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« Chengde-rich engineering firms electrical communication engineering progress in Egypt299B dual-mode gas-electric gas stoves, Germany, Italy, is only 2,350 yuan special »

Fu electrical engineers in Egypt to communicate the progress of works

    April 8, 2010 to 12, our full range of electrical engineers to Egypt electrical issues related to communication.
    Prior to that,booster cables Egypt has 13 years of experience in the Chair of lead glass furnace electrical control experienced engineers in the original layout of electrical engineers to grasp the overall situation on the basis of electrical, battery clip electronic control for the electric furnace with us on the details of a detailed in-depth communication, and further for both common goal of -40 tons opal glass smooth electric furnace project and providing technical exchanges, lead electric furnace for Egypt's experience,tow rope we should also have some articles to do.
    Our visit was mainly identified three issues:
One. Full set of drawings and specifications of the perfect glass for the Division I power output of the melting pot of foreign technology to do a good theoretical groundwork has accumulated to better serve foreign customers experience.
    II.ratchet tie dowm Detailed practical electrical system diagrams and layout changes after the confirmation process, to facilitate a full range of electrical work and work smoothly.
III. Our strong technical expertise, reasonable process layout design, and serious and responsible attitude and win customer trust, extended the company's output of equipment services.
    In addition, the Egyptian construction workers on site for my rented a cozy apartment, in front of the garden, supporting a new household appliances, special-purpose vehicles and drivers for on-site construction workers to do adequate logistical support. Egypt is also preparing the recent visit to my company, we need to actively cooperate with all departments, good communication and contact the relevant technical work.

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