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HVAC & R world about 100 billion U.S. dollars market

    Air conditioning and refrigeration market: to promote industrial development.

    2007 to maintain solid growth in the world economy. Some major developing countries also continued stronger growth momentum. booster cables For example, China's GDP growth rate of 11.5%. China, Brazil, Russia and India to promote economic growth throughout the world economy forward.battery clip 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo and other activities to stimulate demand for air conditioning and refrigeration products,tow rope the rapid rise. Accordingly, an integral part of the air conditioning industry - the compressor has gone through another growth year.

    2007 World HVAC total market value of about 100 billion U.S. dollars,ratchet tie dowm half of which is air-conditioning products, and the remaining half of refrigeration products. The world's air conditioner market in 2007, total sales for the 74 million units, compared with 7,000 million in 2006 increased by 5.1%.

    Air-conditioning sales in China accounted for first in the world, the market scale will reach 23.2 million units. 2007, including the brand around the world, including about 30 million air conditioners from China's exports, compared with 13.5% growth in 2006. China accounted for the production of air conditioning market in the world 72%. Products not only in the whole of China, the biggest supplier of the key components. China's output of rotary compressors about 8,000 million units, and growing every year. China's motor, heat exchangers, controllers, and volume production of plastic to go in the world.

    In the U.S., air-conditioning in 2007 sold 780 million units, of which 710 million is a room air conditioner (almost all the rooms are wall mounted air conditioners), 70 million is the cabinet air conditioner, the window air conditioner the number of only 2%. Most of the heat pump is a variable frequency drive, and most of all room air conditioners and air conditioner using R410A refrigerant tank.

    European sales growth for the air conditioning a significant contribution. Air-conditioning in Europe in 2007 sold a total of 8.4 million units, compared with 13.5% growth in 2006. Russia's air-conditioning sales in 2007 increased by 27.1%, increase is the highest in Europe.

    In addition to China and Japan, other Asian countries, sales growth in air conditioning also play an important role. 2007 sold in these countries there are 9.7 million air-conditioning units, compared with 12.1% growth in 2006.

    In 2007, raw materials prices continue to rise sharply, resulting in increased product cost. To this end, manufacturers concentrate on finding ways to reduce consumption of raw materials, to remain competitive.

    CO2 System: Compressor highlights.

    According to BSRIA / JARN study, in 2007 the total value of the global compressor market of 211 million. Among them, the reciprocating compressor market is about 11.9 billion U.S. dollars, rotary compressor market for about 49 billion U.S. dollars, scroll compressor market is 34 billion U.S. dollars, screw compressor market $ 700,000,000, centrifugal compressor market about 2 billion U.S. dollars.

    Energy saving and environmental protection are the two themes of the compressor industry. The Government of Japan provides heating and cooling equipment, the value of the average COP, also released the Japanese version of the RoHS (electrical and electronic products on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances Directive). All room air conditioners sold in Japan are using R410A refrigerant. Japanese companies in the development of highly efficient DC inverter compressor technology, walking in the forefront of the world. WEEE EU published Directive (Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and RoHS directives. EPA developed a new manufacturing standards, and in January 2006 entered into force. This standard requires less than 65,000 Btu / h of room air must meet the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) 13 or higher value. Starting in 2010, HCFCs will not allow the production of new equipment in the United States to use.

    In this case, the application of environmentally friendly refrigerants has been the HVAC and refrigeration industry hot topic.

    In recent years, the most urgent in this area is to develop the theme of CO2 compressor. CO2 can be used in vehicle air conditioning compressor. Automotive air conditioning refrigerant CO2 across the zero bound one of the most important applications. Japan, U.S. and European research institutes and manufacturers in this regard is very positive. European companies such as Danfoss and Bock have developed the CO2 out of the bus with air-conditioning compressor. Japanese companies such as Denso will begin small batch production of this product. Shanghai Jiaotong University, also with a number of companies, development of CO2 car air conditioning compressors.
    Heat pump water heater (HPWH) is another piece of the application of CO2 compressor field. One advantage of CO2 heat pump water heater can heat water to 90 degrees Celsius, and the tradition of using common refrigerant heat pump water heater system in the same circumstances only the water heated to 55 ℃. In addition, CO2 heat pump water heater COP values of up to 4.9.

    CO2 heat pump water heater developed rapidly in Japan. 2005, including Sanyo, Daikin, Hitachi, Toshiba, Carrier, Melco and Panasonic, including nine Japanese companies jointly developed ECOCUTE series of CO2 heat pump water heater shipments of 210,000 units. Expected shipments in 2008 will reach 35 million units.

    Sanyo CO2 in the rotary compressor R & D has done very well. Their products to achieve a high efficiency, low noise, low vibration and high tolerance. In addition, use of these products in the second compression mechanism and the internal pressure system that can withstand high pressure CO2. Sanyo also speed the commercialization of CO2 compressor for 900W ~ 2200W series of household heat pump water heater. Recently, Sanyo 400W and 500W output power of single-speed cooling system and 500W output power transmission system has also been commercialized. Now, the Sanyo is strengthening the security of its products for use in various devices (such as commercial refrigerators, freezers and vending machines, etc.). Denso, Daikin, Panasonic, Melco and Hitachi have developed their own CO2 compressor for heat pump water heater products.

