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The application of laser technology and innovation and industry

   The world's first laser was born in 1960, China in 1961 developed the first laser, 40 years, the rapid development of laser technology and applications have been combined with a number of disciplines to form multiple application technology.
   Such as optical technology, booster cables laser medicine and biology photon, laser processing, laser detection and measurement technology, laser holography, laser spectroscopy, nonlinear optics, ultrafast lasers, laser chemistry, quantum optics, laser radar, laser guidance, laser isotope separation, laser controlled nuclear fusion,battery clip laser weapons. These cross-disciplinary technology and the emergence of a new, greatly promote the traditional industries and emerging industries.

    First, tow rope the laser technology Description:

    Laser processing technology is the use of laser beam interaction with the material properties of the material (including metal and non-metallic) for cutting, welding, surface treatment,ratchet tie dowm drilling, micro machining and as a light source, such as an object recognition technology, legacy applications the largest areas of laser processing technology. Laser technology is related to optical, mechanical, electrical, materials and testing and many other subjects of an integrated technology, the traditional point of view, the general scope of the study it can be divided into:

    1. Laser processing system. Including lasers, optical systems, machine tools, control system and testing system.

    2. Laser processing technology. Including cutting, welding, surface treatment, drilling, marking, scribing, trimming, and other processes.

    Laser welding: thickness of auto body panels, car parts, lithium batteries, the pacemaker, sealed relays, and other sealing devices and a variety of pollution and does not allow welding deformation of the device. YAG lasers are currently used lasers, CO2 lasers and diode-pumped lasers.

    Laser cutting: the automotive industry, computers, electrical cabinet, wood cutting die industry, the various metal parts and special materials, cutting, circular saw blade, acrylic, spring pads, 2mm below the electronic parts with copper and some metal network board, steel, tin iron, coated steel sub lead, phosphor bronze, bakelite, thin aluminum, quartz glass, silicon rubber, 1mm the following alumina ceramic, titanium alloys used in aerospace industry and so on. Using a YAG laser and CO2 laser lasers.

    Laser Marking: In almost all sectors of various materials and are widely used, currently using a YAG laser lasers, CO2 lasers and diode-pumped lasers.

    Laser Drilling: Laser drilling is mainly used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic instruments, chemical and other industries. The rapid development of laser drilling, mainly in drilling YAG laser with average output power increased from 5 years ago to the 800w to 400w 1000w. The relatively mature domestic application of laser drilling in the artificial diamond and natural diamond drawing die production of precious stones, watches and clocks and instrument bearings, plane blades, multi-layer printed circuit board industries such as production. Mostly currently used YAG laser laser, CO2 laser-based, there are some excimer lasers, diode-pumped lasers and laser isotope.

    Laser treatment: widely used in the automobile industry, such as cylinder liner, crankshaft, piston rings, commutator, gears and other parts of the heat treatment, while in the aerospace, machine tool industry and other machinery industry is also widely used. Application of the laser heat treatment is much broader than abroad. Mostly currently used YAG laser laser, CO2 laser-based.

    Laser Rapid Prototyping: the laser processing technology and computer numerical control technology and flexible manufacturing technology combined to form. And models used for the mold industry. Mostly currently used YAG laser laser, CO2 laser-based.

    Laser Cladding: in the aerospace, mold and widely used mechanical and electrical industries. Mostly currently used high-power YAG laser laser, CO2 laser-based.

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