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AC servo motion control products market analysis report

    Abstract: This paper will servo motion control products in China the application of some relevant background and industry market analysis and survey report for 2005,booster cables based on the exchange of the future 2 years servo applications.

    Keywords: AC servo motion control products market analysis market capacity.

    I. Introduction.

    In the automatic control system, battery clip the output can follow a certain accuracy of input and change the system, known as servo system. General servo systems include servo drives, tow rope servo motors and three-part test device. In the servo system, AC servo motion control system is the largest branch, which is a combination of electrical science, automatic control, electrical technology,ratchet tie dowm mechatronics, computer-controlled integrated system. In actual production, the use of AC servo motion control products, positioning can solve complex control problems, such as the robot trajectory control, position control, CNC machine tools, and that in processing machinery, FA machinery, medical machinery, robotics, automated assembly lines, semiconductor manufacturing, assembly and textile machinery parts has been widely used and has shown the growing vitality.

    AC servo motion control products in the development process, it is always the integration of advanced mechatronics and control theory. In recent years, both domestic and foreign manufacturers have introduced various AC servo motion control of the new technologies and new products, such as closed loop AC servo drive technology, linear motor drive technology, PCC technology, based on fieldbus servo motion control technology, sports controller, DSP and other multi-axis motion controller. These products will work with China's development of advanced process of manufacturing power has grown.

    Second, the AC servo motion control products in the market share.

    Analyzed here, the AC servo motion control products include AC servo controllers, AC servo motor and servo control platform-specific detection devices, these products form a complete servo motion control products.

    Dedicated control platform including embedded products, PC-Based products and PLC products. One of embedded platform products, including CNC machine tools, printing and packaging machinery, textile printing and dyeing machinery; PC-Based platform applications and functionality at a higher relatively complex situations, such as electronic manufacturing; PLC platform is mainly used for general equipment, general-purpose motion control, In this case, PLC equipment also is the main controller, very economical.

    * Servo drives and servo sub permanent magnet synchronous motor, AC induction servo, linear servo motors and so are several.

    * Servo detection devices, including servo system position, angle, speed detection and sensing components.

    According to statistics, the mainland of China in 2005 AC servo motion control products in the market capacity has reached 16.8 billion yuan. In accordance with the market brand share from highest to lowest.

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