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Flame retardant industry should pay attention to the three changes

    According to the provisions of Ministry of Public Security, July 1, the public places a mandatory fire-retardant. The successful implementation of this policy, the domestic fire-retardant materials,booster cables manufacturers can provide the necessary fire-retardant products, technical support has become critical. So,battery clip flame-retardant products industry ready?

    Changes in the domestic market - forced flame.

    Public places, mandatory flame retardant will be a huge success products market.tow rope Such as the current flame retardant plastic products in all compared to only 1%. After the implementation of mandatory fire regulations, ratchet tie dowm if the amount by 5% fire-retardant plastic terms, China will increase demand for flame retardant plastics more than 200 million tons.

    But most manufacturers do not seem to really smell the tremendous business opportunities.

    Fire retardant products, Ministry of Public Security Information Center provides information on identity, the current application for certification made flame-retardant products, corporate identity is only 158, while the identity certificate is used to obtain flame-retardant products, less than 60 companies, primarily large enterprises and to . 200 product categories, only to building wire and cable products and the majority class. Sichuan Fire Research Institute Ministry of Public Security Lu, deputy director of National Development, said the national standard GB20286-2006 flame retardant products involved in public places and a wide range of components, in addition to flame-retardant building products, the use of public places, curtains, curtain, bedspread such as textiles, electrical switches / outlets, TV, air conditioning, audio equipment, computers, office equipment, wire and cable, wire and conduit and other electrical and electronic products, as well as beds, mattresses, with electrical control cabinet, sofas, upholstered furniture , also must be fire-retardant products. We can say that it relates to product variety thousands. District has been certified now dozens of companies in hundreds of products, just drop in the ocean, far from meeting market demand. Reporter learned that large enterprises mandatory fire-retardant system in public places is generally a positive attitude. The first batch of flame retardant products identified blond Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Li Jianjun, general manager, told reporters, as the largest manufacturer of modified plastics, flame-retardant resin is blond five modified plastics technology an important part of the system, widely used in automotive , IT, telecommunications, household appliances, construction, lighting and power tools and other fields. Li Jianjun that a mandatory national standard and sector regulation in the form of fire-retardant products for management of public places, shows the government to improve fire safety in public places, the level of determination. Although this will raise the threshold of flame retardant products, technology and production costs, but as a socially responsible company, should actively cooperate with, develop and produce more and better products that meet the standards required to meet market demand.

    While some small businesses, and some do not know of such a regulation; some understand it to this indifferent, that this system is not much on the impact of existing production; also heard of companies To adjust the formula, but also by the relevant departments of the Ministry of Public Security Fire Detection, head to big.


    Changes in foreign markets - Asia-Pacific lead.

    It is understood that the next few years the global market demand for flame retardants will be about 4.7% average annual growth rate. By 2011, global demand will reach 2.2 million tons, worth an estimated 4.8 billion. Asia-Pacific region will be an annual rate of more than 7% to lead the global market demand for flame retardants.

    In recent years, increasingly stringent fire safety standards in developing countries, such as wire and cable and sheath, and aerospace products, electronic products, the demand for housing will stimulate growth in demand for flame retardants. This will lead to growth in demand for flame retardants in these countries.

    Global demand in 2006 is the largest aluminum hydroxide flame retardant, accounting for about 33% of the total demand for flame retardants. But the next 3 years, the fastest growing global demand for flame retardants will be a phosphorus flame retardant and magnesium hydroxide flame retardants because they have a better environmental characteristics.

    Despite the more rigorous review, but the global demand for brominated flame retardants will continue at a rapid rate, mainly due to low prices brominated flame retardants, but also have good flame retardant properties. Construction market will remain the largest application area of flame retardants, flame retardant consumption in 2011 will account for the needs of the global flame retardant 25% of the total. Secretary-General of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Ma Zhanfeng remind the business, whether domestic or foreign, forced flame is the general trend. Flame retardant products and domestic enterprises should grasp this opportunity, we must take care of domestic and international markets and achieve the common quantitative and qualitative leap forward. In order to have more room for development.
    Changes in environmental trends - halogen-free wave.

    To meet the public to provide qualified for the flame-retardant products, companies also face an increasingly stringent environmental regulations of the test.

    Lu said the country was built, the new national standard GB20286 is a reference to Europe and other countries of advanced flame-retardant standards, in which the concept on the flame retardant, flame retardant in the traditional concept of a greater difference. In the traditional concept, but requires flame retardant materials are often difficult to be a small fire ignited. The requirements of the national standard GB20286 is not just a small fire source material can not easily be ignited, and the requirement that materials or components have the heat release rate as low as possible, and requested a small amount of smoke, low smoke toxicity. Therefore, the national standard GB20286 on the concept of flame retardant is a broad concept of environmental indicators of fire-retardant products are also more demanding.

    This reporter has learned that in the 21st century, environmental issues have become increasingly prominent over the world, domestic and foreign environmental laws and regulations are strictly followed up. Directly involved in the past two years the introduction of flame retardants in environmental regulations have three.

    First, the European Union in August 13, 2005 implemented the WEEE directive to require the circulation of the EU market of electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers must undertake to pay the legal costs of scrap product recycling responsibilities, requirements related to product design from the producers first necessary to establish the environmental awareness; followed by 1 July 2006 the EU RoHS Directive was introduced in the EU market requirements put new electrical and electronic equipment, lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers and other 6 material shall not be exceeded; after March 1, 2007 China has also introduced the "Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Management Measures", the use of electronic information products are also toxic and hazardous substances regulations make clear the limits. The three laws and regulations involved in the extensive use of electrical and electronic products, plastic parts, and plastic parts used in brominated flame retardants are three major laws and regulations is key monitoring of the material.

    In addition to environmental regulations in recent years, the international flame retardants of the "halogen-free" wave is surging. Some environmental organizations for international environmental considerations, constantly on the electrical and electronic products, brominated flame retardants used in all kinds of doubts. They consider the use of brominated flame retardants can cause environmental pollution and harm to human health, and continue to urge manufacturers of electronic products, renounce the use of brominated flame retardants. Many of the world's leading manufacturers of electrical and electronic products are under pressure and announced the retirement of brominated flame retardants. Therefore, the development of new halogen-free flame retardants, flame retardant products, sooner or later to become the producers of "compulsory."

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