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"Three Innovations" synergy of both solid progress of modern management

    Editor's note: 30 years of reform and opening up, China's machinery industry has changed dramatically, and achieved a historic success.
    With the rapid development of industrial economy and the rapid development of modern science and technology,booster cables general machinery enterprises conscientiously implement the Party and the country on the reform and development policies, adhere to "we, the tradition, absorbing, integration process, dreams of" policy ,battery clip combined with practical management experience from abroad, continue to deepen reform and mechanisms, strengthening management, hard skills, promote the product technology, manufacturing technology, information technology, management, the gradual integration of technology, tow rope so that industry-wide business management has undergone a qualitative change to achieve leapfrog development. Since the 90s of last century, there have been 2079 enterprises to enter the ranks of management infrastructure and standardize compliance, 247 companies as a management improvement business model, 69 companies were identified as modern management enterprise.

    To sum up and promote the successful business management experience,ratchet tie dowm the industry also insisted on the 14th carried out modern enterprise management innovation evaluation work, has audited and issued more than 300 companies to create the 349 management innovations. Most of these results with the distinctive characteristics of the times, the Chinese characteristics and industry characteristics, the machinery of the new development of industrial enterprise management, marking a large number of outstanding enterprises have entered a new stage of modern management.

    Continued scientific and practical to summarize the management of enterprises to create new experiences, to guide the implementation of the majority of business continuity management innovation, to promote the progress of industry-wide management of important practical significance. Therefore, our staff will be published in four of China Machinery Industry Federation Expert Committee Xujia Fu's "" fifth, "the results since the Summary of Machinery Industry Management Innovation," a text, the readers.

    "Fifteen" since the machinery industries and enterprises Management Innovation validation work carried out for the seventh time, resulting in 198 outcomes, including a special award, first prize in 68, 108 second prize, third prize 22. Results in 10 provinces and cities in 24 major industries, the number of the majority of the industry is the automotive industry 61, 33 electrical appliances industry, machine tools and general petrochemical industries and 22; the number of provinces and cities the majority of 61 in Shanghai, Liaoning, 19, Shandong, 18, 16 in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and 14 and so on. Which reflects the large number of enterprises from the study, digestion, use of modern management concepts and methods to obtain outstanding results on behalf of the entire industry, enterprise management and the overall level of innovation and development trends.

    Modern management concepts in general continue to strengthen strategic management applications.

    With the constant improvement of the socialist market economy, market concepts established in the majority of enterprises in general. Some of the international advanced management ideas, tools and methods are constantly being many enterprises to learn from. Market-oriented development strategies, adjusting the organizational structure, adjust the industrial and product structure, relying on scientific management of production, to meet different markets and different needs of users, has become a vast enterprise to carry out the basic principles of production and business activities. Service concept, the concept of creating value for customers, lean concepts, the credibility of ideas, innovative ideas, the concept of globalization, the concept of sustainable development, such as, in many enterprises has been continuously strengthened and recognized. Most companies not only focus on capital invested in plant and equipment and other tangible assets, and began to focus on technological innovation and brand reputation, intellectual property, corporate culture and other intangible assets; competition among enterprises shift from the traditional elements of competitive ability of competing operators, competition to win cooperation from the disorder transition.

    Management, innovative thinking, first and foremost a strategic thinking. Competition among enterprises, especially large enterprises, enterprise competition between groups, showed a considerable degree of strategic thinking, strategic positioning of the competition. Strengthen strategic management has become the consensus of successful enterprises. They are based on the actual market and the enterprises themselves, introducing the scientific and technological innovation strategy, human resources development strategy, marketing strategy, related diversification strategy, international market development strategy, innovation and brand strategy as a basis to guide the development of enterprises. Management of innovation in the 198, many enterprises is to implement the various strategies undertaken to develop the innovative management practices. For example Longxi bearings, the use of SWOT analysis and other strategic analysis tools in the market in the correct position to develop and implement a product differentiation strategy, ensuring business and steady growth in profits for 16 years, has been ranked the overall economic efficiency index Bearing forefront of the industry. Shanghai Electrical Machinery Plant Co., Ltd. "The implementation of enterprise development strategies and management", the second heavy machinery Group's "core competencies to enhance implementation of the strategy" and the results are scientifically summed up the implementation of the strategy development process in the enterprise played in the growth important role.

