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Half-day or 0.42% GEM Jiuzhou Electric fell nearly 5% led by

    GEM half-day or 0.42%, more than Liucheng stocks fell, down nearly 5% of Jiuzhou Electric to continue leading the decline.

    42 GEM stocks, rising to 15 only, back to the natural rubber industry,booster cables,battery clip,tow rope,ratchet tie dowm rose 4.02% led the gains, rbattery clip ising 3.83% Pathfinder, Ireland Eye, Ding Han technology Ultrapower were up more than 2%. tow rope There are 27 down, down 4.95% to Jiuzhou Electric led by a high sodium Steel fell 4.51% research, the new states fell more than 3% of the universe,ratchet tie dowm Netac     Technology, Yoshimine agricultural fell more than 2%.
    GEM currently has released two performance prediction, Flush net profit is expected to achieve 09 ~ 76.7 million yuan of about 57.52 million yuan, representing an increase of 50 to 100%; Ultrapower expected 2009 net profit of about 253 million ~ 277 million million, representing an increase of 110% ~ 130%. ...

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