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Fu Ke Puwei Corporation selected members of the U.S. Russell Index

  Fu Ke Puwei Corporation (Nasdaq: FSIN), a leading global manufacturer of bimetallic wire products are widely used in radio communications, booster cables public facilities, lines, automotive, power transmission lines and other electrical equipment.
    Today announced that the company was on June 27 after the close of U.S. stock market was elected to the U.S. stock Russell 2000 index of small business members,battery clip this is mainly based on a comprehensive restructuring of its investment company Russell Global Index family. Member of the Russell 2000 from the largest market Russell 3000 Index members, membership for one year.tow rope The index of shares will be automatically added to the appropriate growth and value index.
    Fu Li Fu,ratchet tie dowm Chairman and CEO said: "to the authority of the Russell index of selected We are very pleased that we have in the past year thanks to sales and profits in the strong growth achieved. It is for us major events, we look forward to further expanding our dual-metal industry in the international share and visibility. "

    Russell 2000 Index Russell launched last year is also the Russell Global Index of the U.S. part of the company.

    Russell index is an index fund investment managers and institutional investors use, and as active and passive investment strategy benchmarks. Currently 4.4 trillion U.S. dollars of assets based on the Russell Index. These investment tools originated from Russell's multi early eighties manager's investment management business, when they saw the market need for a more objective, market-oriented benchmarks to assess the external investment manager.

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