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Available 17 General Electric developed a new type of LED bulbs

    Energy saving concept has been advocated by one of the industry, LED's advantages in this popularity makes it more widely. According to reports,booster cables General Electric GE recently developed a LED on the energy-saving light bulbs, the bulb life of up to 17 years.
    According to GE, the new light bulb consumes only 9W, brightness of 450 lumens, battery clip equivalent to a 40W incandescent lamp, energy consumption is reduced 77%. If you press to open four hours a day to count the words of the bulbs can be 17 years (25,000 hours), life expectancy is 25 times of incandescent, tow rope compact fluorescent lamps CFL tripled.

    General Electric, the new design makes the light bulb in the lamp can be distributed down to the surface, unlike traditional LED light bulbs that are clustered at the top, which makes the lamp's heat more evenly,ratchet tie dowm life will be extended accordingly.

    General Electric plans later this year or next year to market the bulbs, the price of 40-50 dollars. General Electric that the standard incandescent bulb over the next three years to gradually withdraw from the market, LED light bulbs has begun to spread.

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