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New technologies boost the rapid development of concrete pump market

    With the accelerated pace of China's economy, many large construction projects have been launched, the market showed a surge in demand for concrete machinery situational.
    Meanwhile,booster cables the state has banned the introduction of an urban policy to use on-site mixed concrete, concrete pump trucks and other concrete machinery explode.battery clip These favorable external conditions for the development of concrete pump provided a broad space. At present, the concrete pump market, although sales are still small, but the technical content and high value-added products,tow rope the domestic market in the Trinity, and other domestic companies in joint development, driven by rapidly.

    Demand for rapid growth, expanding market space.

    Mainly refers to the concrete pump concrete machinery (Tuobeng, automotive pump), ratchet tie dowm pump, mixer and mixing stations and other four categories of products, construction machinery under the HC network statistics, the overall market demand for these products as commodities the growing use of concrete increased.

    In recent years, the continued development of infrastructure led off the domestic commercial concrete industry, construction, expansion of scale and scope is to promote the construction machinery and transportation machinery related to the rapid development of concrete, the concrete pump to provide a larger market space. Concrete pump is an important tool in the construction industry, with domestic commercial concrete construction machinery leasing industry and the rapid development of construction to expand the scale and scope, and the western development and the northeast old industrial base of the camera is under construction, led to concrete delivery the rapid development of machinery, concrete pump truck market space has been further expanded. With the concrete industry and domestic goods the rapid development of machinery rental business, concrete pump truck in the industrial, civil construction, national defense construction, foundation construction, transportation and energy project construction has been more widely used, the market for a concrete pump the rapid development of market supply and demand to form a larger space. Currently, the use of concrete pump unit is increasing rapidly, pump manufacturers and production continues to increase product performance, quality, are rapidly improved. Concrete pump truck nearly two years a rapid increase in market demand, an increase of more than 100%. Our concrete pump to increase the number of users is also very obvious. Groups users are mainly annual production capacity of 300,000 m3 of concrete more than qualified suppliers of goods, the industry large-scale construction units, various types of a certain economic strength and scale of operation of construction machinery rental companies, construction units from the original separated from the equipment management departments; individual users are mainly individuals in developed coastal areas and the individual mixing machinery rental department. User groups present in the country in about 1000 or more.

    Made concrete pump dominate the market structure.

    Currently, the domestic market for concrete pump are two types, one is Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing as the representative of the developed areas, where competition is more intense, market stability, the second is the less developed central and western regions such as those regional market has just started, in the rise phase. With the boom of the successful development of core technologies, especially with the recent years, the industrialization of concrete pumping technology, the Chinese truck market, the national brand's market share has finally catch up with foreign brands, 10% from the previous shift 90%, which dominated the market of the concrete pump. Among them, the Trinity and the associated pump to occupy most of the domestic market share and become the first line of domestic truck brands and global attention to the long arm frame, large displacement pump manufacturers. In conjunction with Volvo in 2001, companies had developed a new generation of intelligent concrete pump truck, and quickly completed the arm length 37 ~ 56m made a series of flowers, design and production. Xu also re-52m concrete pump truck, Trinity 66m long arm pump and other products one after another. Currently, manufacturers of concrete pump truck has reached 10 in a total production capacity of 600, mainly in the east, Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry, Liaoning Heino, Anhui, Singapore, Malaysia, and Shandong Shanghai Pu David Frost of Construction Engineering Group and other enterprises, 95% of the total industry output. Trends in the localization of concrete pump is also increasingly strengthened. With foreign advanced products in narrowing the gap

    Concrete pump truck boom in recent years, China has fast frame the development of the stability of the product and process, although not as foreign, but in price, service, etc., our products have a distinct competitive advantage, and more in line with The actual construction of the domestic situation. Among them, Zoomlion, Sany concrete pump in the research and development arm frame walk in front of peers. Zoomlion drawn up a "concrete pump truck" standard, also developed a pump and positioning system, remote maintenance. SANY concrete pump truck, regardless of the pressure at the pump, pump displacement, or the stability, reliability, etc., and foreign famous brand products can be comparable, the pumping machinery products have been selling to the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia and other places. Other performance levels of domestic pump products are also rapidly increasing.

