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Small control device for distributed automation solutions

    ILC 150 ETH embedded control device is a small control system to provide information technology equipment and general communications program.
    The control unit supports Phoenix's online input / output program,booster cables is a compact programmable system can be used for storage (SPS) of the Ethernet control device. In addition,battery clip the control device is equipped with a high-performance PC Worx automation software.

    Today's mechanical devices made of high automation requirements. Control device as a basis for the performance of equipment should have: the rapid response of the state changes,tow rope cycle time is short, and the close integration of production networks, and programmable control devices and other memory horizontal communications and liaison. In addition, household and leisure areas with more and more IT functions will be integrated into a device in the trends,ratchet tie dowm it is increasingly becoming a feature of automation technology.
And Ethernet networking equipment and on the set of ERP (enterprise resource planning) system is now an instance of the application of IT technology. This requires a high-performance hardware, in a small control as well. Reasonable price with Ethernet interface and supporting software products have a wide range of needs.

    Phoenix Contact offers the ILC 150 ETH embedded control device (Figure 1) is a small, high-performance compact control device. The device has a real-time operating system using Embos work of Altera's Nios-II chip device, so binary processing and word processing and the automation of more complex has a sufficient capacity can be utilized. PC Worx automation software used for programming.

    ILC 150 ETH control device for any application to provide an automated process to optimize the best automation solutions. The ILC 150 ETH small programmable memory (SPS) device can be used for small applications, the central control unit can also be used for automation of large distributed programs. Decentralized control of the smaller programs can more easily complete control, and less prone to error. In addition, because of its complexity smaller and can quickly produced. Production stage at the start of the test equipment can be more quickly and with the entire device, in the maintenance repair time significantly shortened. If the control unit and an extensive selection of sensors, actuators and human-machine interface (HMI-Human Machine Interface) connection with the engineering design of systems to always be the best solution to control problems. These devices should be able to mix with each other as simple as possible. And human-machine interface and the connection must also be possible to have the intuitive functionality and economy, as far as possible, "Plug and Play" (Plug & Play) way.

    Hardware can be based on the input / output requirements for expansion.

    ILC 150 ETH small control unit with integrated interface due to support Phoenix's online installation system, which enables the input and output of a simple parallel arrangement (Figure 2). All you can think of sensor and actuator interfaces, including digital and analog input and output, functions, and terminal interface for control and regulation are all available. In order to achieve the integration of other distributed devices, in addition to the Ethernet connection, there is an interconnect bus (Interbus) interface.

    Phoenix Electric Company for the operation of equipment and control devices generally support the Ethernet interface, ILC 150 ETH device can use the "plug and play" approach and the human-machine interface. This device can operate with a simple way to achieve and control devices are located in one of the Ethernet network integration. Then, you can achieve from the field level until the process through the operating level, the master system or ERP (enterprise resource planning) system communications.

    Man-machine interface through the standard operation of machine operation and data collection is only a possibility. Control devices using the World Wide Web server (Web-Server) to more convenient. Best use of automation technology in the IT industry some of the existing common protocols and technologies such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol File Transfer Protocol) or HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and so on. This, ILC 150 ETH device to have a Web server and an FTP server. Components by using the user, the control unit can also play a role in FTP client. This feature can use FTP to access the Windows system by standardizing the data stored in the control device or to upload it.

    Using the World Wide Web server (Web-Server) and a standard web browser can operate the machine and visualization of the cost of a reasonable solution, this program without the restrictions applied by the local device.
In order to show a visual Web page, just a support function of the standard Java browser. Operating through a simple software tool to create web pages. Because this tool can be direct and control the software PC Worx data connection, the input data points to avoid errors and improve the convenience.

    In addition to the integration of high-performance features and many other, ILC 150 ETH small number of control devices can also provide the possibility of meaningful communication. This small control unit using the use of almost all of the prevailing method of communication now. Components by using a transparent TCP (Transmission Control Protocol Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol User Datagram Protocol) can do this. Any agreement, such as Modbus TCP or Bacnet (Building Automation and Control Networks building automation and control network) are available through this type of user programming components, you can SQL (Structured Query Language) database of direct access.

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