    Management methods and tools has shown a systematic and standardized the development trend of more and more companies start from the reorganization of production processes, focusing on systematically enhance the management capacity. Such as quality assurance system, environmental management systems, occupational health and safety and social responsibility standards, has been gradually for the majority of enterprises attach great importance and used in practice. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd. of the "customer satisfaction, partners, management of change and win-win", Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Trim Systems Co., Ltd. "With the process analysis, integrated management system", Shanghai Boiler Co., Ltd. "Fine management on safety in production application "and other achievements, are a vivid reflection of the business management ideas and methods of change.

    Reorganization and integration of efforts to increase the depth of promoting the reform of property rights.

    Since the Third Plenary Session of the Fourteenth Party proposed the establishment of modern enterprise system, after years of exploration and development, many enterprises have already established a market economic system to adapt to the operating mechanism. Through the reform of property rights, stock and corporate transformation, strategic restructuring, the introduction of strategic investors, domestic and overseas market, improve the corporate governance structure, construction of the pilot board of directors, outside directors and supervisors to implement the system, the implementation of market-oriented employment system executives , and establishing a market and competitive needs of the staff incentive and restraint mechanisms, have to establish a sound foundation for the modern enterprise system. Many enterprises gradually changing "large", "small and complete" morphology, reorganization of capital as the link through to integration, lean body, and allow flexibility assistance, developed a number of cross-sectoral, regional, and even large multinational operations enterprises and enterprise groups. It also emerged a large number of "small but excellent, small and special, small and new", specialized in professional production and supporting services for SMEs.

    Particularly evident is that by increasing re-integration of efforts to promote the reform of property rights, so that many state-owned enterprises out of difficulty, to obtain a healthy and rapid development. Management of innovation in the 198, there are more than half of the state-owned and state holding enterprises to create, which in recent years from one side to show the presence of state-owned enterprise management innovation. Such as Dalian and the Dalian Heavy Industry Group, two from the old state-owned enterprises, the successful implementation of a "fully integrated" and "comprehensive reform" as its characteristic combination, has become one the country's largest heavy machinery industry, business, labor productivity and advanced technology and equipment of the highest equipment manufacturing base of large-scale sea, production and management to achieve a historic breakthrough, the old companies had wrought major changes; Shenyang Transformer factory Xinjiang TBEA through a restructuring transformation initiative to accept the old state-owned enterprises and restructuring of private capital investment, the reorganized Shenyang Tebian revitalized, large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises to become a successful example of combination.

    Also, for example, is also a state-owned enterprises Weifang Diesel Engine Factory, with bold and innovative ideas and initiatives, the corporate separation of primary and secondary industry, closely integrated with the reform of property rights, promoted simultaneously to the advantage of resources to set up joint-stock companies listed in Hong Kong, a substantial absorption of foreign capital development of core businesses; use of national policies to form joint venture to promote the survival of part of the reform, development and core business of listed companies have the advantage of business synergies; will be the main business service parts production and other supporting business restructuring Privatization of the new system, through the personification of property rights, as replacement staff, full access to the market. These three reforms support each other and common development, restructuring state-owned enterprises to avoid a lot of time re-listing of access to life quality assets, while the remaining enterprises and the separation of the shortcomings of some highly confidential. The success of the overall restructuring, the enterprise was successful acquisition of wisdom laid a solid foundation Torch Group, also changed the pattern of China's heavy truck industry, so that an annual sales income of less than 30 million large diesel engine company, after a short period of 5 became more than a year with A shares and H shares of three listed companies, with annual sales income of more than 400 billion yuan, assets across multiple cities, heavy trucks through the chain of large powertrain and vehicle groups.

    Last December, SAIC and Yuejin Nanjing Automobile Group has successfully realized the combination all-round cooperation, China's auto carrier was born, and has become the Fortune 500 largest equipment manufacturers. At present, China has more than 130 automobile companies, each of the top ten car companies accounted for 80% of total sales of more than 120 companies total sales volume of the remaining less than 120 million, annual sales of less than a majority of units, only a few dozen cars at least. Faced with such a scattered pattern, will inevitably lead to a lot of duplication, waste of resources and disorderly competition. To change the current situation, the joint reorganization is imperative. As SAIC chairman Hu Maoyuan said: "United is the world's auto industry development trend, but also the only way for the development of China's auto industry."

