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« Half-day or 0.42% GEM Jiuzhou Electric fell nearly 5% led byDongfang Electric: break up the right time »

Zhiguang Electric: the rational distribution of future long-term growth can be

    Medium voltage inverter layout, to benefit from the rapid development of the industry.

    High-voltage inverter market is in rapid expansion period ,booster cables 2009-2011 will reach 27% compound annual growth rate

    Sets arc line selection device to provide a stable source of profits for the company.

    Zhi Guang Electrical and Siyuan Electric (Quotes Forum Information) occupy 80% of the industry's market share, Zhiguang Electric more than 30% market share,battery clip the network construction industry will benefit the country and the growth of power grids, the annual growth rate will remain above 20% .

    Long-term energy management arrangement is expected to become the industry leader.

   tow rope We will determine the future of electrical energy to provide the total package is mainly to provide a package of energy-saving program will be the future of the mainstream companies, with the further introduction of national energy planning and energy users to enhance understanding of the energy industry will be enormous room for growth. Zhi Guang is the first wave of electrical energy management training business enterprises,ratchet tie dowm is expected to become the industry leader.

    Earnings estimates.

    Sets arc line selection devices and drive the company in the coming years will account for more than 90% of revenue, according to the 2009-2011 arc line selection of complete sets of equipment of 20% growth rate, 25% of high-voltage inverter Compound speed estimates, the company earnings per share 2009-2011 0.22,0.30 and 0.45, respectively. ...

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