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Driven by huge profits the oil hot trench

    The media reports on waste oil has been known to the public, "waste oil" in the main hazard of aflatoxin is a strong carcinogen, its toxic than arsenic poisoning 100 times. Indeed,booster cables refining, sale of "waste oil" of profiteering impulses, is one of the reasons for repeated. For food waste processing side, the profits of close to 2,000 yuan per ton,battery clip nearly 200 percent profit margin.

    Now getting better and better conditions, we are getting better and better food, but good quality is getting worse at the same time.tow rope From Sudan to milk, our lives are "drug-free" is not.

    "Sudan I" event.

【Event】 Synopsis
    In 2005,ratchet tie dowm a massive suppression of "Sudan I" actions swept the country. Delicious source of Guangdong Heinz chili sauce, grilled wings Kentucky New Orleans, Changsha jars of pepper flavor Hong license radish, chili powder, Henan Hong brand of food have found a "One Sudan." According to data announced by the AQSIQ, there were 30 enterprises in 18 provinces and 88 samples were detected in the "Sudan Red One." After it was found that with "Sudan I" of the raw materials are bought from the city called oil-soluble chemical and oil-soluble red and yellow dyes, Solvent Yellow in "Sudan I" of the content is 98%.


    "Sudan I" is not a food additive, but a man-made chemical staining, the world most countries have banned it for food production. "Sudan I" is carcinogenic, liver and kidney organ on the human body with no apparent toxic effects. It belongs to chemical staining, is mainly used in petroleum, oil and some other industrial solvents, the goal is to add color, but also for shoes, such as credit to the floor. Our daily consumption, may contain "Sudan I" products, including instant noodles, cooked meats, pies, chili powder, sauces, and so on.

【Reason】 accident

    "Sudan I" is an industrial dye, low cost, good dyeing effect. After it is processed food color bright, attractive luster. Take the pepper, the add-off "Sudan I" and Hongyan than the natural and lasting color, even if the long-term placement, exposure and will not fade. Therefore, the "Sudan I" has become a lot of black heart of the food manufacturers the tools profits.

   "Poison milk powder" incident.

【Event】 Synopsis

Mid-2008, Shandong, Gansu, Anhui, Hunan, Henan, Jiangxi and Hubei to find numerous cases of babies suffering from kidney stones, children were 1 year of age infants.

    September 12, by the National Health Survey, children eat these cases are a result of the Sanlu Group, the production of Sanlu brand infant formula due to the Ministry of Health in the sampling of the Sanlu milk powder found in something called "melamine "chemicals. Thus, "milk powder" incident escalated out of control.


    Melamine is a versatile basic organic chemical intermediate products, the main use is as the production of melamine formaldehyde resin (MF) of raw materials. Melamine can be fire retardant, water-reducing agent, formaldehyde, detergents. The urea-formaldehyde resin than the resin of high hardness, non-flammable, water, heat aging resistance, arc resistance, chemical resistance, good insulation properties, gloss and mechanical strength, widely used in wood, plastic, paint, paper, Textiles, leather, electrical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

【Reason】 accident

    Melamine in the industry known as "fake protein." Various brands of milk protein content of 15-20%, protein nitrogen content in an average of 16%. A qualified milk protein content of 18%, the nitrogen content was 2.88%. The nitrogen content of melamine and 66.6%, which is 151 times that of fresh milk is 23 times the milk. Every 100g add 0.1 grams of melamine in milk, in theory, be able to raise 0.625% protein. Therefore, the addition of melamine would make food artificially high protein content of the test.

    "Clenbuterol" event.

【Event】 Synopsis

    February 19, 2009, the Guangzhou Health Bureau received 11 causes of eating pig offal cause abdominal pain, diarrhea reported, involving 46 people.

    Night of the poisoning of food inspection by the remaining staff report, clenbuterol positive. The cumulative incidence of the whole incident was a total of 70.
    Drug pig source investigations, and is transported to the Mengjin County in Henan Tianhe District, Guangzhou Tianhe livestock trading market.

    Clenbuterol is an asthma drug. The drug is not a veterinary medicine, feed additives are not, but the adrenal neural happy agent. Added to the feed can increase the lean meat percentage, but if as a feed additive, is a human dose of more than 10 times the dosage to achieve the effect of increased lean meat percentage. It is a large amount, use a long time, metabolism slow, so before slaughter to the market, residues in pigs are large. This residue enters the body through food, it makes the body and slowly poisoning, savings poisoning. If a large enough dose, will produce abnormal physiological toxicity.

【Reason】 accident

    Typically, in the pig feed, after adding some clenbuterol, can increase lean pigs, more than 10%, driving up the price of pork to make a profit.

    Music of the suspected genetically modified food.

    The global non-profit environmental organizations - Greenpeace, announced on 28 kinds of food in China to conduct random checks found that some foreign manufacturers foods contain genetically modified ingredients: one is a subsidiary of Kraft Foods Co., the sandwich biscuits music, Another is the Campbell Soup company produces series of golden corn soup corn.

    These two kinds of foods containing genetically modified ingredients are not clearly marked. The Greenpeace believes that this is the Chinese consumer rights as a violation. In his letter, said Kraft, the company "supports the responsible Shiyongshengwu Jishu raw materials", and said Qi Guan Yu is to use the decision to transfer genetic material, "the market based on cautious Bu Tong Xiao Feizhe preferences, Biaoshi Faguiyaoqiu, ease of material Huoqu degree and the production and supply factors, "and made

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