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QI tools CCMT demonstrate the strength of independent innovation

    As the major machine tool manufacturers, China General Technology Group Qiqihar 2 Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd., booster cables carrying three high-speed CNC Machine Tool Industry Dai Biao  the latest development of the level part of the sixth China CNC Machine Tool Show, battery clip and from the sea Exhibits inside and outside the sophisticated CNC machine tools comparable to the same table, the full display of the strong independent innovation capability.

    According to reports, tow rope the exhibition, on display SKPC250/2000 Qi two machine shop section of a large tube is wrapped around one machine with independent intellectual property rights of China's first high-end products, is the national key "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment "one of the key projects, can be directly used for design and manufacture of wings to face the wall plate Automated Tape molding system for large-scale launch vehicle,ratchet tie dowm large aircraft and large wind turbine blades Automated Tape Manufacturing. Auto Machine Shop with the success of wind turbine blades for large, high-speed rail transport provide the means for development of mass production, promote energy conservation and sustainable development. Products can meet the domestic market for large shops with equipment of the need to break the technological monopoly of foreign, realization of China's large composite structures Zai Shop with Jishang the major technical breakthrough, a major technology for Cujin Zhuangbeifazhan China plays an important role.

    In addition, J75G-800-type high speed precision press is closed QI tools independent research and development of new products, has reached domestic leading level and the state of NC specific target, mainly used in motors, motorcycles, home appliances and hardware manufacturing; 3 -PSP-20 Parallel milling head is homogeneous two newly developed a highly efficient machine precision milling unit can process a variety of curved parts and irregular parts, connected with the host can achieve five-axis, mainly for aerospace and nuclear power and other fields.

    The past two years, Qi 2 Machine Tool Joint current development machine tool industry situation and market demand, accelerating the pace of independent innovation in the original innovation, integrated innovation, the introduction of the process of digestion and re-innovation advantage, so that the high-end products into the national priorities in batches The core manufacturing industries, key industries for the country provided a much needed major critical equipment. The show became the best of these new products, the "training grounds." All three representatives of the advanced technical level of domestic CNC machine tools exhibit drew visitors to stop the trade. The industry believes that bullish buyers of machine tools QI QI tools to look more technological innovation.

    During the exhibition, Qi has two machines with the Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiang Yin Leji Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Wu Tung Machinery Co., Ltd., Huzhou Lei Bao Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. and other companies signed a CNC milling and boring machine, heavy-duty gantry milling machine, heavy duty CNC vertical lathe products supply contracts signed amounted to 160 million yuan, becoming the biggest winner in the show. Exhibits SKPC250/2000 wrapped around a large tube had one machine shop won the highest award show --- "Chunyan Award."

    Not only that, Sarkozy has won the second machine machine tool industry in China in 2009 "independent innovation, CNC production, product sales, exports and brand activities carefully," the five top ten enterprise-winning, as one of the most awarded companies.

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