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Dongfang Electric: break up the right time

    Dongfang Electric (600875).

    The company is the research, development and manufacture of hydraulic and thermal power equipment, an important base and the largest hydroelectric power equipment manufacturers, has for the Gezhouba (600 068), booster cables production of the Three Gorges Hydro Project and other large groups, the domestic market share of 35% water , thermal power 1 / 3.
    New contract in the first half of 2009, 31% thermal power, battery clip nuclear 30%, 31% wind power, hydropower accounted for 8%. In the new order, the rapid growth of nuclear power and wind power orders, making the company's new orders in the fire, nuclear, wind power matched, new energy, accounting for improvement.

    2009,tow rope three quarterly disclosure, from January to September 2009, the company power generation equipment production reached 20.812 million kilowatts. Among them, hydro-generating unit 353.05 kilowatts, turbo 15.78 million kilowatts, ratchet tie dowm wind turbine 1,501,500 kilowatts. Boiler 16.14 million kilowatts, power turbine 21,106,500 kilowatts.

    Expects 2009 earnings per share in 2010 were 1.81 yuan and 2.10 yuan.

    Technically, from the morphology, the stock since May 7 for the big box trend of consolidation, it can be seen as a medium-term head and shoulder at the end, the current daily technical indicators in a strong area, but can see the amount of time to break up not yet reached the expected end of this month.

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