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Secret of Chinese entrepreneurs in the eyes of the idol class entrepreneurs

    30 years, Chinese society has become a huge wealth rather have the spirit and ideals of the entrepreneurial class, booster cables they promote the transition to a market economy in China and integrated into the tide of globalization.
    And Jun Li Su, Executive Chairman entrepreneurs that China's business processes for a period of 10 years. Although the replacement of Chinese entrepreneurs in the eyes of entrepreneurs,battery clip the phenomenon is difficult to simply use a cycle of 10 years to the conclusion, but 30 years is indeed in the eyes of Chinese entrepreneurs has been found in Matsushita, Akio Morita, Lee, Jack. Welch, tow rope Li Ka-shing, Bill. Gates and other signs of world-class entrepreneurs.

    After the reforms, "cross the river by feeling the stones" of Chinese entrepreneurs are Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany and other enterprises and entrepreneurs for example, ratchet tie dowm of course, the richest man Li Ka-shing of Hong Kong and other Chinese. Haier Group CEO Zhang said, early to do business, Japan's Matsushita, Akio Morita, the U.S. General Electric's Jack. Welch, as well as team of Japanese companies and U.S. companies to their own creative spirit has left a deep impression.

    "God of Management" Matsushita.

    Known as the "god" of Matsushita is the first Chinese entrepreneurs cult object. Its operating philosophy is: "first to listen carefully to the views of others." Entrepreneurs in China do not know what kind of good business, his business ideas and methods of early Chinese deeply enlightened entrepreneurs.

    Zhang and Haier Group, is typical. Zhang said that early in the 20th century, early 80s, only Matsushita country to find the book, a reference in quality management are all things Panasonic. Zhang began to keen on Matsushita's management philosophy. "We have to order to win from the past into a quality win, in the management of work on the way out the success of Haier."

    In 1994, Zhang management in the production team the first time "on the matter, Albert, Nissin knot, at the high end", later known as the "OEC Management Act," which draws on Panasonic "on the matter, Albert, Day clear day-end "management model; in the channel construction, the first in the domestic appliance industry, Haier and Panasonic are also engaged in similar stores; Hale stressed that service to win, implementation of the" sincere forever ", 24-hour service and other services to improve service concepts and measures quality, which is also by Panasonic "service first, sales of the second," Concept of the customer oriented business. Therefore, evaluation of the industry, both forms of management or management philosophy, Haier and Japanese companies go recently.

    Later, Zhang concluded that many Chinese companies early 80s of last century the introduction of Japanese management to focus only on the neglect of the ideological form and content, especially to the late 90's, the market environment changed dramatically longer follow the old path of the development of Japanese electronics companies will not work .

    "Sony's spiritual leader," Akio Morita.

    80s of last century to the early 90s, Japan is also the founder of Sony, Akio Morita, Chinese entrepreneurs to learn from. He has independent intellectual property rights, as Sony's objectives and core competitiveness. His business partner and character very different Masaru Ibuka and technical experts to work closely with hospice, and rely on their business sense, so Sony as audio-visual, games and communications products and information technology and other areas of fashion and the definition of electronic technology leader.

    Akio Morita, the Japanese companies also have found the path of internationalization and confidence. Japan was now a lot of Chinese entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in similar circumstances, eager to find the path of corporate globalization and confidence to change the low-end brand image. Sony took the lead and he made the "Made in Japan" by large enterprises for the United States and Europe to do a cheap imitation OEM upgrade low-cost, high-quality corporate image.

    He dared to break the stereotypes of Japanese companies custom. Early 90s, he was the first condemned the "Japanese-style management crisis," the entrepreneurs. His main advocates of "globalization consider starting localization" of the globalization strategy, the implementation of common values across borders. He recognized that, to establish a global brand, Sony be incorporated into the U.S. market, and that Japan must make the integration of culture and American culture. He introduced U.S. companies Sony management culture, and enable the Americans to lead Sony Corp. of America. Finally, he does not profit in 10 years, the cost of courage, opened the U.S. market.
    Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship in China when the technology veterans have differences, are very difficult to Akio Morita, Masaru Ibuka so on. This sense reflects the vision of Chinese business leaders to be life experiences. Meanwhile, Chinese companies can learn ways to promote the Sony International.

    "Hermit president" Lee.

    "I am very sorry, because there are a lot of unfinished work. But I think that he should leave with all the fault of the past." April 2008, born 1942, Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee for tax evasion and breach of trust offenses were prosecution announced his resignation. His resignation surprised and regret the external equipment.

    Charge from the Samsung Lee Kun-hee in 1987, has been 20 years. He Samsung from a cheap imitation of Japanese electronic products of small companies, the development of the largest companies in Korea: South Korea contributed one-sixth of GDP. 80,90 20th century, especially in the past 10 years, through ups and downs following the Japanese manufacturing industry, the Lee and Samsung to become entrepreneurs to learn from China.

    He was low-key, known as the "hermit president," but hard-working style, handling, precise and appropriate. In 1993, he launched a remodeling Samsung's "new management" movement, that "in addition to his wife and children, everything must change" slogan, and quality management and strive to change the core, completely changed the "number of core" thinking . It reshaped the Samsung's corporate culture, the establishment of a mechanism to resist corruption. Samsung set up his command center to play the role of the Group's strategic planning room, is widely recognized.

