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Transaction Unit: Wolong Electric (600580) Annual Report "Jianguang Si"

    Just released the day before yesterday, "beautiful," Annual Report of the Wolong Electric [22.51 -0.35%] (600580) yesterday disk bizarre limit,booster cables the disclosure of annual reports on the "Jianguang Si" type of trend has also led to market concerns of all parties.

    Wolong Electric blue-chip stock prices higher volume annual reports.

    Transaction Performance: Wolong Electric (600 580) 16 Annual Report released,battery clip realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed 1.97 billion yuan, up 52.72%, basic earnings per share of 0.7 yuan, to be 3 shares for every 10 shares now send 1 each. Surprisingly, the face of such a merit of the report,tow rope not only did not stock up on Monday, but heavy volume fell, closing 9.28% drop, the highest in the first decline in two cities.

    Comments: The report shows that in 2009, Wolong Electric operating income of 2.23 billion yuan,ratchet tie dowm an increase of 4.46% and 87.77% of the annual plan; a total profit of 256 million to complete the annual plan of 122.31%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 197 million to complete the annual plan of 123.38%. As of the end of 2009, the company has the top ten shareholders of circulation stationed in five funds.

    Monday's performance of the stock market once again confirmed in a jargon "out to do good is bad", the stock before the announcement of the annual total of 9 trading days rose to 33.24%, indicating involvement of funds in advance. The stock after yesterday's trend to hype stocks made a report warning that investors still want more of a sober. (Hengtai Securities AN Hong war) # p # # e # brilliant performance subtitle Wolong Electric bizarre daily limit disclosure

    Wolong Electric has recently been rising the day before disclosure of the 2009 annual report, operating income of 2,232,246,500 yuan, total profit of 255,636,300 yuan, 0.69 yuan and basic earnings per share results, it can be said is a beautiful annual report. In addition, the proposed transfer of 10 shares 3 shares are 1 per high school transfer program to send Gengrang investors satisfied.

    However, contrary to market expectations that the Wolong Electric yesterday after opening sharply lower on 8%, then quickly hit the limit down price of 22.55 yuan, but surrounded by a large number of buying the stock will soon rise from the daily limit shock. However, under pressure from profit taking, Wolong Electric conducted under most of the time in the opening shock. Finally closed at 22.59 yuan, down 9.82%.

    Wolong Electric yesterday for the trend, Datong Securities HU Xiao-hui said the stock fell sharply yesterday, mainly for technical reasons, due to the cumulative increase too early, there is a technical adjustment requirements.

    Although there Wolong Electric Annual Report "Jianguang Si," the trend, but many agencies still optimistic about its future prospects. Bank of China International's research report yesterday that the restructuring will improve the business profitability of Wolong Electric, therefore, forecast the company's performance in 2010-2012 increased to 1.01,1.32 and 1.69 yuan, to maintain target price of 26.50 yuan, maintain Buy rating. On the same day, China Merchants Securities [31.33 1.65%] of the study also give "careful recommended" rating.

    However, the Wolong Electric yesterday "Jianguang Si," the trend has raised investor concerns about the development of the annual market.

    "Annual Report Jianguang Si is only a statement." HU Xiao-hui expressed, Wolong Electric can only say that the trend line with market expectations, but that does not have a direct impact market report. If the future of a stock-than-expected report, the trend will appear daily limit, which is a normal market reaction. Investors need to note that the upcoming report that the cumulative gains and the stock is too large, due to the potential volatility of which, investors do not chase high.

    # P # subtitle # e # Wolong Electric: Annual Report 2009 minutes of telephone exchanges.


    January 18, 2010 morning, we organized a conference telephone communication Wolong Electric Annual Report, the company chairman Mr. Wang Jianqiao, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary, Mr. Ni Yutai the exchange with investors. Order of minutes are as follows:


    First, company executives described the overall situation, Chairman Mr. Wang Jianqiao:

    From the company's overall situation, although in 2009 by the financial crisis will impact, but no matter the size or effectiveness of sales, have achieved relatively good results. Small business scale up, including a relatively large decline in exports, while manufacturing is steadily increasing, especially in the transformer industry, grew 80% last year. Wolong net acquisition of Beijing Huatai transformer Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huatai change") factors, the company last year, revenue grew 70% transformer, which is due to great speed railway infrastructure last year, a good opportunity. Motor, power supply, the overall effectiveness of the three parts of the transformer are ideal, in terms of profit contribution, the largest transformer. The company's overall profit growth of 57% over last year.

   The overall momentum of development from the company point of view, the development of relatively stable in the first quarter. Company received the strong support of investors, the share price movements ideal. This year we plan the annual allocation of 10 shares for every 3 shares send 1 million (tax included). In general, stable company, is growing to the right direction. # P # # e # subtitle

    8 Fund precision "latent" Wolong property.

    Source: Securities Times.

    S * ST sets Qi, * ST Keyuan, Wolong Real Estate (600,173) and Wolong Electric (600580) 4 listed companies last week announced the 2009 annual report after another, to have a glimpse into the fourth quarter of last year, the operating fund movements. Data show that both ST top 10 tradable shareholders the company had no funds in the figure, the Wolong Electric top 10 tradable shareholders funds will not change much, the end of the third quarter, a total of five funds in the top 10 tradable shareholders, and the end of the fourth quarter there are four funds in the top 10 shareholders of circulation. The three stocks with different, Wolong Real Estate Fund has been heavily sought after, top 10 tradable shareholders, the Fund accounted for 8 seats, which is the stock fund for the first time since 2007, settled a large scale.

    Wolong Real Estate last annual report, as of December 31, a total of eight funds into the circulation of its top 10 shareholders, of which there are two Harvest Fund's funds were Castrol sound (070,003) and the Harvest Strategy (070 011 ) growth in the number of shares and 514.7 million shares, respectively, 1,399.99 million shares, respectively, 3.48% of total share capital and 1.28% is the highest circulation of Wolong top 10 shareholders of the property the first one and 4;'s Guangdong Development Fund have 2 Fund stationed, were widely distributed tape (270,007) Jufeng growth and GF (270 005), the number reached 1017.3 million shares and 556.23 million shares, respectively, 2.53% of total share capital and 1.38%, points out Wolong real estate top 10 tradable shareholders of paragraphs 2, 3; Bank fund's also two funds into, respectively, the Bank continued to grow (163 803) and the Bank of the dynamic strategy (163,805), number of holdings was 304.89 million shares and 2,526,500 shares, respectively of the total share capital of 0.76% and 0.63%, points out the top 10 tradable shareholders of paragraphs 7, 8; addition Tianhong ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Fund and have a fund company to enter, were selected for the days of Philip (420,001) and ICBC Credit Suisse dividends (481,006) Equity Fund, the number of holdings were 400 million shares and 308.11 million shares, respectively of the total share capital of 0.99% and 0.76%, points out the top 10 tradable shareholders of the 5,6 position .

    And look at the past Wolong Real Estate quarterly reports can be found in the Unit since its 2007 re-circulation of the top 10 shareholders of the fund has never appeared, showing that the stock fund in the fourth quarter of last year's action is not general.

    It is noteworthy that, Wolong Real Estate on November 12 last year, when additional public has been sought after institutions including funds, it is learned, the network effectively for the 190 households purchase, and the Fund for accounting for nearly half, to 89 only, but due to oversubscription of up to 157 times the back, the fund only the highest number of 38.12 million shares by the allotment, showing that funds in the secondary market to buy a lot of Wolong Electric.

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