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Bureau of Energy, accelerate the construction of gas storage plans should "coal electrical shortage"

      January 22, the National Energy Board released the energy situation in 2009 and 2010 outlook.

      China is expected to total energy production in 2010 will continue to maintain growth,booster cables the effect of policies by the base and other factors, the energy growth rate may show a typical "slow down after the former" battery clip feature.

     And for the frequent appearance of the recent "Coal Electric Shortage", National Energy Board, said spokesman Zhou Xian, tow rope energy will introduce a series of measures to accelerate the gas peaking facilities, including start construction as soon as possible has been included in the planned reservoir gas storage at the same time, ratchet tie dowm start the Zhongyuan oil field depleted underground gas storage reservoir in the preliminary work. At the same time the gas load center in the eastern underground gas storage site selection work boot, the early introduction of LNG peak shaving system for the city to encourage policies.

     According to Zhou Xian introduced since the fourth quarter since 2009, steel, building materials and chemical high-energy heavy chemical products containing strong recovery in production, enterprises operating rate improved significantly. Expected impact of inflation, energy, raw materials, products, and then stock oriented. Potentially rapid rebound in heavy pressure on energy supply.

     Affected by this, the energy growth in 2010 continued to grow at the same time, will be out of the "slow down after the former," the curve.

     Among them, the pattern of tight coal supply will last until the end of the first quarter, followed by coal with the coal-producing province of Shanxi Province, the production tends to normal and end the release of capacity.

     But the new round of corporate restructuring and other coal-producing province of resource integration in turn opened the curtain, will be once a certain impact on the domestic coal market. Consolidated full year, coal production is expected to grow by 5%.

     The global economic recovery in 2010 brought increased demand for coal, and international coal prices continue upward trend, will bring China's coal imports slowed down.

     Bureau of Energy expects electricity consumption in the country will be out of the trend of high to low. Zhou Xian said that although the current economic situation at home and abroad related to, but also conform to the way in developing countries, structural adjustment requirements.

     Oil and gas, the 2010, the country will add more than 20 million tons of refining capacity, coupled with social resources to refining and refined oil market in general will continue to supply exceeding demand.

     2009, cold winter, cold wave attack frequency, energy shortages are frequent. In mid-November, central, eastern natural gas emergency. In late December, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi coal ran out.

     The reason, Zhou Xian that the shortage of coal, the emergence of electrical reasons of the abnormal weather, industrial development and other factors.

     Winter, the Yangtze River Pianku three to , central China caused by inadequate water and electricity, thermal power generation increased substantially, driving electricity demand. The snow and warm weather so that the residents to climb.

     Entering the fourth quarter, while declining in temperature, macro-economic accelerate warming, power generation, electricity consumption have increased significantly. December, the national daily direct supply power plant coal 2,462,000 tons, an increase of 34%, stocks 21.47 million tons, can be spent 8 days.

    And because the first half of 2009, coal prices have remained stable, power companies generally maintain a lower inventory operation. Once the increase in coal demand, coal resources are scarce in the central, eastern region needs a lot of electricity transferred from outside the province. However, short-term rail capacity can not be significantly improved resulting obstruction.

    In response to frequent episodes of electrical shortage of coal, the Energy Bureau of the strategy is, the main source.

    Face electricity shortage, Bureau of Energy to get through three transmission channels: from Shaanxi and Henan into 1.11 million kilowatts of power transmission DC works Lingbao; from Sichuan, Shaanxi and 100 million kilowatts of power transmission Baoji - Deyang lines, and sent to 200 million kilowatts of electricity in Hubei Jindongnan - Jingmen UHV line. Total support to Central China Power Grid 400 million kilowatts electricity.

    In the face of gas shortage, the energy will increase coal bed methane extraction in the amount of additional local supply, while LNG will be transported to the liquefied gas for the province. Japan amounted to 150 tons for.

    Also contributed to the gas shortage had been criticized more than a gas peaking facility construction started. Meanwhile, natural gas infrastructure and market operation and management regulations will also enter the preparation process, to address the problem of supply security to provide legal protection. Of: Wang Xiaoming Source: 21st Century Business Herald. 

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