    Lee has taken to invest heavily in R & D and brand to promote the commercialization of products, the path of technological change, and by "business and political cohesion", leveraging the government economic intervention to promote Samsung's development. He has been a model of development of Chinese enterprises to learn from. But this resignation, which should be of Chinese entrepreneurs, "business and political cohesion" model reflection, because China has begun a qualitative change in market conditions.

    "The world's first CEO" Jack Welch.

    1999, known as the "world's first CEO" Jack Welch to Shanghai to attend the "Fortune" Global Forum for the first time aroused great concern of Chinese entrepreneurs, followed by Chinese entrepreneurs in the past 10 years set off a "Weir strange fever. " Zhang said: "I have a wish that one day and Jack. Welch dialogue and advice." In 2001, his "Jack. Welch's autobiography, "popular in China. Many Chinese entrepreneurs Jack. Welch is the rush.

    Jack. Welch since 1981, in charge of GE Company for 20 years. He redefined the modern enterprise. Many of his management tools and concepts such as Six Sigma, e-commerce, "one of the best", globalization, diversification strategy, have been widely used in Chinese enterprises, and a profound impact on Chinese entrepreneurs.

    GE is the combination of industrial capital and financial capital model. Many Chinese entrepreneurs in the example. But then strayed into the diversification trap some enterprises unable to extricate themselves. Liu said: "I studied the Welch, did not learn." And to Jack. Welch for the idol of the Delong Group Tang Wanxin not so good luck. Tang Wanxin created through the acquisition of very long industrial chain. "Deron Empire" last collapsed. Later, Tang Wanxin Tonghu: "Forget Welch!"

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Lang said, Jack. Welch highly sought after Chinese entrepreneurs, with the exception that he does have some attractions, but also to the situation of Chinese entrepreneurs and enterprises related to, but not to Jack. Welch era Copy to China, especially copied to the future, because he is in the context of a specific time and produce entrepreneurs.

   "Business Idol" Bill Gates.

    Bill Gates from 1994 to April 2007, has visited China 10 times, each time gave the IT industry, Chinese entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs, set off shock waves thought. Since the mid-90s, he has been the eyes of Chinese entrepreneurs, successful business icon, and a profound impact on the wealth of China's IT industry heroes.

    In 1975 he formed Microsoft. In Silicon Valley, he was known as "Satan in the software industry." Microsoft is the creator of new technology, but also the destroyer of business rules, and now many of the software industry to develop rules of the game by it. His vision in the computer field, and insight is key to Microsoft's success.

    At Microsoft for 10 years before the Tang Jun, president of Microsoft China that long-term success of Bill Gates There are three main reasons: First, work norms; Second, management is unique, allowing each employee has a very strong pride; third is in the business have superior sense of crisis, do not underestimate any rival. Bill. Gates used to say "Microsoft is always away from bankruptcy only 18 months," Microsoft employees in order to arouse a sense of crisis and continued innovation.

    Founder Technology Group Co., Ltd. President Qi Dongfeng, said: "Mr. Gates has been refined and intelligent character I remember, and the performance of his amiable and insight into the whole society is a lot of successful business leaders do not have The. "He resolutely put token to the CEO Steve Ballmer, to solve the succession problem; set up a" Bill and Melinda. Gates Foundation, "and so focused to do charity. His mind and love shown by the personal charm will be greatly affected China's entrepreneurs.

    "Demeanor" Li Ka-shing.

    Cheung Kong Holdings Chairman Li Ka-shing in the eyes of a Chinese entrepreneur evergreen tree, his business wisdom and noble character of all Chinese entrepreneurs to learn from. Can be said that he was only beginning to end nearly 30 years of the most extensive entrepreneurial business leaders in China.

    Li Ka-shing pursuit of "the establishment of self, the pursuit of non-me" credo in life and stick to "not forget to sound aggressive, aggressive sound not forget to" business philosophy. M & A expansion in the diversity and insist on abandoned as I prefer, low prices, the principle of advance and retreat of rational and restrained. The credibility and honesty seen as Second Life, "sometimes more than their first life, is important." With business leaders to the heart of tolerance and fair attitude towards colleagues, shareholders, subsidiaries and any person, not the amount of guest, and always hostile to others to speculate as to self-interest as the center will lose the opportunity to judge things, and make Life is not happy. "Our company has always been based on Western business model to manage. I, as the company's leadership and management approach to colleagues that we Chinese people are mixed with the human touch. In trust employees, they also must have a checks and balances to will not go wrong. "

    Fu Chengyu, general manager of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, said: "From his body, we feel that more is reflected in how to behave." Niu Gensheng, chairman of Mengniu Group, said: "He's the performance of public and charitable, more We admire that he will not only make money, but will spend money. "Li Ka-shing in the hearts of Chinese entrepreneurs, status and influence, from April 2006 to more than 30 famous entrepreneurs group visited him in Hong Kong can be seen.

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