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Large-scale development of nuclear power in the preparation phase before the

    "A two million-kilowatt nuclear power plant, to be the peak of construction more than four years, you need professional technical and management staff on the thousands of people,booster cables including a considerable number of staff with relevant experience should be a 'top talent'." Department of Environmental Protection Deputy Minister, National Nuclear Safety Administration Li Ganjie said in a speech.

    Personnel currently focused on nuclear power, Tsinghua University, battery clip North China Electric Power University, a few colleges and universities.

    National Development and Reform Commission has just published under the "Special nuclear power development plan (2005-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"),tow rope which states that by 2020 China's nuclear power installed capacity to reach 40 million kilowatts for the next 12 years, China will build more than 30 million-kilowatt nuclear power group.

    With the concept of nuclear power take the heat,ratchet tie dowm the relevant ministry officials on June 23 speech at Qinghua University.

    The same day, Li also stated Ganjie - there is the development of China's nuclear power equipment behind, lack of personnel training, nuclear safety regulation system is lagging behind other issues, the domestic nuclear power development still needs to "actively and steadily."

    5,000 billion nuclear power cake.

    Minister Li pointed out that nuclear power is the most realistic alternative to large-scale development of energy.

    SERC said China's power shortfall is expected to more than 10 million kilowatts.

    "Until this year China's total power installed capacity of 800 million kilowatts, is estimated to surpass the U.S. next year." National Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center, deputy director of stroke introduced the soup, "However, to achieve the level of moderately developed countries by mid-century, per capita kilowatt, the The total power installed capacity reaching 15 to 16 million kilowatts. Only through the development of nuclear power can do it. "Meanwhile, high oil prices, CO2 emission reduction pressure, and personal power capacity of the rapid growth of nuclear power development is also pressing economic factors.

    The end of 2007, China's nuclear power units to run 11 sets of installed capacity of 9.1 million kilowatts, accounting for only 1.27% of the total electricity installed capacity. In neighboring Japan, nuclear energy is already a quasi-self-energy, nuclear power generation capacity reserve of the Japanese for six months, while China is only a few days.

    "Nuclear Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, China 2008 Graduate Summer School" project official said, nuclear power facilities, other facilities than the more "solid", the establishment of technology in the European EPR nuclear power projects, even large aircraft impact have no problem.

    National Development and Reform Commission recently issued the "planning" has become the industry-driven power control.

    "Planning" identified in the 2020, China's installed capacity of nuclear power to fight to reach 40 million kilowatts; nuclear power generating capacity in 2800 reached 260 billion kwh. Running in the current nuclear power capacity under construction on the basis of 16,968,000 kilowatts, the new production capacity of about 23 million kilowatts of nuclear power. Also, consider the follow-up development of nuclear power, nuclear power capacity under construction in late 2020 should remain about 18 million kilowatts.

    The investment objective of achieving some of 5,000 billion yuan, which made Russia, France, the United States and other nuclear powers in the Chinese market is very promising.

    "AP1000 technology project will start."

    "Planning" is published, Yangjiang, Guangdong, Fujian Fuqing, Zhejiang Fangjiashan plus second generation technology such as the use of nuclear power project preparatory work in full swing, Tin II, Rongcheng HTGR demonstration plant projects such as stepping up the preparations. Peach Blossom River in Hunan, Hubei farm, Jiangxi Pengze three inland nuclear power projects have been initially identified. Meanwhile, Guangxi, Hainan, Shandong, Anhui, Henan, Chongqing, Gansu, Jilin, Hebei and other places are actively fighting for nuclear power projects.

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