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Aimed at energy saving in electrical power into high voltage inverter

    High-voltage power converter due to the role of energy saving is very significant, has become a tool for energy saving one.
    There are signs that, with the national macro-control policies, booster cables as well as the introduction of energy saving policies, the development of high-voltage inverter is ushering in a golden age. And it is this huge green fancy cake, battery clip and Power Electric Group to enter the high-voltage converter made a strategic decision to market.

    Electrical and Power Group President Lu Tingxiu told reporters: "We believe that a national energy policy, implementation, tow rope and medium-sized industrial enterprises to reduce energy consumption driven by internal demand, nearly 5 years, high-voltage inverter market in the explosive growth, the average annual growth rate of more than 40% in 2012,ratchet tie dowm China's high-voltage inverter market capacity is 88 billion yuan, the future prospects are very bright. "

    Of transformers and photovoltaic industry as a leader, in the high-voltage electrical power inverter market in China is optimistic about the broad prospects for a strong decision to enter the high-voltage inverter industry.

    "At present, the main market of high-voltage inverter occupied by many foreign brands, the overall size of the domestic enterprises are not large, ship in some industries, companies need to improve the domestic high-voltage converter by adding the overall competitiveness of enterprises." Lu Tingxiu that joining the high-voltage inverter market competition, not only to gain a place for national brands, but also electrical power in the business will range from electricity transmission and distribution field to extend the area.

    "At present, the electrical power in transmission and distribution of new energy efficiency and energy saving have been walking in the forefront of the industry, but these were limited to 'lose' electric field, we hope that in the 'with' electric field of a difference. The high-pressure drive 'with the' power efficiency and energy saving features and fully consistent with our philosophy. "Luting Xiu said.

    Two decades in the electrical power transmission and distribution areas in the already accumulated a lot of loyal customers, "many of our chemical industry, metallurgy, coal and other industries to the proposed high-voltage inverter energy efficiency market demand, the first after the market a factory, the electrical power not only focus on green manufacturing, but also in wider areas in a more integrated approach to help customers of sustainable development, one high-voltage converter is the solution. "Luting Xiu as the helmsman of Enterprise, in addition to the general trend accurate judgments, the demand from customers allowed him to add a little more horsepower, heading for the field of high-voltage inverter.

    According to reports, starting in 2008, the electrical power to increase investment, the introduction of several technical experts within the industry drive the development of high-voltage inverter. The next series of moves, causing great concern to the industry:

    In 2008, electrical power is located in the Jiangning Science Park, the rapid completion of high-voltage inverter plant put into use; mid-2009, CLP electrical self-developed a number of national patents CHVAF high-voltage inverter in the official birth of Jiangning Science Park, and quickly formed to market orders.

    Deputy Chief Engineer and Power Electric Group Ordinary General told reporters: "in the high-voltage electrical power converter uses a unique cooling technology and air tube busbars BUSBAR composite technology, the IGBT performance more stable, while small, modular design, user-friendly man-machine interface, with complete running records for the entire technology industry, upgrading high-voltage converter into a wave of fresh blood. "

    Electrical and Power Group President Lu Tingxiu has a blueprint for the future development of good planning: "transformers, photovoltaic, high frequency electrical power will be in the next 3 leading industries in the next 3 years, our goal is to make full use of electrical power users in the industry and a huge brand influence, the domestic industry into the forefront of high-voltage inverter, with the electric drive industry, another hour to create a dark horse for China to contribute to energy saving. "

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