    The development of new technology propelled concrete pump.

    (1) Chassis diversified. At present, commonly used concrete pump boom frame have Volvo, Benz, Isuzu chassis, the use of the arm frame chassis made of concrete pump is also the market. With the frame made of concrete pump boom market matures, vehicle declining profit margins, to meet the different needs of users, using domestic and imported chassis, the chassis frame concrete pump boom will hold their own in the market place .

    (2) the hydraulic system to the integration direction. Concrete pump hydraulic system is the core of the hydraulic system will directly affect the level of quality performance and efficiency of the host. Commonly used concrete pump boom frame open system and constant power control, especially in high flow pump, open system with low oil temperature, high reliability, easy maintenance and many other advantages. Also, hydraulic control technology, computer control technology has made a breakthrough. Hydraulic control technology, computer control technology has also made a breakthrough, such as the three-for-a product of the hydraulic and computer technology has been widely used in closed loop control.

    (3) energy saving, environmental protection has become the development trend of pump. Improve the concrete pump energy saving, environmental performance has become a trend gradually to replace the water cooling air cooling, engine emission standards are improved, mostly to European or Euro Ⅱ Ⅲ standard.

    (4) structure is more applicable. Concrete pump operating arm shelf space is often limited by the upper part, requiring a minimum height of the boom started when the top, four below the boom folding generally use a single R or Z-shaped pattern. 5 or more boom due to space constraints, the general folding pattern RZ combination to achieve the boom started, Shoulong, applicability, enhanced mobility and flexibility, especially in the construction of tunnels and indoor operation, improved efficiency. A few years ago, the domestic arm's length to 37m the majority, nearly two years, the trend of more and longer, in the future there will be more to the market boom of the concrete pump. In addition, concrete pump arm frame leg work often limited by floor space, particularly large arm frame concrete pump, concrete pump so arm outrigger frame design showing a personalized, diversified characteristics. (5) Boom technology improved. Concrete boom pump technology is a key technology in the past has been to Germany, the United States and other developed countries, a few manufacturers to master. Concrete pump truck boom in recent years, China has fast frame the development of the stability of the product and process, although not as good as foreign products, but has made significant progress, and more in line with the actual construction of the domestic situation.

    (6) concrete output displacement greater. Centre for higher pressure pumping system, greater throughput, will become the center of domestic arm pumping concrete pump truck rack system development trends. With the boom boom concrete pump bigger and high shelf, bigger and bigger models, the transmission is also becoming a big bore cylinder, while the progress of the works have become increasingly demanding, requiring pumping displacement in the 80 ~ 120m3 / h of the projects, more and more large displacement will become the development arm of the direction of concrete pump frame. In addition, the pumping pressure is increasing. Concrete outlet pressure has now reached 22MPa, but also continue to improve the trend.

    (7) control system functions more. Concrete pump arm frame rapid development of the electrical system nearly two years, domestic manufacturers producing concrete pump electronic control system from the traditional PLC control to private control and the development of intelligent control computer, via a touch screen, you can achieve man-machine dialogue, various operating parameters can be stored and displayed, to achieve automatic control of the vehicle. Once the machine is running fails, in addition to alarm things, relevant parameters can be retrieved fault analysis, diagnosis. Meanwhile, the boom of the application of intelligent control systems technology, can achieve such high levels of luffing jib and intelligent casting.

    In addition to equipment design and manufacturing has made great progress, the level of use and maintenance of equipment has also been a corresponding increase, the majority of equipment, concrete pump with the principle of staff, structure, operation and routine maintenance more and more familiar with the equipment to use in the construction process easier, increasing the role. With the rapid development of urban construction and transportation, water conservancy and other infrastructure, expanding the scale, commercial concrete is used widely, the user demand for concrete pump even stronger. Can be expected, concrete pump truck will be more and more users of all ages, made of concrete pump truck will also continue to show rapid growth situation.

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