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« Xuzhou equipment manufacturing output over the first billion dollar Bureau of Energy, accelerate the construction of gas storage plans should "coal electrical shortage" »

Sao Paulo, Brazil 2010 Electrical and Lighting International Lighting Fair / International Lighting Fair / Interior Lighting Fair / outdoor light show

    Sao Paulo, Brazil 2010 Electrical and Lighting International Lighting Fair / International Lighting Fair / Interior Lighting Fair / outdoor light show 0592-5378306 Sao Paulo, Brazil 2010,booster cables Miss Xu Electrical and Lighting International Lighting Fair / International Lighting Fair / Interior Lighting Fair / Outdoor Light Show 0592 -5,378,306 Miss Hsu.

    【Show Time】 【April 6, 2010 to 10 (two years).

    【Location】 Sao Paulo An exhibition of more than Exhibition Centre.

    【Exhibition area of 80,000 square meters】.

    【Visitors】 170,000 (previous statistics).


    Various types of lamps, lighting, electric light, commercial lighting,battery clip light fittings, control devices, rectifiers, transformers, relays, dimmers, lighting, special materials and outdoor lighting, indoor lighting,tow rope a variety of architectural, commercial, factory and engineering lighting, venues, gardens, public places, lighting, explosion, mine lighting, emergency lighting, art lighting, professional lighting, Christmas lights,ratchet tie dowm LED lights, neon lights, stage and entertainment lighting, decorative and custom lighting, down lights, special lighting and equipment, lighting systems and components, control components, fixed parts, emergency lights, industrial lighting, outdoor lights, stage and entertainment lighting, measurement tools, design software.


    Sao Paulo, Brazil electrical and lighting International Lighting Fair (EXPOLUX) to host two years, have been successfully held the tenth. The exhibition is the Latin American region within the lighting industry's largest and most influential professional exhibition lighting, only involved in the exhibition industry, manufacturers, traders, buyers and professional trade people open. Gathered in the largest countries in the world of electrical lighting, lamps and other industry companies come to the exhibition, and each year the international buyers come to trade has also increased. Meanwhile, in the same industry organizations with the help of organizers of the exhibition will also come to the concept of development to provide full service, so that parties to the transaction is expected to reach an agreement in the business talks. Sao Paulo, "the exhibition of building materials and lighting tools Week" period, the international buyers flocked to the number of exhibition concept continues to rise, with China, the United States, Japan, Italy and other exhibitors from 15 countries, including architects, interior specialists, importers and shop-owners.

    【Introduction】 market

    South America, MERCOSUR members Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, with a total area of 1,200 square kilometers, about 58.8% throughout Latin America; a total of twenty million people, accounting for 44.24% of Latin America's population. Four gross national product of Member States a total of about one trillion two hundred billion U.S. dollars, foreign trade amounted to 1,068 billion U.S. dollars, now is a force can not be ignored. Brazil is the largest country in South America, South America, Asian countries are also central market area, population, economic output ranks first in South America, to neighboring countries and regions with strong radiation and industrial leadership. Therefore, each show will attract a large number of South America including Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and other countries of the merchants to be negotiations. To participate in this exhibition on the expansion of product promotion, development of electrical and lighting fixtures of South American market is very favorable. China and Brazil established diplomatic relations 30 years ago, bilateral trade and economic relations have made great progress, Brazil is the tenth largest source of imports and the largest trading partner in Latin America, China has become Pakistan's third largest trading partner and fourth largest trading market, second only to United States and Argentina, China and Pakistan trade volume in 2004 is 91.5 billion U.S. dollars, representing an increase of 37%. One of Brazil's imports from China was 37.1 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for Brazil's total imports 5.9%, representing an increase of 72.7%. First quarter of 2005, bilateral trade reached 2.63 billion, an increase of 20%.

    Brazil's building materials market is expected to increase to between 8.5% -10%, the demand for lighting products will also increase, therefore, this exhibition will also be maintained on the basis of the original scale and steady growth, to the participating exhibitors with to more business opportunities. According to the Brazilian Lighting Industry Association statistics, in 2007 lighting related products and equipment manufacturer orders up 7% in 2008 can reach 15%, which is 10 billion dollars annual lighting industry means more new orders in the production.

    Brazilian light industry manufacturers an average of 20 years, 85% concentrated in the Sao Paulo region, with 50,700 employees. 40% of the production of civil lighting products, production of commercial lighting products 28%, 17% of the production of industrial lighting products. Lighting manufacturers in the 602, 38% of small businesses, 27% were medium-sized enterprises, while 18% were mainly large manufacturers of lighting products.

    Show exhibits mainly in crystal, fiber, metal, wood lamps, table lamps and wall lamps. Designed to emulate many flowers, leaves and other natural forms, to decorate for the dominant ideology. LED as energy conservation, heat etc, and still the main energy-efficient lighting products, lighting, public transport by the purchaser of all ages. There are other products in the security, skin care, relieve fatigue, purification, etc. Jieyou innovation.

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    Address: No. 15 North Hubin Road, Xiamen City, Foreign Trade Building, 4th Floor (361012).

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