks, allowing users to from a cost point of view to choose a different system components, rather than proprietary products and technologies; only requires the user in a unified platform and development environment training, without the need to learn more species-specific environment; to provide users with a seamless migration path to protect the user in the 1 / 0 and application development investment.

    Second, PAC technology trends.

    As the market needs, PAC in the next few years will be moving in several directions for further development.

    1, the diversity of equipment specifications.

    In order to meet the needs of the actual production conditions, the prison will be showing the specifications of C diversity trends. Body in its production environment. Select the appropriate control system requirements PAC, help to reduce costs.

    2, branch more control over special features.

    Currently, PAC has already started to logic, motion, process control and other advanced features into a single platform. In the future, PAC will be further integration of additional functions, such as for safety considerations, the batch and so on. When the information is more widely used when the security will become the first pump to be considered by request.

    3, the integration of business systems Yao.

    To achieve true real-time, automation equipment supplier in the PAC continue to create business systems within the connection channel and not dependent on other connected devices. PAC will be embedded manufacturing execution system (MES) some of the attributes. For example: the establishment of standard interfaces, it is conducive to better address the management control level and the connection between the issues.

    4, a simple system maintenance.

    PAC to the smaller of the more intelligent direction, but it will have a more superior data processing capabilities. The software can monitor the machine running conditions, self-test hardware can perform complex work. In order to improve productivity, increase profits, companies must be timely and effective communication of data. This effect, according to PAC's processing capacity to meet the user at any time by any form (eg: e of a mail, Web pages) of data maintenance.

    5, extend product life with a period.

    Through the use of new technologies to achieve higher productivity are important, but the use of new technologies will substantially increase costs and training costs are also of great concern to ask aging factories. Future PLC platform will still use a standardized design. The seller can continue to have business with the original technology and Ethernet standards, which effectively reduces the cost of inputs.

    Third, the concluding remarks.

    All of the components PAC to the most flexible, most convenient, lowest cost, as a starting point. It crossed the machinery automation, electrical automation, instrumentation, automation, computers and other professionals. As a combination of advantages of PC and PLC PAC, we have reason to believe that technology continues with the finished powder PAC general, development, and the price gradually pass near PLC, PAC technology will lead the next industrial automation control system into the mainstream of the city in wide range of areas to provide users with the most advanced technology.

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