    Over the past few years, Danfoss has developed a CO2 reciprocating compressor platform, mainly to meet the requirements of light commercial equipment, such as ice cover (bottlecooler). Simultaneous development of the CO2 compressor cooler also used a mechanical expansion device. Optimize the operation of this valve, in a variety of environments and temperature conditions can be run. At the same time, this valve as an internal release, an increase of CO2 system security.

    Dorin developed the world's first CO2 semi-closed pressure reciprocating compressors. The compressor can be used in HPWH and light, medium commercial refrigeration equipment. Power range from 0.75kW to 15kW motor capable of medium-speed and high-speed mode operation (1450rpm and 2900rpm). Compressors ranging in diameter from 18mm to 34mm.

    Refrigerants: HFCs face turn.
    In recent years, HVAC and refrigeration industry, many manufacturers use HFCs refrigerants (R134a/R410A/R407C, etc.). Many air-conditioning with R410A, cooler using R134a, refrigeration equipment using R404A, it seems a foregone conclusion. However, these very high global warming potential refrigerant, though HFCs are not ozone-depleting substances (ODS). Accordingly, the natural working fluid (such as CO2, NH2, and HCs) in the research and commercial trials are underway. On the domestic air-conditioning for hydrocarbon R600a has been commercialized.

    Even if the United States from R22 (HCFC) refrigerants HFCs turn behind the footsteps of people, but new products from 2010 prohibiting the use of HCFC bill has passed, many turn to air conditioning manufacturers intent R410A. Some industry insiders believe that, R410A occupied in the next few years, most of the world market refrigerant country. With R410A in the energy costs of products, environmental protection and energy saving has a big advantage.

    R134a is widely used in centrifugal chillers, ice machines are displacement and vehicle air conditioning (though with a vendor to develop a centrifugal chiller HFC245fa, but not widely).
    However, at the same time, Europe began to control HFCs, in particular the mobile air conditioning (MACs) using HFCs refrigerants. From 2011 onwards, the new ban on the use of vehicle air conditioning R134a, this law had been adopted.
    Therefore, the proposed development of many European plants use the CO2 compressor compressor, and applied to the mobile air conditioning on. Although CO2 is to promote global warming gases, but the traditional refrigerants caused global warming than the same amount of CO2 caused global warming high 1,400 times. Moreover, air conditioning, a small amount of CO2 released from power plants and vehicles with a large number of CO2 emissions is negligible in comparison. For small and light systems such as car air conditioners and mobile air conditioning is, CO2 system, great development prospects.

    But the CO2 system, a major drawback is that they need to operate under great pressure (5 times higher than conventional systems), operating under high pressure caused a degree of engineering challenges, and require the use of heavy pipe. However, in recent years, manufacturing processes and other technology have made the feasibility of application of CO2 increases.

    However, in the areas of relatively high temperature, CO2 as a refrigerant efficiency is not high. Moreover, due to the need of high strength to withstand the pressure, the compressor or chiller systems are cumbersome, the implementation of mobile air-conditioning has become difficult. Two large chemical companies Honeywell and DuPont launched a new low GWP value of HFCs refrigerants (R1234yf) Development. Completion of toxicity testing will take a long time. Despite the development of the new refrigerant ultimate success is uncertain, but the car manufacturers have tended to not use CO2.

    Lubricants: alternative technologies by the attention.

    Since all firms face the air-conditioning costs and improve efficiency to reduce the pressure, and the choice of lubricant for the overall efficiency of refrigeration and air conditioning compressor efficiency is critical, so companies feel the need to replace the current use of the lubricant. In recent years, the main difficulty is the development of lubricants HFCs and natural refrigerants lubrication unit reliability.

    Car manufacturers to develop polyether (PAG) CO2 compressor has become the trend. Japan's Idemitsu Kosan (Idemitsu) PAG after the transformation the company has applied to the CO2 heat pump water heaters on all of Japan. As a leading manufacturer, Idemitsu is a mature technology available to support its factories in Tianjin, China, well-run, supply of lubricants for many compressor manufacturers.

    Nippon Oil Company (NOC) R410A main goal is to supply POE (lipid oil), to meet air-conditioning with R410A rapid growth of production in Asia. In the field of commercial air conditioning, R410A is being turned to ensure energy conservation and greater efficiency. As with the hybrid electronic rapid growth of automotive air conditioning, car air conditioning began to shift from the traditional PAG POE. Therefore, POE is expected to increase demand, especially in China, due to increased production of HFCs products, NOC began production in China POE, the world's largest lubricant supplier to ensure a stable supply. On the other hand, due to the compressor production in China is still an active R22, NOC will work with one of China's two largest oil companies - China National Petroleum Corporation, to continue to fully supply the required R22 naphthenic mineral oil. To meet the PAG, PVE, POE, or mineral oil based on the status of various services, manufacturers continue to develop various types of oil.

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