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Concern: urban sewage treatment works on the Management of

    With the development of urban industrial production, urban population increase, industrial wastewater and domestic sewage discharge volume is increasing,booster cables how to strengthen the management of urban sewage treatment works has become an urgent need to address the important issue.

    1, the sewage treatment project feasibility study.

    The construction of urban sewage treatment works to be carried out in accordance with national basic construction procedures,battery clip and strictly implement the state's approval procedures. Projects in the urban drainage project planning should be based on the book by project construction and feasibility study report and preliminary design procedures for construction documentation preparation work.tow rope Based on this report and then reported start the construction design, the final completion and acceptance by the construction, commissioning.ratchet tie dowm Phase of the project in the city need to municipal planning or environmental protection department, the construction of the project analysis and evaluation of the necessity and feasibility to complete the project proposal and feasibility study report.

    1.1 The project proposal.

    Project proposal is the construction of a regional sewage treatment units for the building project proposals submitted documents. Project proposal is the beginning of the project in phases, the construction unit of the need to build the sewage treatment works, the overall concept and design. Project proposal by the construction unit to complete, depending on the design and estimate the measured data. Project proposals usually include construction of sewage treatment works on the overall vision, the need for construction of sewage treatment works and the basis for the planned use of the technical process and equipment, sewage treatment works address the choice of treatment of water sewage treatment works to be the scale of capital investment estimates sources of funding, funding assumptions and estimates by the project construction progress, project completion time, project and other aspects of efficiency measurement. Project proposal is submitted for approval document should be noted that the proposal should respect the facts, true and reliable. Fully reflect the sewage treatment works building, investment estimation and efficiency analysis.

    1.2 The feasibility study report.

    Feasibility study report is the construction of sewage treatment works involved in the development of urban planning, economic and social benefits and other aspects of the certification and analysis in detail, and the sewage treatment works in all aspects of construction projects are described and evaluated, such as sewage treatment works scale, siting, operation management, investment and benefits, technical problems. Project feasibility study stage of the project to do an important work in the construction of sewage treatment works play a central role. The quality of the feasibility study report prepared directly affects the project in the feasibility of the project in operation after the selection of specific technologies, equipment, etc. are achieving their intended results. In the preparation of feasibility studies, attention should be sought objective, true and certified science, reliable, and make decisions to avoid major mistakes. Project feasibility study report should be based on the project feasibility study carried out in the approved project proposal, based on the strict implementation of the project construction program. The basic preparation of feasibility studies for the project work is to carry out research, testing and analysis necessary to sum up past experience in engineering, the construction project's technical feasibility, economic reasonableness, and other social benefits are obviously full certification, if necessary need to compare different technical and economic solutions to select one of the best reality program. In the collection of information to the necessary preparations to begin preparation of feasibility studies for the project. Feasibility study report is completed, the project can also change the actual situation and circumstances, modify or supplement the feasibility study report has been prepared. Project phase of the project also environmental impact assessment of the project, the environmental impact evaluation findings to determine whether changes need to be further feasibility study. Preparation of feasibility study report is mainly based on: compliance with relevant state policies; compliance with project proposals and the requirements of the relevant agreements and other contracts; respect the facts, the basis of true and reliable information; full technical comparison and analysis of economic and social benefits, for different building certification program in detail and do is to determine the technical, economic programs as reasonably practicable, to meet the needs and requirements of engineering construction; for determining the technical and economic programs seriously the work of the project budget. Source of funds for project construction, the use of funds, project management, cost of operation and the project proceeds accounted for, so that comprehensive, accurate and feasible; on the anticipated implementation of the project, project implementation plan for rational planning, take into account all possible factors .
    The main contents of the feasibility study report include: Project Sponsor, the project authorities, the feasibility study report prepared on the basis, principles and the preparation of the scope of the overall project planning, urban drainage planning; project importance, necessity and significance; urban sewage treatment project site selection, land planning situation, address the conditions, sewage treatment works, water, electricity, transportation and other status and planning; sewage treatment works dealing with water quality, water quantity and water standards, wastewater emissions, waste water reuse plan; sewage effluent and sewage treatment works sludge treatment and disposal process more technical analysis, program selection and evaluation; sewage treatment works effluent and sludge treatment and disposal design, the main building (structure) design, civil, electrical, instrumentation and automatic control part of the design, fire protection, heating ventilation design, roads, green design, general layout of the sewage treatment works; sewage treatment works to the drainage network design, construction plans, sewage treatment plant construction planning, organization, and Ding Yuan; sewage treatment project investment estimates, funding sources, project economic , environmental and social analysis; conclusions and recommendations; the relevant documents, agreements and so on.
    2, the sewage treatment works design stage management.

    A wastewater treatment project for a large-scale integrated architecture, including 3 basements, the area is 41520m2, total investment of 65.47 million yuan. Mainly from domestic sewage and production throughout the wastewater.

    Design basis for the: GB8978-1996 "People's Republic of Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard" and "Water Supply and Drainage Design Code."

    (1) main structure design. Structures, reinforced concrete structure, in addition to the secondary settling tank with precast wall, the assembly structure and sludge digestion tank with unbonded prestressing process, but are cast reinforced concrete.

    (2) Building the main surface and exterior decoration tile, or brick structure with frame structure.

    (3) heating. Heating and thermal coal for the 70 ~ 90 ℃ hot water, supplied by the boiler floor. Total heat load of the whole plant was 1.67MJ (40 million kcal). Under the heating system for the upstream or downstream to the next type to type.