    Market orientation, innovation and customer needs into goals and priorities.

    Many enterprises to meet the market needs of users, generally focusing on the enterprise business processes, organizational restructuring and optimization of production and improve the market's rapid response capability; many companies carry out customer satisfaction projects, and the introduction of internal management, continuous strengthen the awareness of staff of customer service, improve the basic management; number of qualified enterprises have established and perfected technology research and development center, gradually increase the science and technology, product research and development of products with independent intellectual property rights, enhance their core competitiveness; Many companies set up by the marketing pull as the leading business management system, the traditional material supply management to enhance the integration of the production, supply and logistics management, some companies also to the internal supply chain development between upstream and downstream business collaborative supply chain, and the introduction of third-party logistics outsourcing. Group in Shandong when the wind as the starting point of market demand, customer satisfaction as the goal, to win-win strategy for the fulcrum, in a variety of technology systems and the organic integration of management systems, when the wind has the characteristics of breed marketing management; Xi'an high voltage electrical open Co., Ltd. created a "model to improve production to meet market demand" results, by optimizing the production management process, adjusting the process layout, strengthen the management of production planning, decomposition of the assembly requirements, ensure on time delivery, production management changes have taken place; Yantai Moon Co., Ltd. to create the "precision management" results, for its extensive management status, "excellence, continuous improvement, accurate and efficient" as the guiding ideology, relying on modern information management platform for enterprises to build accurate business system and work flow management, to carry out precise in-depth customer management and marketing, the implementation of strict sperm quality management and careful planning and realistic financial control. After the implementation of the outcome, so that their production operations to achieve precise by intensive management of extensive transition.

    To be effective management to promote cost efficiency and energy conservation.

    "Fifteen" since the profitability of the business challenges facing the two-way. On the one hand, energy and raw material prices led to rising costs, on the other hand, fierce competition led to lower prices, profit margins decline. Faced with this enormous pressure, to the management to be effective, rely on management and development, has become the consensus of many enterprises, their innovation activities, and always forget to reinforce the foundation management, adhere to the economic efficiency of the financial management system and comprehensive budget management system, from the source to control costs, eliminate waste; focus on enhancing employee education, establish an incentive mechanism, in technology, production, logistics, marketing and other fields, extensive variety of cost efficiency and innovation. At the same time, using a variety of new technologies, new means and new methods to improve efficiency and reduce costs. In procurement management, purchasing parity widely used, standardized procurement management procedures, enhancing the dynamic management of suppliers and establish win-win community of interests, the quality of the protection of procurement of goods under the premise of reducing procurement costs; in new product development in the extensive use of value engineering; in the production of lean production and vigorously promote the scene 5S, Six Sigma and other modern management methods to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Such as Dalian Sanyo Refrigeration Co. in continuous improvement activities, there is a timely summary of the production site of the "seven waste", and then find out the management functions extend the "seven waste." Then organize people, vigorously improve the proposal activities, with the wisdom of promoting the full production process reengineering, to establish flexible production processes, strengthen management and visual work quota management, so that the entire process of production can be effectively controlled, greatly reducing the waste, improve the efficiency of field operations.

    Development of circular economy, focusing on energy conservation, more and more importance in enterprises. Most enterprises regard the energy saving, environmental protection and placed in production and operation of long-term development of the prominent position in order to improve resource utilization as the core, relying on technological progress and scientific management practices, enhance the management level. If Weifu Group has always pursued by the "green manufacturing" to promote the harmonious development of enterprises. They clean production as the core, energy conservation, energy, pollution reduction, and increased efficiency as a goal, starting from the optimization of product design, raw material inputs and increase the effective control of production process, to achieve a clean product, process clean, clean equipment, clean environment, and use it as an opportunity to further reduce raw material consumption, rational use of energy, reduce waste and emission of pollutants, recycling use of resources, improve enterprise's economic and environmental benefits. JAC Group to focus on "safe and comfortable energy-saving pollution control, renewable employment of low efficiency of the development of the" 20-word goal, from car design, the following reduction, conservation of the principle of the production process per unit of output resource consumption and reuse the implementation of control, effective realization of the low consumption, low emission, high efficiency production of basic objectives.

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