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« Transaction Unit: Wolong Electric (600580) Annual Report "Jianguang Si" Grasp the power of electrical equipment to adjust investment structure, the opportunities »

Siyuan Electric: re-entered the rapid growth of holdings

    Instrument concept of electric instruments, the concept of power equipment, funds Shigekura concept by the concept of pre-earnings guidance, the CSI 300 concept, the concept of smart grid, energy saving concept,booster cables the concept of low-carbon economy, the concept of private placement, the concept of tax incentives.

    Digital smart grid power grid construction in China can be regarded as the prototype of the smart grid,battery clip smart grid is expected to firm's investment in intelligence will reach 660-680 billion per year.

    GIS project company through private placement to raise funds 402,300,000 yuan for gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (GIS) project; GIS is technical barriers to power a device up products,tow rope Siemens, ABB and other foreign companies and joint ventures accounted for 80% of the current more market share, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" requires GIS localization rate of 70%.

    Policies to support the company's transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing industry which benefited from the "Eleventh Five-Year" period,ratchet tie dowm the state power grid construction and transformation of large-scale investments in the next few years, the company's industry boom. Meanwhile, the company operating sound, attention to investment in technology research, market development capability, the company's operations and profitability of continuity and stability.

    Galaxy Securities Comments due process of implementation of the project still need to, the effect remains to be seen, we will not adjust the company's future earnings forecast, expected in 2009? 2011 earnings per share were 2.08,0.92 and 1.08 yuan, the company valuations in the power equipment at a lower level. Years of development the company verify the ability of management excellence in the field of transmission and distribution opportunities for the keen ability to grasp the feeling and good; the spend increase its investment in related fields of smart grid will increase the company's development potential, we are optimistic about our future prospects, maintain the company "recommended" rating.

    Xiangcai Securities Reviews November, the company released in 2009 forecasted notice is expected in 2009 net profit rose 150% -200% profit after deducting non-recurring net profit increased 10% -30% net profit growth was sharply benefit from the reduction of high level of electrical bring return on investment. Slow growth of existing business pressures facing the company is also actively seek a breakthrough, I hope to find new profit growth point. We believe in the power equipment industry's technical and marketing ability to highlight, as the industry continued operation of the project, the company earnings will be re-entered a period of rapid growth. Expects the company in 2009, 2010, 2011 EPS was 2.20 yuan, 1.30 yuan, 1.61 yuan, 33 yuan price target to give overweight rating.

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