    (4) air conditioning. Control room with split air-conditioning tank, the temperature controlled at 24 ~ 28 ℃.

    (5) ventilation. Transformer room, high and low voltage power distribution room with axial fan, ventilation rate at 6 times / h calculation. Sand water divide, blower room, pipe rack, dehydration room, transformer room, gas collection, the use of fan housing items.

    3, process control of sewage treatment works.

    Biodegradability of wastewater because of its good, BOD5/COD = 0.45 or so, and is often treated by biochemical methods. Domestic wastewater COD is about 400 ~ 600mg / L between the biological treatment can be achieved through a discharge requirements, therefore, are generally treated by aerobic biochemical methods. Conventional activated sludge process (completely mixed aeration) has been used for many years, application of a wider, with a more mature design parameters and operational management experience, but completely mixed aeration biological load is low, aeration for a long time sludge, easy sludge expansion, covers an area larger. Extended aeration, deep aeration and pure oxygen aeration are the traditional activated sludge process improvements, increased by changing the aeration of biological loading rate and reduce excess sludge production. But the extended aeration aeration long, covers an area large; deep aeration construction difficulties, power consumption is relatively large; pure oxygen aeration with pure oxygen as the gas source, high running costs, it is often difficult for users to accept .

    In recent years, research and development of new sequencing batch reactor activated sludge (SBR method) and ICEAS process from a new angle to examine the sewage treatment process, which provides a time the sewage treatment process, rather than the space program to provide continuous flow of sewage treatment, with operation and management of simple, small footprint, high impact load, such as nitrogen and phosphorus removal characteristics can be applied to industrial wastewater treatment. SBR and the high degree of automation ICEAS process, the electromagnetic valve, pneumatic valve, liquid level sensors, set the clock and other high precision and sensitivity required, subject to certain restrictions of its application development.

    For domestic sewage, due to not ask for much nitrogen and phosphorus removal, no removal of the basic requirements of the general biochemical methods have been able to meet the nitrogen requirement, therefore, with the SBR or ICEAS seems to be "overkill" the horse.
    Current sewage by biological contact oxidation number for processing. Bio-contact oxidation reactor built with filler, the sludge concentration in the reactor is much higher than conventional activated sludge process. MLSS = 10g / L or so (and conventional activated sludge MLSS = 2 ~ 3g / L), thus greatly improving the sludge load, up to 0.5kgBOD5 / (m3.d), has to withstand high organic loading and shock loading the ability to reduce the area of aeration time greatly reduced. Because there is no sludge bulking biofilm in fear, easy operation and management, which is widely used in foreign countries, and Development. Fill development innovation, the biological contact oxidation process has been improved to make applications much easier, convenient, reliable and efficient.

    Biochemical treatment of the above methods have advantages and disadvantages, but for a small amount of water sewage treatment, biological contact oxidation process has its unique advantages. For the conservation of land resources to deal with biological contact oxidation process to the main process, and processing device buried in the ground, in order to save area and building area.

    4, the sewage treatment project organization and management of the construction phase.

    Order to effectively complete the task of sewage treatment works, the engineering project manager for the Department to set by the manager responsible for directing the overall project construction organization and management. Pre-construction design of all the detailed calculations, design drawings, construction drawings, engineering all the selected pipes, submersible pumps, blowers, control panels and all other materials and equipment given to all the construction units and local authorities for approval after the start. In strict accordance with the relevant professional organizations related to technology standards, technical requirements for the design, drawings well in advance of the joint trial preparation. Upon request, with the actual situation of construction site equipment, site layout, and implement leveling work. Organizations implement the related machinery, equipment, materials, tools and related personnel entry and resettlement work.

    Material personnel to implement the supply according to design requirements, contact the sampling, testing and other procedures work, to avoid downtime to be expected, such as loss of working time to be the phenomenon of experience, so be prepared for. Acceptance of technology standards and technical requirements related to the manufacture, purchase of equipment, the first self-inspection, notify the factory after passing inspection, the issues raised seriously for rectification. Products to use the site, the responsible units send technical personnel together with the use of the quality of the landing acceptance.

    Installation and commissioning of the whole process of quality management, good quality defects prevention project, to ensure the quality to meet the design objectives. Each process, each sub-installation of equipment before the professional person in charge should be relevant to all construction personnel tests, a clear process requirements, the construction process, concrete steps, key points and important parts of the construction, operation essentials and technical measures, to achieve settle, pay the whole. Processes and key links in the main focus on the implementation of the prevention, detection and promptly correct the problem. Carefully follow the installation manual for installation and implementation of three inspection system, quality inspection based on national assessment standards, manufacturing practices, operational procedures of each sub-project to do the assessment, acceptance, transfer, on the failure of the Department, the point and rework processes determined to stamp out quality low risk, ensure excellent product.

    Duration assurance measures: According to the general requirements for the entire duration of the cycling equipment and water interaction. Preparation and implementation of "Project network planning," according to network planning requirements to ensure that machinery, equipment, materials and personnel inputs with scientific, well-debug and reasonable allocation of labor, quality and quantity of equipment to complete installation.

    Warranty visit measures: delivery week commissioning special return visit to consult more broadly. Warranty visit, consultation visits, and technical personnel to identify the expiration of the warranty return visit. Answer the question truthfully, and timely research on problems, programs and organizations, professionals handled properly.

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