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Chinese and Western! Electric stoves 9B72 main boss after 80

    Want to eat pasta and hard to resist the delicious Chinese chow mein? The pursuit of quality of life, people naturally do not forget to also join in the food element of the square and enjoy the wonderful taste of the most diverse tour.
    Today's kitchen appliances are also moving in the direction of diversification, for example,booster cables today I will introduce the author of The Boss "gas-electric 2-in-can" one stove 9B72, it will be the main fire was set with the magnetic purification of organic integration and through the "A-level security shield system" to solve the dual gas-electric kitchen hardware integration and safe use,battery clip and currently sells for 4,608 yuan, like the European-style kitchen, a friend may wish to look at.
    Boss JZ (Y / T)-9B72 electric stoves with gas-electric combination of one design, two cooking methods to make you whim, enjoying easy kitchen.tow rope It uses the main energy-saving home fire burning, coupled with the magnetic cleaning of environmental health,ratchet tie dowm and then a comprehensive protection system A perfect blending level security shield, so of course, outstanding performance allows you to have a greater variety of cooking options.
    The induction by A-level security shield system, integration of the main fire in the home, the two magnetic purification technology, right-left-gas power "bionic" fire regulation, more in line with your usage. All closed panels with air intake design, hidden automatic overflow inlet port and an integrated one, both strong and easy to clean oxygen to burn efficiently.
    Fire regulation:

    Stir: for explosion, fried, rinse. Stir to cook the food crisp, tender-based, such as blasting, mutton, lamb, water, lib and so on. Stir ingredients to make meals, rapid contraction of the fiber under high temperature, so the water can not extract the meat, eaten crisp. If the lack of firepower, ingredient can not be contracted in time, will grow old.

    In the fire: for frying. Outside Guahu of raw materials, and more use in the pot when the fire pot, gradually filling method, the effect is better. If you stir when fried, raw materials will immediately zoom to form outside the coke students. If the low heat, raw materials will occur off the paste pot phenomenon.

    SMALL FIRE: for stew. Large dishes of raw materials used for small fires. If you stir cooked, raw materials there will be irregular shape, which is not easy familiar situation.

    Edit Comment: Boss JZ (Y / T)-9B72 subversion of the traditional electric stoves gas stoves, gas-electric one with the design, and it also has a throttle control knob fine adjustment oxygen dynamic scientific and accurate ratio of the air lock supply, more powerful and efficient combustion. However, this electric stove price 4608 yuan, for the average family is unbearable.

    Boss JZ (Y / T)-9B72 Electric stoves (access to community discussion.)

    [Reference price] 4600 yuan.
    [Product Price] view gas stoves offer.
    [Buy prompted] the time of purchase, that "World Wide Web home network" for more discounts and gifts.

    Special Reminder:

Gas rubber hose easy to aging, broken pipes and bend the interface should always check, if damaged should be replaced immediately. The best selection of oil pressure of the rubber tube. When people do not use the gas stove from. In case of accidental leakage or due to reasons (wind, water overflow, etc.) when the flame goes out, immediately turn off gas supply master switch, open the windows and doors, rapid ventilation, remember not to fire or electrical switches, to prevent the spark set off gas.

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